Flying Pig XVIII Results and Photos

    Left Behind: The Clothing
        Several items were left.    Contact Mike Minium to claim.
               pair of Skechers shoes (left in Sunday parking lot)
               green pullover drawstring hoodie from Six Flags. White logo on front could be from some comic or superhero (I don't recognize it)
               red Timberland fleece with black trim, XL
               dark blue Sierra Sport fleece sleevelss vest, M

    Results - Interscholastic Championships Team Categories - Mounds SRA, Indiana
        Eastern States (Fri) Team Results by Category
        United States (Sat/Sun) Results by Category

    Results - Friday, April 4 - Eastern States Interscholastic Championships (Middle Distance), Bear Creek Scout Reservation
        Friday Results by Class
        Friday Results by Course
        Friday Split Times

    Results - Saturday, April 5 - United States Interscholastic Championship Day 1 - Mounds SRA - Garr Hill, Brookville, Indiana
        Saturday Results by Class
        Saturday Results by Course
        Saturday Split Times

    Results - Sunday, April 6 - United States Interscholastic Championship Day 2 - Mounds SRA, Brookville, Indiana
        Sunday Results by Class
        Sunday Results by Course
        Sunday Split Times

    Results - Two-day combined total - United States Interscholastic Championships
        Combined Results by Class
        Combined Results by Course

    Results - Union County Sprints
        Sprint Results by Course
        Sprint Split Times

        Photos by Alexis Rzewski (sherpes)
        Photo of ARK / ARX kids by Mike Waddington (hammer)
        Photos by Julie Keim
        Photos by Sharon Bond

    Route Gadget

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