Flying Pig XXI      April 7-9, 2017

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2017 U.S. Night Orienteering Championships





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Race Details and Course Notes

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Director: Mike Minium                                     Registrar: Guy Olsen


The Races   All 4 races are “A” Sanctioned by Orienteering USA.  All races will have all normal “A” categories for people of all ages.


            Friday, April 7 – Eagle Creek East - National “A” Meet. 1:10,000 map, Indianapolis, Indiana

            Friday, April 7 – Eagle Creek East - U.S. Night Orienteering Championships. 1:10,000 map, Indianapolis

            Saturday April 8 – Long Distance - National “A” Meet, 1:10,000 map of Yellowwood State Forest., Belmont, Indiana

            Sunday April 9 – 2-stage Sprint - National “A” Meet, 1:5000 maps, Columbus, IndianaRead this page first.  The links below are intended for your convenience AFTER you are familiar with the overall event information.


Race Details



            The maps will be 1:10,000 scale except for the Sunday Sprints, which will be 1:5000.



            All standard USA courses and classes will be offered.


Practice Area

            Practice area maps will be available at the (to be determined)  Maps can be picked up for free beginning Wednesday at (to be determined) 


Special Symbols

            A brown X is a rootstock on all maps.  Any map-specific special symbols will be noted with each day’s information.


Control Descriptions

            Control descriptions are printed on your map.  Loose description sheets may be picked up when you enter the call-up area 2-3 minutes before your start.   Descriptions for white and yellow courses are in English only.  Descriptions for orange course and above are in IOF symbols only (ISCD2004).


Control Markers

            Control markers will be IOF standard orange and white flag.  Control markers used in the Saturday and Sunday competitions will have a blue stripe.  Markers used in the practice areas and Friday competition may not have the blue stripe.


Time Limits

            Time limit will be 3 hours for the Night Championships (Firday) and the Long Course (Saturday); 2 hours for the Middle Distance (Friday); and 1 hour for each of the Sprint distance courses (Sunday).


Start Procedures

            Clear and check your SI card when you arrive in the start area.

            You will be called up 3 minutes before your scheduled start.

            2 minutes before your start, you will move forward and may pick up loose control descriptions.

            1 minute before your start, you will move forward to the map line.  You may mark your name / number on the back of the map.  Do not look at your map.  You may ask the starter to check that it is the correct course.

            When the beeper sounds, you punch “start” and pick up your map.

            There may be a short streamered run to the start triangle shown on your map (to be determined).  You must run to the triangle.  There is a flag but no punch at this point.  At this point you may begin navigating to your first control.


Drinking Water on Courses

            There will be at least one control with drinking water on all courses of orange length and above on Friday and Saturday.  Please use the cups provided and dispose of them in the bag or bin provided.  There will not be drinking water on the Sunday sprint courses


Map History

            Eagle Creek Park (Friday) was mapped in ...   There has been extensive updating by Rob and Aidan Minto in 2017.

            Yellowwood State Forest (Saturday) was mapped in ...  There has been extensive updating by Mike Minium, Rob Minto, and others.

            Columbus Riverfront (Sunday) was mapped in December, 2016 by Vladimir Zherdev.  This will be the first use of this map.

            Columbus Downtown (Sunday) was mapped in Jan-Feb, 2017 by Mike Minium.  This will be the first use of this map.


Natural Hazards

            Ticks may be starting to emerge.  Use repellant and check yourself carefully and repeatedly.

            Thorny vegetation including greenbriar and multiflora rose is found in some areas.  A couple of tree species including honey locust and osage orange have long and very sharp thorns.

            Animals are not generally a threat.  Small mammals such as skunk, opossum, raccoon, groundhog, and coyote will generally avoid you, but could bite or scratch if threatened.  Beaver have been active near ponds and larger streams, leaving short, sharpened stumps which could be a hazard.  Deer panic and run from orienteers, but they run blindly and can crash into people.  If you see or hear a deer running toward you, shout and wave arms to divert it.  Collisions between panicked deer and orienteers are rare, but have happened and can result in injury.

            Any snakes you see are probably non-venomous, but can still inflict a painful bite with risk of infection.  There is a very slight possibility of copperhead or timber rattlesnake in the Yellowwood area, but it is early for them to be out of hibernation unless the weather is unseasonably warm.


Course Length / Climb/ Controls Table

            Please note there are up to 14 courses identified by NUMBER.  Course lengths are subject to change.


Course Name

Normal OUSA age classes








Sprint 1


Sprint 2



dist km / climb m

dist km / climb m

dist km / climb m

dist km / climb m

dist km / climb m

1 (white)

M-10, M-12

F-10, F-12

M open     F open

Group open






2 (yellow)

F-14   M-14

M open     F open

Group open






3 (orange)

F-16  M-16

M open     F open

Group open






4 (brown)

M65+, M70+, M75+

F55 +, F60+, F65+

F70+, F75+   F-18

M open     F open






5 (green)

M50+, M55+, M60+

M-18   F35+, F40+

F-20   F45+, F50+

M open     F open






6 (red)

M35+, M40+, M45+

F-21+   M-20

M open






7 (blue)










Friday, April 7, 2017

    Eagle Creek East


    Course Setter                   Rob Minto

    Vetters                               Aidan Minto, Brenda Blacklock

    Course Consultant           Don Davis


    Registration / Check-In

            Packet pickup will be available at Eagle Creek beginning at (to be determined)  Please note that we are asking everyone to enter the park through the 71st Street entrance.  Do not use the 56th Street entrance, as you would be passing through embargoed terrain.



            We will have Eagle Creek Park, the site of Friday's Middle and Night-O races to ourselves on Friday night but the gate will likely close to entry at 9:00 pm.  Please make your travel plans accordingly.  Ample paved parking.  (details to be determined) 


    Walk to the start

            Walk  from parking to start:                  tbd meters

            walk from finish to parking:                   tbd meters



            The map will be 1:10,000 with 2.5 meter contours.



            Indoor facilities ...  (to be determined) 


    Warm up

            A small warm-up map will be provided.


    Clothing return

            The start will be close to parking.  Plan to leave warmups at your vehicle or pick them up at the start area.


    Safety Bearing

            Go south to 56th Street.  There is a lake to the west and an interstate highway to the east.


    Map Notes

            In general, this is a very flat area.  There are many roads, paths, and cultural features, but some areas of moderate terrain complexity.  Vegetation is highly variable, generally more open in the hillier areas and thicker in the flatter eastern portions of the map.


    Course Setter's Notes

            There will be numerous road crossings.  Use extreme caution.

            There are many controls.  Check codes carefully!

            The park has many deer and they tend not to be terribly afraid of humans.  You will likely see many eyes shining back at you during the night-O.



Saturday, April 8, 2017

   Yellowwood State Forest


    Course Setter                   Ben Hart and Stephanie Ross

    Vetters                               David Waller

    Course Consultant           Don Davis


            Gravel lots with adequate parking, but please park reasonably “tight”.  We are anticipating that Yellowwood Road will be closed for construction, meaning that routes to the event site will be several miles longer on narrow winding roads.  We will publish alternate routes shortly, but please anticipate needing extra time to reach the Saturday event site.


    Walk to the start

            There may be a ten minute bus ride followed by a short walk ... ??? (to be determined) 



            The maps will be 1:10,000, with 5 meter contours



            Primitive (pit) facilities by parking and registration, portable toilets near start ???  (to be determined) 


    Warm up

            A small practice map will be provided.


    Clothing return

            Warm up clothing left at start will be returned to the finish area.


    Safety Bearing

            Go west to Yellowwood Lake Road or Yellowwood Lake.


    Stream Crossing

            Courses will cross streams.  Under normal conditions, dry-foot rock-hop crossings can be found.  In the event of heavy rain immediately before or during the event, expect to get wet feet.


    Map Notes   

            This area is quite steep.  Plan your routes!

            There has been recent logging in some parts of the area.


    Setter's Notes   

            You will see survey flagging tape of various colors, not relevant to your course.



Sunday, April 9, 2014

   Columbus Sprints


    Course Setter                   Mike Minium

    Vetters                               Matthew Robbins, Pat Meehan

    Course Consultant           Don Davis



            Large paved parking lot at the Mill race Center


    Walk to the start 

            There will be a flat walk of around 300 to 400 meters to the first sprint.  There will be a flat walk of 1000 to 1200 meters from the finish of Sprint 1 back to Mill Race Center and then an additional walk of 1 km to the start of the second sprint.  The second sprint will finish near the Mill Race Center.



            Map scale is 1:5000 for all courses, with contour interval of 2.5 meters.



             Indoor restrooms will be available at Mill Race Center near parking and finish.  No facilities at the starts.  There will also be indoor restrooms at the finish of Sprint 1.


    Warm up

            A small practice area map is adjacent to parking.


    Clothing return 

            Starts will be close to parking; please leave extra clothing at your cars.  This is an urban area; lock your vehicles.


    Safety Bearing

            The Flatrock River is to the west.  Route 46 is to the south.  This is an urban area.


    Road Crossing

            There will be numerous road crossings on the first (urban) sprint.  You will also cross lightly traveled park roads on the second sprint.  There may be some traffic, although it should be light. Cross with care.  There will be mandatory underpasses for roads and a railroad on the second sprint.


    Setter's Notes   

            To be determined


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