The Flying Pig XVI            March 30 - April 1, 2012

including the

2012 Eastern States Interscholastic

Orienteering Championship


hosted by Orienteering Cincinnati

Flying Pig XVI, 2012 Results & Photos


Event Headquarters

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Holiday Inn

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Motel 6

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Orienteering USA

Kentucky Sports Authority

Northern Kentucky

Convention and Visitors Bureau

Kentucky State Parks


Boone County Parks


Online Registration is now open.


Site Updates

            Mar 22: (Hunger Games Movie)  The movie will start at 8:15.  Seating will open at approximately 7:40.  This will almost certainly be a sold-out show, so arrive early if you want to sit with friends.  Orienteers will be 75 or 80% of the audience, but there will be a few “general public”.  (125 seat theater, 105 seat “sold out” capacity, 80 of those purchased by orienteers) Pre-sold tickets will be in your event registration packet which you pick up at Middle Creek.  Do not forget your ticket when you go to the theater.  We will not be able to refund any unused tickets, but if you get to the theater well before the show time, you should be able to exchange tickets for a different movie or time.

            Mar 22: (Model / Training Area Maps)  The training area maps of Camp Michaels will have 9 controls and will be available for FREE pickup at the front desk of the Hyatt Place beginning on Thursday morning.  The training area is open during daylight hours on Thursday and Friday.  No practice controls are north of Gunpowder Creek, which is normally not crossable at this time of year.  However, water level is currently low (still a significantly wet crossing), so if you want to cross and do additional training north of the creek, do so entirely at your own risk.

            Mar 19: (Hotel)  The Hyatt has sold out for Saturday night.  There are still rooms Thursday and Friday.

            Mar 19: (Child Sitting)  We have had no requests, therefore we will NOT have organized child sitting.  We will help parents schedule split start times.

            Mar 8: (Discount Coupon)  If you have never attended an “A” meet before and are purchasing an ADULT entry, Orienteering USA will refund half your entry fee, up to $20.  Here is the link for the Coupon. (pdf file).  If you have tried orienteering and liked it, this is your chance to do a nationally sanctioned “A” meet for a greatly discounted price!  The coupon must be signed by the Event Registrar, so print one and bring it to the event or mail it in with your entry.

            Mar 8: (T-shirt design posted)  Here is the T-shirt design.  This will be a high-tech performance shirt in a light gray / silver color, with a design featuring a large portion of the Middle Creek map.

            Mar. 8: (JWOC Rankings)   Only  the M-20 (red) and F-20 (green) classes will count for rankings for qualification for JWOC (Junior World Orienteering Championships) 2012.  Runners in Interscholastic (High School Varsity) categories will get a ranking on green for boys and brown for girls.  If your birthday is in 1994 or later, you will get a ranking in M-18 or F-18.  If your birthday is 1993 or earlier, you will get a ranking in M-green or F-green.  There is a 4 race minimum for a year-end national ranking, so if you run all 4 races at the Pig, you will have a 2012 ranking.

            Feb. 13:  (Dinner) Parents (and partners) of TROL Season Pass Holders may take a $3 discount for each adult dinner ordered.  When registering, order both your choice of adult dinner AND the TROL parent discount.  You may order the dinners as part of your child’s entry; you do not need to do a separate entry in your name.  Please include your names in the “comments” line of child’s entry.  Limit of 2 adults per TROL member for this discount.  Other friends and relatives must pay full price.

            Feb. 13:  (Model / Training Area) will be at Camp Michaels.  A small portion of Camp Michaels with practice controls will be available free to all competitors, so it is not necessary to buy the full Camp Michaels preview map unless you want a larger area in which to train.  Open hours for Camp Michaels will be announced soon.  Since it is a BSA Camp (private), you may only visit during announced training hours.  No pets are permitted at Camp Michaels.



Overview   The Flying Pig XVI will have 4 races over 3 days in parks in Boone County, Kentucky just southwest of Cincinnati, Ohio, and conveniently located within minutes of Greater Cincinnati International Airport (CVG).  Races will have courses for all ages and abilities and will be open to anyone, but there will be special awards for individual students and schools qualifying for the Eastern States Interscholastic Championship.


The Races   All 4 races are “A” Sanctioned by Orienteering USA.  There will be a Middle Distance Race on Friday afternoon at Middle Creek Boone County Park; Sprint and Middle Distance Races on Saturday at England-Idlewild Boone County Park, and a Middle Distance Race on Sunday at Big Bone Lick State Park.  See Race Details Page for more information.


Eastern States Interscholastic Championships   Courses will be offered for Primary School (grades 6 and below), Middle School (grade 9 and below) and High School Junior Varsity and Varsity (grade 12 and below).  Eligibility and rules will follow the OUSA Interscholastic Rules of Competition, except that we will use a somewhat different points system for awarding points in each race.  Teams will have 3 to 5 members who compete individually.  There will be awards for the top 3 individual male and female and the top 3 school teams in each category from the Eastern States.  The Eastern States are defined exactly opposite of the Western States Championships; that is: any US State or Territory not having a peak elevation exceeding 10,000 feet.  This consists of all states east of and including North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.  Interscholastic Awards will be based on the best 3 of the 4 races.

Read this page first.  The links below are intended for your convenience AFTER you are familiar with the overall event information.

Courses and Classes

            Competitive   All standard O-USA competitive courses and classes will be offered, including Interscholastic classes.  All competitive entrants should pre-register.

            Recreational   Recreational Courses will be offered on white, yellow, and orange for $7 for individuals, $10 for groups.  Advanced courses may be done "recreational" with permission of Event Director only.  Recreational entrants should register on site on the day of the event, at least 1 hour before the last start time.


Awards   Awards will be given to individuals and school interscholastic teams based on the best 3 out of 4 races.  A points system will be used for each race. There will also be awards for the top non-interscholastic competitors, based on best 3 runs out of 4. OCIN will also give sponsorship funding to assist the top placing school teams with travel to the U.S. Interscholastic Championships in Washington on April 20-22.  The first place teams in High School Varsity, High School Junior Varsity, and middle School divisions will be awarded $200 per student (up to $1000 per team) to be used to offset entry, travel and lodging expenses associated with participation in the U.S. Interscholastic Championships.  See Grant Details for more information.

Electronic Timing   The Sport-Ident electronic punching system will be used for all courses.  All SI card models will work at this event.  If you own an SI card, be sure to put your SI number on the registration form. Rental cards are available.  If you are unfamiliar with SportIdent, see: How to Use Electronic Punching.

Maps   Maps will be custom printed for this event.  Maps of the Middle Creek and England-Idlewild properties have previously been used for orienteering and may be ordered when registering.

Embargo Information   The following areas may not be used for orienteering or orienteering training prior to Flying Pig XVI:   Big Bone Lick State Park, England-Idlewild Boone County Park, and Middle Creek Boone County Park (including Dinsmore Woods and adjacent Boone Conservancy land.)  Camp Michaels (nearby map by the same mapper) will be open for practice on March 30 and 31, times to be announced.

Practice / Training Area   A practice area is planned to be open most of the day on Thursday and Friday at Camp Michaels.  A free training map of a small portion of the camp will be included in your packet or available for pickup.  No pets are permitted at Camp Michaels.

Weather   Normal highs are around 60 F (15 - 16 C) and normal lows around 40 F (4 - 5 C).  Records for the period range from around 20 F (-7 C) to 86 F (30 C).  See table of daily normal and record temperatures on the Race Details Page .  It normally rains about 1 day in 3 during late March and early April.

Shirts   A short sleeve, high performance technical fabric shirt will be offered.  T-shirt design  Price will be just $15 for S, M, L or XL!  XXL will be $16.  t-shirt design link to come. Order by March 12 to guarantee size.


Lunch / Snacks   A concession stand will likely be available near the finish.  Details of available food to come.

Showers   Showers will probably be available following Sunday’s event.  Details tba

Friday Evening Junior Activity   The Hunger Games movie. (rated PG-13) These tickets are NOT on sale to the general public; ONLY to Flying Pig / ESIS participants including chaperones, coaches and other ancillary support persons. The first 50 advance purchase tickets are available for $8. Additional tickets will be available at the regular box office price of $10. Exact show time tba but should be about 8:00. Rave Cinema is very close to the Hyatt Place and other motels. Free shuttle transportation to the movie will be available from the Hyatt Place and from the Holiday Inn but you must contact David Williams in advance for shuttle reservation.


Saturday Evening Dinner and Speaker

             Pasta dinner, details to come. Location: Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Burlington, KY. Prices: free for age 6 and under, $8 for age 7-18; $13 for age 19 and over.   $3 discount for parents of TROL season pass holders.

            After dinner on Saturday, Dr. Stanley Hedeen, author of Big Bone Lick: Cradle of American Paleontology. will give a short presentation about the natural history of the area to be used for the next day's race.


Alternative Junior Activities   (on your own) Laser Adventure (laser tag) is adjacent to Hyatt Plaza, and a short drive from the Holiday Inn and Motel 6. A special discount is being negotiated; details and a link will be found here.  Newport Aquarium, Cincinnati Museum Center, and the Creation Museum are other nearby attractions.


Transportation   Most hotels including the Event headquarters have shuttles from Cincinnati Airport.  City Bus (TANK link) reaches the airport and most hotel areas.  But the event sites are rural, and you will probably need to drive, carpool, or rent a car.

            Airports.  Cincinnati (CVG) is 15 minutes from hotels and 15 to 30 minutes from event sites.  Dayton (DAY), Lexington (LEX) and Louisville (SDF) are about 1.5 hour drive.  Indianapolis (IND) and Columbus (CMH), are all a little over 2 hours.  Cincinnati is a Delta hub and there are currently no discount carriers serving CVG.  Discount carriers serving surrounding airports are:

            AirTran       DAY, IND, CMH, LEX

            Frontier –       DAY, IND, CMH, SDF

            Southwest –   IND, CMH, SDF



             Event Headquarters will be the Hyatt Place - Cincinnati Airport.  I-75 / I-71 exit #182.  They are offering a special rate of $79 for all rooms.  All rooms comfortably and legally sleep up to 6.  This includes hot breakfast, free wifi throughout, large indoor swimming pool, fitness room, free access to Urban Active fitness center nearby, late Sunday checkout, and more.  Call (888) 492-8847 and tell your arrival / departure dates and then mention the OCIN-Flying PigXVI (orienteering group) or use this Hyatt Place link to reserve online


            Other Special Offers 

                        Holiday Inn Airport Full service hotel.  I-275, exit #2.  $88 per room, $159 per suite.  Call (859) 746-5608 and mention Orienteering Cincinnati Flying Pig XVI or use Holiday Inn link to reserve online or click here for more information.


                        Motel 6 10% off at Motel 6.  Motel 6 is located at I-75 / I-71 exit #180.  Click here to reserve online and select motel #496, Cincinnati South - Florence.

            Camping   Big Bone Lick State Park Campground may be used, but you may not explore the woods outside the immediate campsite areas.  Advance reservations are recommended.

Child Sitting    As of March 19, there have been no requests for this service, so formal child sitting will not be offered.  We most likely will NOT have heated indoor facilities.  You must let us know by March 10 if you will need child sitting.  If we have no requests for a particular day by March 10, then child sitting will not be available on that day.  We will accommodate parents with split start times, if requested

Directions   See the Site Locator Maps for directions to motels and event sites.





    Last Day to register without late fee

March 12

11:59 pm

    Last Day to receive registration

March 23

11:59 pm

    Practice / Training area open – Camp Michaels

    Maps available at front desk of Hyatt Place

March 29

8 am – 7:30 pm

    Early Check-in ?



    Practice / Training area – Camp Michaels

    Maps available at front desk of Hyatt Place

March 30

8 am – 7:30 pm

    Check-In and recreational registration

    open at Middle Creek

March 30

1 - 4 pm

    Starts for Friday Middle Distance Race

March 30

2 - 4 pm

    Friday Fish Fry, Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Burlington, KY

    Smoke-free, air conditioned hall.

March 30

5 pm – 8 pm

    Friday Night Movie The Hunger Games at Rave Cinema – Florence

    Seating opens approx. 7:40

March 30

8:15 pm

    Check-In and recreational registration

    open at England-Idlewild

March 31

8:30 am - 1 pm

    Starts for Saturday Sprint

March 31

9 - 11 am

    Starts for Saturday Middle

March 31

12 - 3 pm

    Dinner, Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Burlington, KY (Mass at 5:00)

    TROL League 2010-11 Season Awards

March 31

6:30 pm

    Speaker at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church

    Dr. Stanley Hedeen, Big Bone Lick: The Cradle of American Paleontology

March 31

~ 7:30pm

    Check-In and recreational registration

    open at Big Bone Lick

April 1

8 am – 11 am

    Starts for Sunday Middle

April 1

9 am - 11 am


April 1

~ 1:30 pm


Entry Fees


Online Registration  (Payment by Google checkout or mail-in check)

Orienteering USA Standard Entry Form (paper registration)

    Entries must be received no later than March 23.  Do NOT MAIL entry or payment if it will not reach the Registrar by March 23.  Contact the Registrar if you have questions.

    Registrar  Guy Olsen,

       Guy Olsen

       17 Gladding Rd

       Caldwell NJ 07006-5804

    Checks payable to OCIN

  Any mail to Registrar must be received by March 23.


Any late Pig mail must go to:

            Mike Minium,

            6797 Stillwell Beckett Rd

            Oxford, OH 45056-8870


Refunds   Full refunds will be made on cancellations received by March 12.  Refunds will be made on cancellations received between March 12 and March 23, less a processing fee of $5 per entry (to cover bank fees, etc).  Refund requests received on or after March 23 will be considered on an individual basis by the Event Director.


Changes and substitutions   Changes to entries may be made before March 23 at no charge.  After March 23, not all changes may be possible and are solely at the discretion of the Registrar and Event Director.  Please get us any changes as soon as possible!


Competitive entry fees
(before March 12)

Entry per race (entering 1 to 3)

Entering all 4 events

Adult age 21+



Adult age 21+
member of USOF, COF, or IOF



Junior age -20



Junior age -20
member of USOF, COF, or IOF




Late fee

    Adults: $5 per race late fee after March 12. ($15 for all 4 events) Juniors: $4 per race late fee after March 12. ($12 for all 4 events)


Recreational Courses

   $7 per individual, $10 per group, entry on day of event only.  (Recreational entrants are not eligible for awards and times are not posted).

Sport-Ident e-card rental
   $2 per race.
  Must sign agreement (at event check-in) to pay $45 for lost or damaged card.  All entrants must use a SportIdent card.


Short sleeve tech T-shirts
   $15 for adult S, M, L or XL; $16 for adult XXL

   Order by March 12 to guarantee size.

Preview Maps
   $4 each for Middle Creek (MC), England Idlewild (EI), Camp Michaels (CM).


Friday evening Junior Activity

   Movie. "The Hunger Games". Advance purchase tickets are $8.00 (availability may be limited)

Saturday evening Dinner

            age 0-6     $  free

            age 7-18   $  $8.00

            age 19+      $  $13.00

            parent / guardian of TROL Season Pass holders             $10.00


Joel Rauschenbach Memorial Junior Fund
      The Joel Rauschenbach Memorial Junior Fund provides grants to help develop youth orienteering in the Greater Cincinnati area and to assist area youth in traveling to national and international competitions.  As you register for the Pig, you will have the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution to this fund if desired.  Joel Rauschenbach Memorial Pages



Online Registration


Orienteering USA Standard Entry Form


  Registrar  Guy Olsen,

       Guy Olsen

       17 Gladding Rd

       Caldwell NJ 07006-5804

   Checks payable to OCIN

  Any mail to Registrar must be received by March 23.


Any late Pig mail must go to:

            Mike Minium,

            6797 Stillwell Beckett Rd

            Oxford, OH 45056-8870


Location Maps

Race Details Page

List of Entrants

T-shirt design

Orienteering USA Membership Form (paper or online)

Orienteering USA Interscholastic Rules of Competition

Award grants and points scoring system

How to Use Electronic Punching

OCIN Schedule Page


updated 11:00 PM   22 March 2012