Orienteering Cincinnati News Archive

April, 2009
OCIN's TROL Team of Adam White, Sam Gordon, Doug Frederick and Katie Williams won 3rd place in the club team junior varsity dividion at the 2009 U.S. Interscholastic Championships!

January, 2008
New OCIN officers were elected on January 28, 2008 at our club meeting at LaBoiteaux Woods.
Brian DeYoung, President; Matthew Robbins, VP; Gerald Yip, Secretary; Stevan Vaughan, Treasurer; Dan Dell, Board Member at Large.

January, 2008
Parker Vaughan (M-14) and Mike Minium (M 45+) earned 1st place finishes in the 2008 Georgia Navigator Cup.

November, 2007
USOF 2007 year-end rankings are out. Congratulations to all ranked OCIN members, especially Katie Williams (2nd in F-14) and Parker Vaughan (3rd in M-12).

November, 2007
Valdimir Zherdev completed mapping fieldwork on England-Idlewild Park in Boone County. He has also recently finished re-mapping Mt. Airy, and two small additions to our Oxford, Ohio area maps.

October, 2007
David Chrzanowski has installed a new permanent course at Hueston Woods (Lodge area) as an Eagle project. The course includes 5 easy (white-yellow) controls, 5 internediate (yellow-orange), and 10 that will challenge advanced and skilled orienteers.

September, 2005
OCIN members earn medals in the 2005 U.S. Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) Championships!
        M40+  - Brian DeYoung      VHF - Silver      HF - Silver
        D-19  - Emily DeYoung      VHF - Gold      HF - Gold
        M50+  - Bob Frey      VHF - Gold      HF - Bronze
        M-21+ - Matthew Robbins      VHF - Silver      HF - Bronze
        M50+  - Dick Arnett      VHF - Bronze      HF - Silver

September, 2003
Congratulations to Sergeant Jeremy Franklin, former junior member of OCIN has been named
Marine of the Year for Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, in Beaufort, S.C. Jeremy is in
the Military Police (MP) and has been serving since 2000. On the way to this title, Jeremy also
won the Provost Marshall Office Section Board and Noncommissioned Officer of the Year awards.

March, 2003

OCIN member Joel Rauschenbach, June 4, 1983 - March 13, 2003
(photo: Joel on recent duty with 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan, photographer unknown)
Memorial contributions may be made to:
    Grace Lutheran Church, 111 Lutheran Dr, Eaton, OH 45320
    USOF Junior Team Fund, c/o USOF, PO Box 1444, Forest Park, GA, 30298
    Orienteering Cincinnati junior fund, c/o Mike Minium, 6797 Stillwell Beckett Rd, Oxford, OH 45056

Obituary: http://barnesfuneralhome.com
Photos and memories of orienteering with Joel    More photos of Joel Rauschenbach orienteering

April, 2002
Congratulations to Bob Frey and Dick Arnett for outstanding performances in the U.S.
Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) Championships April 20-21 in Georgia.
Bob won silver medals in both 80 meter and 2 meter bands, Dick won a bronze medal.

March, 2002
Kyle and Tyler Hertel at Raven Rock, NC, March 23.
Kyle (left) was 1st in yellow M-14. Tyler was first on white M-12.
OCIN's Carl Sack      
has been selected to the United States Junior Orienteering Team
to compete at the Junior World Orienteering Championships in
Spain from July 7, 2002 to July 12th, 2002. Congratulations, Carl!

December, 2001
The OCIN team of Guy Olsen, Kyle Hertel, Mike Minium and
Vladimir Gusiatnikov placed 11th in the 2001 U. S. Relay Championships
hosted by the Los Angeles Orienteering Club at Vasquez Rocks, California.

October, 2001
OCIN member Tyler Hertel won 3rd place in the M-12 age group,
at the 2001 Canadian Orienteering Championships on October 6-7 near Brandon, Manitoba.
Kyle Hertel won 2nd place in the M-14 age group at the 2001
Canadian Short Course Championship on October 8.  PHOTO

August, 2001
OCIN members Dick Arnett and Bob Frey competed in the United States
Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) Championships near Albuquerque in early August.
They dominated their 40-60 age group. Dick brings home 3 gold medals and a silver, while
Bob brings home a silver and 2 bronze.