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Joel Ray Rauschenbach
June 4, 1983 - March 13, 2003

Joel at age 11, Oak Mountain, Alabama, March, 1995
photo by Mike Minium

        Joel was an active orienteer since about the age of 11.  He earned several
championship medals and became a member of the U.S. Junior Team.  He competed
in the Junior World Championships in 2000, and in the first World Ranking Event held
in North America.
        Joel graduated from Eaton High School, in Eaton, Ohio in 2001, and joined the Army.
He served a 6 month tour in Afghanistan and was a terrain mapping specialist, stationed
at Fort Bragg, NC.

Joel with his father, Jon Rauschenbach, Oak Mountain, March, 1995
photo by Mike Minium

From Janet Porter (to DVOA newsgroup)
         Today is a very sad day for US Junior Orienteering Team, as they have
lost one of their very dear friends.  Joel Rauschenbach from OCIN was killed in an
automobile accident late Thursday night while traveling from Ft. Bragg, NC to his
home in Ohio. ... Joel went to JWOC with DVOA's Chris Gross and Corinne Porter the
summer of 2000.  Joel joined the US Army after his HS graduation in 2001 because he
wanted to learn how to make maps.  He just returned to the US after a six month tour
of duty in Afghanistan in February of this year. We were to see Joel in two weeks
at the Flying Pig.  Please remember my children in your prayers as they both are
devastated by his death.  Joel was a part of our family when he was in PA, and has
spent many a weekend with us at national A events over the years.  We all are feeling
his loss tonight.

Joel with friends at the 1996 Georgia Navigator Cup
back: Vladimir Gusiatnikov, William Hertel, Jeremy Franklin, Derek Hertel
front: Jeff McAnaney, Joel Rauschenbach, Travis Hertel
photo by Mike Minium

From Fran and Rick Armstrong (SLOC)
         (1)    ... I caught the announcement of Joel's tragic
death.  What a horrible loss for his family, ... and the whole OCIN Family.  Through
recent Flying Pigs and with my daughter also on the US Junior Team (past 3 summers),
we knew Joel and his family quite well - even took advantage of their hospitality to
stay in the "Schoolhouse" on two occasions.  A couple years ago, I helped his mother
fill half-cooked spaghetti into zip-loc bags in preparation for the Junior Dinner. ...
        Our condolences to all.
         (2)    ... I have no doubt that Joel is safe at home with
our good and gracious God.  But the loss of his presence here is so great a grief
to his parents and loved ones and, of course, caring adults ... who have worked
with him, helped guide him, and nourished his spirit.

from Guy Olsen (HVO)
        I am shocked and deeply, deeply saddened.  Not just for Joel, but for
Jon, Jone, Jay and all the friends he left behind.

Joel at the start of the first World Ranking Event held in North America
Flying Pig 1999, McFarlan Woods, Cincinnati, Ohio
left: Chuck Genenbacher, right: Sharon Crawford
photo by Mike Minium

from Steve Vaughan (OCIN)
        I still can not believe it...it is ironic that I just looked at his
picture on the web site a day ago.  Unfortunately our spirit has an eternal
timeline but our current body does not.  ...They will certainly be in our prayers.
        I am struck with sadness.

Joel at the 1998 Interscholastic Championships, March 20, 1998
Flying Pig II, Miami Whitewater Forest, Cincinnati, Ohio
photo by Tom Kopp

from Greg Sack (OCIN)
        It is truly a sad day for us all. Joel will always be a warm and
fun person that has touched many lives in good ways.  He will remain part of
my life and many others as a positive influence for the remainder of our
lives.  He will continue to run in the woods with us.

Joel and Boris Granovskiy sprinting to the finish
1999 Interscholastic Championship near Syracuse, NY
photo by Mike Minium

from Peter Arbogast (LAOC)
         I remember well a day a few years back trying to chase him down during
a local competition there... He was a dogged competitor, especially for one so young
( I think he might have been 13 or so at the time) Very impressive wunderkind of the
sport. very sad indeed. My condolences to his family and to those who knew him best.
Peter Arbogast
former voice of the Bengals

additional photos of Joel Rauschenbach

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