Flying Pig XXI      April 7-9, 2017

including the

2017 U.S. Night Orienteering Championships





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Event packetthe information in the packet updates all information on this main information page and the “race details” page.


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Director: Mike Minium                                     Registrar: Guy Olsen


Overview   Orienteering Cincinnati and Indiana Crossroads Orienteering will host 5 races over 3 days.  Races will have courses for all ages and abilities and will be open to anyone.  The events will take place near Indianapolis, Indiana (Friday) and Columbus, Indiana (Saturday / Sunday).


The Races   All races are National Sanctioned by Orienteering USA.  All races will have all normal “A” categories for people of all ages.  Go to Race Details for more information about each race.

            Friday, April 7   Afternoon Middle Distance Race at Eagle Creek, Friday U.S. Night Course Championships at Eagle Creek.  Competitor’s choice: You may run either the day-time Middle Distance race OR the U.S. Night Championships on the same map.  If you do the Middle Distance race, you will NOT be eligible for U.S. Night Championship, but you may also register to do a night course as a non-competitive recreational participant.  We will have Eagle Creek Park, the site of Friday's Middle and Night-O races to ourselves on Friday night but the gate will likely close to entry at 9:00 pm.  Please make your travel plans accordingly.

            Saturday, April 8   Long Distance courses at Yellowwood State Forest, Belmont, Indiana

            Sunday, April 9   Two-stage sprint races, exploring the unique architecture of Columbus, Indiana.  There will be an urban sprint in downtown Columbus, followed by a park sprint in Mill Race and Noblitt riverfront parks.Read this page first.  The links below are intended for your convenience AFTER you are familiar with the overall event information.


Courses and Classes

            Competitive   All standard OUSA competitive courses and classes will be offered, including special interscholastic and intercollegiate categories.  Competitive entrants should pre-register.

            Recreational   Recreational Courses will be offered at all events.  $20 per adult age 21+ or $10 per junior age -21 for the night event.  $10 per individual for each daytime event (Middle, Long, 2-Stage Sprints).  Recreational entrants for the Friday Night-O should pre-register.  Recreational entrants for the day-time courses may only register on site on the day of the event, at least 1 hour before the last start time.


Awards   U.S. Champion awards will be given to the top three eligible individuals, in each U.S. Night Orienteering Championship age category.   Flying Pig medals will be given to the first three individual finishers in all other categories.  Please note that Orienteering USA membership is required for award eligibility in national championships.


Embargo Information   (See locator maps) The following areas may not be used for orienteering or orienteering training prior to these events:

            1. Eagle Creek East  - all park land east of Eagle Creek Lake).

            2. Yellowwood State Forest  - areas east of Yellowwood Lake, or Yellowwood Lake Rd and west of Dubois Ridge Rd

            3. Riverfront Parks in the Columbus area  - areas known as Noblitt and Mill Race Parks, all land east of the Flatrock River and west of (from north to south) Newsom Ave, Lawton Ave, Jackson St, Lindsey St.  Please follow the designated entry and exit route using 8th Street from Lindsey or Brown (See locator maps) to Mill Race Center for the Saturday evening dinner and Sunday morning registration.

            4.  On Sunday morning ONLY from 1:00 am on, the downtown area north of route 46, south of 8th Street, and west from California Rd is also off limits.  Prior to Sunday, you may visit the downtown area, although intentional exploration is discouraged.


Practice / Training Area   Training maps of Eagle Creek West, Indiana University (Bloomington) and Story (Hoosier National Forest) may be ordered with registration.

Park Entrance Fee   There is a gate fee to enter Eagle Creek Park (Friday event sites) of $5 to $7 per motor vehicle per day.  Cash only.  Please have exact change ready to help prevent a traffic backup at the entrance.  Please use the 71st St gate, and please note that the gate will close to incoming traffic by 9 pm.  There is no entrance fee for the other event sites.

Safety   All competitors must carry a whistle and dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

Saturday evening dinner  Pasta dinner with salad, beverages, and dessert, at the Mill Race Center in Columbus.  Dinner speaker, to be announced, will tell us a little about the unique architectural history of Columbus, perhaps even some of the control sites you may visit on Sunday!

Child Sitting    We will accommodate parents with split start times if requested.  Please let us know as early as possible if you have children who will need tending during the events, and we will try to help you work out an appropriate arrangement.

Lodging and Tourist Activities       Follow this link for Lodging information   Go to the Columbus Visitor Center for more information about local tourist activities.






    Last Day to register without late fee.

Sun Mar. 12

11:59 pm

    Last Day to receive registration

Mon. Mar. 27

11:59 pm

    Practice / Training areas

Wed, Apr. 5

All day

    Practice / Training areas

Thu. Apr. 6

All day

    Practice / Training areas

Fri. Apr. 7

All day

    Check-In open at Shelter A, Eagle Creek East

Apr. 7

2:00 pm to 9:00 pm

    Middle Distance Starts at Eagle Creek

Apr. 7

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

    Night Championship Starts at Eagle Creek

Apr. 7

9:00 pm – 10:00 pm

    Courses Close

Apr. 8

1:00 am

    Everyone must be out of Eagle Creek, Park gates lock

Apr. 8

2:00 am

    Check-In open at Yellowwood State Forest

Sat. Apr. 8

11:00 am – 1:00 pm

    Starts at Yellowwood State Forest

Apr. 8

Noon – 2 :00 pm

    Dinner at Mill Race Center, Columbus, Indiana

Apr. 8

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

    Check-In open at Mill Race Center

Sun. Apr. 9

7:00 am – 10:00 am

    Starts Sprint #1

Apr. 9

7:30 am – 8:45 am

    Starts Sprint #2

Apr. 9

10:00 am – 11:15 am


Apr. 9

1:00 pm or earlier




            Register online

            Some special notes for registration (Due to the limitations of Event Register, we’ve had to do a couple work-arounds that might seem odd):

                        1.  If you are planning to do just one of the two sprint races on Sunday, please register for BOTH.  The fee is only calculated when you register for Sprint 1.  You’ll be assigned start times for both sprints, but don’t worry if you aren’t actually going to do one of them.

                        2.  If you are doing competitive races on all 3 days, your multi-race discount will only be computed when you select the “Three Day Discount” at the top of the “Additional Selections” page for the combination of races you will be running.  Don’t forget to make that selection to get your discount.


  Registrar  Guy Olsen ( ,


       Guy Olsen

       17 Gladding Rd

       Caldwell NJ 07006-5804

   Checks payable to OCIN

   Any mail to Registrar must be received by Monday, March 27


Any late mail must go to:

            Mike Minium,

            6797 Stillwell Beckett Rd

            Oxford, OH 45056-8870


Competitive entry fees
(on or before Sunday, March 12)

Entry per race

(entering 1 or 2 races.

The 2-stage sprint is

considered a single race)

Entering all races

Adult age 21+



Adult age 21+
member of USOF, COF, or IOF



Junior age -20



Junior age -20
member of USOF, COF, or IOF



Junior age -20

with TROL season pass




** TROL members must enter on or before March 12.  Taking the TROL member discount will reduce your entry fee to $10 per race if you enter on or before March 12, or $20 per race if you enter on or after March 13.


Late fee

    $10 per race late fee for any competitive entry received on or after March 12. ($25 for all 3 events).  Reminder that anything sent by mail MUST arrive by Monday, March 27.


Recreational Courses

   Night course is $20 per person for adults age 21+, and $10 per person for juniors age -20.   Middle, Long, and 2-stage Sprint courses are $10 per person for adults age 21+ and $5 per person for children age -20.   Pre-register for recreational courses for the Friday Night-O.  Entry for the day courses is on day of event only.  (Recreational entrants are not eligible for awards or OUSA ranking points).


Sport-Ident e-card rental
   $2 per race.
  Must sign agreement to pay $45 for lost or damaged card.  All entrants must use a SportIdent card.  All cards except flat cards should work.


Preview Maps

    Old maps of Eagle Creek East and Yellowwood State Forest may be ordered.  Individual maps are $5 each.


Training Maps

    to be determined.


T shirts

    $16.  Short sleeve tech  t-shirt.  See the design.  Made by Augusta Sportswear.  Sizes: Adult unisex / male, S, M, L, XL 2XL unisex / male size chart   $2 extra for 2XL.   Adult female cut, XS, S, M, L, XL  female size chart


Lunch Sandwiches

            Friday, The Orienteering USA Junior Taem is offering 4” Subway sandwiches by pre-order.

            Saturday and Sunday, The Orienteering USA Junior Team will be providing sandwiches, available for purchase by pre-order.  Choices will be ham, turkey, or vegetarian, with or without cheese.  All sandwiches are $5.  Condiments such as mustard and mayo will be available for your use.



            Saturday Night Pasta dinner at Mill Race Center in Columbus, Indiana.     $10 for juniors 20 and under, $16 for adults 21 and over.  Menu: salad, pasta, beverages (tea, lemonade, water), chocolate brownies.  After dinner speaker will tell us about the unique architectural history of Columbus.



    Full refund on or before March 30, less the fees for any preview maps, or other materials already sent.  T-shirts are not refundable after March 12.  No refunds after March 30, unless exception is granted by the Event Director.


Joel Rauschenbach Memorial Junior Fund
      The Joel Rauschenbach Memorial Junior Fund provides grants to help develop youth orienteering in the Greater Cincinnati area and to assist area youth in traveling to national and international competitions.  As you register for these events, you will have the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution to this fund if desired.  Joel Rauschenbach Memorial Pages  Your donations help young orienteers.  See some of their stories and photos.


Registrar  Guy Olsen ( ,


Any late mail must go to:

            Mike Minium,

            6797 Stillwell Beckett Rd

            Oxford, OH 45056-8870


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