Orienteering Training Camp

One day of intense training. This will consist of class room style instruction coupled with short outdoor activities to reinforce the new knowledge. Each attendee will receive a complete bound set of notes and copies of maps used during the session. Interactive quizzes and challenges will be offered for fun and learning enhancement. Each of those that successfully take part in the course will receive a certificate of completion.   Camp food will be provided. If you have special needs, please both let us know and be prepared to assist with those.  

Saturday, November 26th, 2016 - 8:30 A.M. to 7 P.M.

Boyd Hall - Miami University, Oxford, OH
Western College Drive

Tentative Schedule

  		 8:15	Arrive - Registration - pick up materials - Donuts, Hot Chocolate, Coffee
		 8:30	Introduce teachers and students
		 8:45	Beginner Introduction to Orienteering & Maps
		 9:15	Beginner course - outside activity
		10:00	Beginner course evaluation / debriefing
		10:30	Basic compass skills including outside activity
		11:00	Basic skills: aiming off, handrails, collecting and catching features, attack points
		11:45	Intermediate course - outside activity
		12:30	Lunch      - Sandwiches, drinks, fruit, snacks
		 1:00	intermediate course review and debriefing
		 1:30	Distance estimation, measurement and pacing - including outside activity
		 2:00	Intermediate Orienteering Skills - contours
		 3:00	Orienteering on campus - campus micro-sprint
		 4:00	Difficult course or specialty map - outside activity 
		 5:00	Advanced skils and strategies 
		 6:00	Dinner - Pizza / Social
		 6:45	Clean up classroom, pack up       
		 7:00	Leave 



		TROL members - paid season pass	FREE
		TROL members - all others		$10
		Adults & non TROLs		$20

        		Fee includes all course material, maps, lodge rental, and food.  

Instructors: Pat Meehan, Mike Minium, Matthew Robbins, Joseph Ratermann

The camp is designed to bring a junior orienteer's knowledge up to a level of understanding that will encourage and compliment further practice and development beyond their current skill set.

Adults are welcome to attend, participate, and assist.

To Register:

Please send a message of your intentions to mikeminium@aol.com giving the following information for each attendee:
    age on Nov 26
    school attended and grade level
    brief description of previous orienteering experience, if any.

Questions or comments?
Contact The Commissioner by email or call 513-728-5688.
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