2017 Flying Pig XXI Location Maps

Pig XXI overview


Pig XXI Friday - Eagle Creek
We will have Eagle Creek Park, the site of Friday's Middle and Night-O races to ourselves on Friday night but the gate will likely close to entry at 9:00 pm. Please make your travel plans accordingly. Please note that all participants should enter the park through the 71st Street entrance, not the 56th Street entrance.


Friday Site and Warm-up


Saturday - Yellowwood
We anticipate that Yellowwood Road (all of it) will be closed due to major construction and bridge replacement. This will mean either using Jackson Creek (rough gravel road with two fords) if conditions are dry, or taking a lengthy detour to enter the area from tthe north on Lanam Ridge to Yellowwood Lake Rd. Please allow extra time on Saturday. We will post a new locator map soon, once we've checked out the drivability of the alternative routes.


Saturday Site and Warm-up


Sunday - Columbus Area


Sunday Site and Warm-up


Saturday Dinner and Activities
Saturday dinner is at the Mill Race Center in Columbus.

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