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2011 Newsletters

See the Schedule page for events mentioned in newsletters as that information is not re-copied here.

December 29, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Happy New Year!
Orienteering on New Year’s. Join us for our traditional New Year’s Eve Night Orienteering and New Year’s Day courses at Camp Timberhill. On New Year’s Eve, there will be food, snacks and fun! Details are in the schedule below. A week from now, on January 8, Pat Meehan will be setting courses at Harbin Park in Fairfield.
OCIN’s e-newsletter will soon be using a new system. As part of the transition, we are “cleaning up” our address list. So if you don’t attend events frequently, you might receive an email from me asking to verify if you still want to be on the list. We currently have a few e-addresses without a person’s name associated with the address. In the new system, we must have a name with every address (this is part of a security to prevent spamming). So, if you got a message from me this past week titled “Orienteering Cincinnati Membership Verification” asking for your name, please be sure you reply if you want to stay on the list. Otherwise, you will be dropped when we transfer to the new system. If you are getting OCIN News at multiple email addresses or multiple copies at one address, this is a good time to let me know if you want to make any changes. I’d like to have as “clean” a list as possible to avoid problems when we activate the new system. Once the new system is in place, it will be very easy for you to manage your own listing, and to subscribe, unsubscribe, or change email addresses at any time.
Looking ahead to major events this spring. There is a substantial discount until December 31 for registering for the U.S. Sprint/Middle/Long Championships on April 13-15 in Georgia. Website and registration is now open for the US 2-day Classic Championships on March 9-11 near Asheboro, NC. Website is not yet open for the US Interscholastic Championships April 20-22 near Seattle. The website for OCIN’s Flying Pig XVI and Eastern States Interscholastic Championships on March 30 – April 1 is open. See www.ocin.org for details.
Want a faster SI Card? The SI 5 cards OCIN rents hold 30 controls and read in about 330 milliseconds (about 1/3 of a second). OCIN has a few for sale for $40. SI 6 cards hold 64 controls, personal data, and read in just 130 milliseconds. They normally retail for $69.50. But, Valerie Meyer is selling a stock of lightly used rental cards for $50 each. They may have a few scratches, but they work fine. Let Mike Minium know right away if you want to buy one. If more than 2 or 3 people get them, I would expect shipping to add only a dollar or two to the cost.

December 14, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Congratulations to all OCIN members who earned Orienteering USA Rankings. Final rankings for 2011 are now posted at http://usof-rankings.org/ Gold awards are given to the top 3 in each class; silver and bronze are based on a percentage behind the average of the top 3.
    2nd place M-14, yellow, Sam Kelsch, gold award
    4th place, M-16, orange, Addison Bosley, bronze award
    6th place, M-14, yellow, Addison Bosley, silver award
    6th place, F65+ brown, Claire Dell
    7th place, M-14, yellow, Hunter LaMantia, bronze award
    11th place, M50+, green, Mike Minium, silver award
    23rd place, M55+, green, Pat Meehan
    28th place, M55+, green, Jon Rauschenbach
    35th place, M45+, red, Dave Waller
    36th place, M-21+, blue, Vladimir Gusiatnikov, bronze award
This past week's winner of a $20 Benchmark Outfitter gift card was Steve Vaughan. One more will be given away this week at East Fork!
This Saturday, we are having our Course Setting Workshop at Miami University. If you have ever thought about setting courses, or just want to become a better orienteer by learning to "think like a course setter", you should attend. Please RSVP to mikeminium@aol.com as classroom space is limited. We will be using a high-tech computer lab to use OCIN's condes and ocad software to plan courses and make map revisions, as well as learning the principles of course setting and doing some practical outdoor activities.
Saturday Night, Miami Valley Orienteering Club has their annual Night Score Orienteering Course at Cricket holler BSA Camp on the northwest side of Dayton.
Sunday, join us at East Fork. We will have normal white, yellow, and orange courses, and a normal TROL school competition. But we will also have the long and difficult Billy Pig (13+km) and Piglet (8+km) courses to challenge your wilder side. If you want to do the Billy Pig or Piglet, it would be a help if we know you are coming, so please RSVP to Mike Minium if possible.
Planning ahead, we will have our annual New Year's Eve Night Orienteering, New Year's Party, and new Year's Day courses on, when else, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Again please help us plan by letting us know if you will come to the night event or want to stay overnight in the dormitory.
Are you traveling over the holidays? Take advantage of these Orienteering USA corporate discounts. Get 10% off your stay at almost any Motel 6 with CP546190 or Studio 6 with CP546191. And take a discount on Hertz car rentals with CDP1916601. Orienteering USA also gets a financial benefit based on number of uses, so you are helping promote orienteering as well. See www.orienteeringusa.org for more information and reservation links.
Visit OCIN's facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Orienteering-Cincinnati/217814354956510

December 7, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
If you are new to OCIN News, welcome! You may subscribe, unsubscribe, or change email address for OCIN News by contacting pat@ocin.org or mikeminium@aol.com
OCIN event this Sunday at Miami University's Middletown Campus. This area is a mix of rolling, wooded campus, and wooded hills with a network of trails. See the schedule information below for more details and directions.
There is also a 6 hour rogaine Saturday in southeastern Ohio. Solos are permitted as well as teams. For those unfamiliar with the term, a rogaine is a longer-duration event with a fixed time limit and score-style controls (find as many as you can within the time limit). Rogaines are often limited to teams of 2 or more, but this one allows solos as well. Depending who you believe, "rogaine" is either an acronym for Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance, or for ROger, GAIl, and NEil, the alleged "inventors" of the sport.
In coming weeks, there are several events for which we are requesting pre-registration:
Course Setting Workshop, December 17 - An all day program at which you will learn how to design, plan and set orienteering courses for all age levels. Setting courses for one event a year (or more) is a great way to give back to the club. Regardless of your age and experience, you can learn a lot from this class. Even if you never set courses for a real event, learning to :"think like a course setter" will help you become a better orienteer. Space is limited, so email mikeminium@aol.com to hold a spot.
Billy Pig and Piglet, December 18 - These are longer courses than normal, with some twists (see information below for more detail). There will also be regular white, yellow, and orange courses on this day. Please pre-register if you want to do the Billy Pig or Piglet; you need not pre-register for other courses. TROL members who plan to do High School Varsity course will do the Piglet and should pre-register. This is a longer course than our normal green, so if you have not run green or HS Varsity before, this is not the course to "move up". Note that the Billy Pig and Piglet have a mass start at 11 am.
New Year's Orienteering, Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 - We will have our traditional New Year's Eve Night Orienteering with lots of snacks and fun (NO alcohol). You are encouraged to pre-register for the night course and overnight dormitory space. You do not need to pre-register for the New Year's Day event, which will have a full range of regular courses from white through red.
Congratulations to Stephanie Ross who won a $20 gift card from Benchmark Outfitters at last Sunday''s event. We will have one additional card to give away at each of the Dec 11 and Dec 18 events. The cards are usable in-store only (not online), but have no expiration date.

December 3, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Sunday, December 4 event at Miami Whitewater Forest. updates:
Rain is increasingly likely later in the day. I will have the start open by 10:00, maybe earlier, if you wish to run early.
Red course has been revised and will not enter the bow hunting area. No courses will enter the bow hunting area unless you are VERY lost.

December 1, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Lots of Orienteering this weekend. There are events in Louisville KY and Lancaster, OH on Saturday, and an OCIN event at Miami Whitewater on Sunday.
At OCIN's 3 December events, we will have a drawing for a $20 gift card good at the Benchmark Outfitter in Blue Ash. Thanks to Benchmark for supporting Orienteering Cincinnati with this offer! One card will be given out at each event.
OCIN is now maintaining a Facebook page. Please help promote orienteering and "like" us on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Orienteering-Cincinnati/217814354956510
Watch for details soon about our Course Setting Clinic on Dec. 17 and our New Year's orienteering events.
Vladimir Zherdev is in the area making some new maps for OCIN. We are looking for host families where he can stay for a few days while mapping. He's currently working near Milford for a few more days, then he has a project in Green Twp (west side) for 3 to 5 days. If you live near one of these areas and would like to share your home and perhaps get him to share some interesting stories about Russia and orienteering and who knows what else, please let me know.
The system we have been using for OCIN's email service will soon be discontinued. If you have any suggestions for a mail system that easily and inexpensively could handle club emailings and would preserve member privacy (not display addresses, allow administrator filtering of any posts), please talk to pat@ocin.org and mikeminium@aol.com

November 24, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Happy Thanksgiving!
There are still a few openings for both juniors and adults for the TROL Training day on Saturday at Miami University. There will be a busy mix of indoor and outdoor activities. Please email pat@ocin.org if you plan to attend.
On Sunday, we have our first TROL event of the 2011-12 Season, also at Miami University. We will have a full range of courses and everyone is welcome.

November 17, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering this Sunday at Hueston Woods State Park. Details in the "schedule" below or at www.ocin.org In addition to normal foot orienteering courses, there will also be a mountain bike orienteering course, weather permitting. Foot orienteering goes rain or shine, but the trails could be closed to bikes if it is too wet.
TROL one-day training camp will be Saturday, November 26 at Boyd Hall, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Please pre-register by contacting pat@ocin.org or mikeminium@aol.com, or mailing in the form linked on www.ocin.org The camp is free for TROL members, $10 for other junior orienteers (age 20 or under) and $20 for adults, and will include lunch (sandwiches) and dinner (pizza).
Congratulations to Team USA member Allison Crocker for her upcoming appearance in Sports Illustrated. Ali and the sport of orienteering will be included in the November 21st edition in the "Faces in the Crowd" section. Be sure to pick up a copy at your newsstand or visit www.si.com/faces. It should be out as early as Thursday the 17th.
Orienteering will be discussed in the hour-long NPR (National Public Radio) Sports Program "Only A Game" on Saturday, November 19. Never heard of it? Although widely syndicated, The Cincinnati and Dayton area stations are a black hole as far as this show is concerned. It can be heard live at 7 am Saturday on WFYI 90.1 in Indianapolis, WCBE 90.5 in Columbus, WFPL 89.3 in Louisville, and WUKY 91.3 in Lexington. The interviewer came to the CSU Middle Distance event and saw a lot of great orienteering. The reporter interviewed a series of folks from a 9 year old orienteer, to two cadets from West Point, to Peter Gagarin to OUSA president Peter Goodwin.
You can listen live online from WBUR at 7:00 am or 7:00 pm Saturday by going to www.wbur.com and clicking the red "listen live" button. You can get a complete list of affiliate stations at http://www.wbur.org/syndication?program=Only-A-Game. You can also get podcasting options at http://onlyagame.wbur.org/listen. After Friday, a permanent link to the program should be available at http://onlyagame.wbur.org/.

November 10, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
There are a couple event choices this Saturday. The closest will be Miami Valley's met at Bill Yeck, a small park in the Centerville area. Using Google to locate "Bill Yeck Park" puts you a couple miles away, so use the locator map on the OCIN site or if using Google or a GPS to find the site, try putting in "Forest Lawn Ct, Centerville, OH".
You may subscribe, unsubscribe, or change email for OCIN News by contacting pat@ocin.org or mikeminium@aol.com
Looking ahead, we will need a volunteer or two on Thanksgiving Day morning to staff an orienteering exhibit at the start/finish of the annual Thanksgiving Day 10 km race at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. Over 10,000 runners and walkers will pass our exhibit.

November 2, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering opportunities this weekend:
    Saturday Nov 5: Indiana Crossroads Orienteering (ICO) hosts an event at Yellowwood State Forest west of Nashville, Indiana. All registration is day-of-event.
    Sunday Nov 6: Miami Valley Orienteering Club (MVOC) and Central Ohio Orienteers (COO) host an event in Tar Hollow State Forest east of Chillicothe, Ohio. Pre-registration by November 3 (Thursday) is recommended.
See event schedule below for details.
Congratulations to Addison Bosley who won 1st place in M-14 at the U.S. Night Course Championships near St Louis, Missouri this last weekend. Addison also ran the first leg of the U.S. Relay Championships for OCIN's team of "OCIN: 3 Men and a TROL". Other team members were Pat Meehan, Dave Waller, and Mike Minium.

October 20, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
There is a lot of activity this weekend, with Night Orienteering on Saturday night in Indianapolis, and a Sunday event at Germantown Metropark southwest of Dayton. The event schedule follows.

October 13, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering opportunities this weekend at East Fork State Park. There will be an informal Night training on Friday night and a regular event during the day on Saturday. Details follow. Look ahead at the schedule information for other coming events.
You may subscribe, unsubscribe, or change email for OCIN News by contacting pat@ocin.org or mikeminium@aol.com
Note: I have coupons. If you have never before attended an "A" meet, you can get 50% off your entry fees to the St. Louis "A" meet. Let me know if you are interested. I also have the same offer for other national "A" events and the Henry Coe Rogaine / US Rogaine Championships November 5-6 in California.

October 6, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
There is lots of orienteering this weekend.
For school age girls, there is a training weekend at Camp Stonybrook in Waynesville. The program for older girls is Saturday and younger girls on Sunday. There is some room for day-of-program entrants for the younger girls on Sunday morning. For older girls, contact Vicki Huseman right away for the Saturday times and space availability.
For everybody, we will have a range of courses, from white (beginner), to green/red at Camp Stonybrook on Sunday. Starts are listed 11 to 1 but as usual, we should be ready a little early. We do need to start taking controls out of the woods by 3 pm, though. so that's a firm course closing time.
On Saturday, Orienteering Louisville has an event as well.
Looking ahead, The US Night Championships and US Relay Championships is just a few weeks away. Registration fees go up this Saturday, so get registered now. See Mike Minium about OCIN's Relay Teams. We can use people of all ages and abilities. The relay rules assign points based on age and gender, and every team must have a suitable mix in order to be eligible.

September 8, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
It seems to be a quiet month for Orienteering Cincinnati, but there are a number of events the next two weekends in the surrounding areas, including Louisville's Twilight Score-O, plus events near Columbus, indianapolis and Dayton. OCIN's next scheduled event is October 9 at Camp Stonybrook, but keep an eye on the schedule page in case something gets put together sooner.
A tentative schedule for the TROL season from November through March is taking shape on the schedule page at http://www.ocin.org/. While the focus of TROL is school-age competition, all TROL events are also open to everybody, and a wide range of courses will be offered at each event. Also planned are some special events including an all day junior training day on November 26 in Oxford, and a Course setting class on December 17 in Oxford. Watch the schedule page for more details soon.

August 29, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
OCIN Club meeting this Wednesday eveing, August 31, 6 pm, at Ryan's Tavern in Hamilton. All are welcome. Join us for dinner and a planning meeting to schedule fall events, TROL season, some preliminary planning for the Flying Pig "A" meet next spring and more.
If anyone is planning to go to the World Police and Fire Games orienteering race in New York, it has been rescheduled (due to Hurricane Irene) for the afternoon of Thursday, September 1.
No local orienteering is scheduled for the next couple weeks, but keep an eye on the schedule page for any last-minute additions. Louisville and Columbus have events on Sept 10 and 11, Indianapolis and Dayton have events on Sept 17 and 18.

August 25, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Here is updated information (including course lengths and directions to event site) on this Saturday's event at Miami University East Quad. The link for the location map in the email earlier this week was incorrect; please use the one in this email or now on the http://www.ocin.org/ website. We hope you'll join us. If you'll need to arrive / start later than 11:30, give me a call (513) 405-1426 or email and we'll accommodate you.

August 22, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
OCIN event this coming Saturday morning, August 27, at Miami University East Quad. Details follow.
A few updates to the OCIN website:
All pages can be reached from the OCIN home page at http://ocin.org
    Junior page has been updated with selection criteria for 2012 Junior World Champs (JWOC)
    News page has been updated with archive of all 2011 OCIN email newsletters
    Photos from Canal Cities Orienteering festival have been posted.

August 18, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
ICO is offering a Canoe / Kayak orienteering event this Saturday at Eagle Creek on the northwest side of Indianapolis. There will also be a foot course offered. Options are 2 hour or 4 hour canoe course (score style, go in any order) or 2 our foot (also go in any order). I do not know the details of whether all canoe controls can be reached by foot.
On Sunday, there is a trail race (trail running, not orienteering) at Mitchell Memorial Forest (see http://www.runningtime.net/Races/MitchellWoods/home.htm for the details if you are interested in that race.
Following is a press release from Team USA results at this year's World Orienteering Championships in France:
Chambery, FRANCE - Led by veterans Alison Crocker and Samantha Saeger, the United States Senior Orienteering Team have recorded best ever performances in the first days of the 2011 World Orienteering Championships.
Crocker led the American contingent with a 27th place finish in the Women’s Sprint final. In addition she is only one of four female athletes to qualify for the finals in the Sprint, Middle and Long races.
Saeger, Orienteering USA’s 2010 Athlete of the Year, recorded a personal best 38th place finish in the Women’s Sprint final.
“Ali and Sam have provided a great start to our team and we look forward to a strong week in France.” said Orienteering USA President Peter Goodwin.

August 10, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering this Sunday morning, August 14, at Ft. St. Clair in Eaton, Ohio. We haven't been to the Fort in a while, and Jon has set some interesting courses. This is a fun, fast area.
A week from now, Indiana Crossroads Orienteering will be hosting a canoe/kayak orienteering event at Eagle Creek on the northwest side of Indianapolis.
St Louis Orienteering Club has now posted preliminary information for the US Night Championships and US Relay Championships in late October. Plan now to attend this weekend, which will also include sprint and middle distance races, plus a corn-maze orienteering event.
If you have helped pick up road / directional signs from recent events, we are missing a couple signs and several wooden support blocks. Please check cars and garages and let me know if you have one or more. mikeminium@aol.com

August 4, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Greetings from the Orienteering USA annual meeting in Rochester, New York.
Congratulations to David Waller who has just received a "Golden Troll" award for his service to OCIN and orienteering.
Congratulations, Dave!

August 2, 2011
Attached please find a flyer for the OCIN meet this Thursday at Camp Michaels Boy Scout Camp in Union, Kentucky. Start times are from 5:30 - 7 pm. Three courses available, the longest of which is a physically demanding 4.2 km. It'll definitely be all the workout you want that day, but you're free to do as many courses as you like, for the same low price.
Please forward this to anyone in the area who might be interested in some navigation practice, or new to the sport. Please also feel free to print and distribute the flyer at your gym, kid's ballgames/practice, coffee shop, etc.
All OCIN members and friends are invited back to our place after the meet for a quick burger on the grill and some fresh veggies out of the garden. We'll try to have food ready by 8 p.m.
    From Cincinnati, take I-75 south to exit 178.
    Take Kentucky 532 west for several miles.
    After passing Camp Ernst Rd, watch for entrance to Camp Michaels on the right.
    Descend the narrow gravel road into the camp.
Stephanie & Ben

July 27, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Results from Tuesday evening's event at Miami / Western are posted. http://www.ocin.org/results/2011/110726MU.html
The Indianapolis event scheduled for this Saturday has been postponed indefinitely. Apparently there is lots of new trail building, some of which was ongoing this week, which out-paced their ability to update the map.
Next OCIN event is Thursday evening, August 4, at Camp Michaels, in northern Kentucky.

July 24, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering this coming Tuesday evening at Miami University Western Campus in Oxford. Come join the fun on Tuesday evening. There will be 3 courses, all in a campus setting. Course 1 is beginner friendly with all controls on or near paved walkways, but you'll have to pay close attention to the position and shapes of buildings. There are crossings of campus driveways, so the youngest orienteers should be accompanied. Course 2 and 3 will offer more challenge. You could probably do any course in shorts, but there are strips of thick vegetation that you may want to cross. Course 3 goes into open portions of Western Woods.
Families with young orienteers: Ask at the events about collecting Little Troll stickers and patches. See http://orienteeringusa.org/youth-leaders/youth-programs for details.
Our next FAST-O events will be August 4 (Thursday) and August 14 (Sunday).
Plan ahead... In the event schedule below, I've listed some of the larger national level events in the coming months.

July 21, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
The MVOC Mountain Bike Orienteering event scheduled for this Saturday is cancelled.
Next OCIN event will be on Tuesday evening, July 26, at Miami University Western Campus. See the schedule below for details.
If anyone is still thinking about going to some or all of Canal Cities O' Festival in western New York, today is the absolute entry deadline.

July 11, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering this Thursday evening, July 14, at Rentschler Forest in Hamilton. Pat Meehan is setting courses.
Deadlines this week:
    Tuesday - registration closes for East Fork trail run on July 17. 5.4 or 10.8 mile trail run.
    Thursday - fee increase for Canal Cities Orienteering festival in New York State. (July 30 - Aug 7)
We're working on dates / parks for more late summer FAST-O events through August. Check the http://www.ocin.org/ schedule page for updates.

July 2, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Next OCIN local event will be Tuesday evening, July 5 at Caesar Creek State Park. Details are in the schedule below. Matthew Robbins will be setting two sprint style courses. Following that, our next event will be on Thursday evening, July 14 at Rentschler Forest in Hamilton.
Results from today's meet at Sebald Park are posted. http://www.ocin.org/results/2011/110702SP.html
Congratulations to OCIN members and TROLs who ran at the Keystone Capers "A" meet in Pennsylvania last weekend! Several of our junior orienteers did very well. Sam Kelsch won M-14 on yellow course closely followed by Addison Bosley (3rd) and Hunter LaMantia (4th). Aidan Minto won M-10 on white. Results and Route Gadget are posted http://www.wpoc.org/capers/capersresults.htm as well as some photos http://www.attackpoint.org/discussionthread.jsp/message_562472
The Junior World Orienteering Championships is beginning in Poland. The Sprint races begin tomorrow with starts from 2 pm local time (8 am to 10:30 am USA Eastern time). It does not appear that live coverage will be as good as in recent past years, but we'll see. Go to http://www.jwoc2011.pl/ for information. So far, clicking the "watch JWOC TV" has not loaded anything but we can hope that maybe there will be some live coverage once the races begin. Also, Attackpoint will have details of results, etc. http://www.attackpoint.org/discussionthread.jsp/message_560349#message562816
The Canal Cities Orienteering Festival including the US Orienteering Championships takes place July 30 to August 7, with a series of competitions, informal fun events, workshops, and activities in western New York State. Registration fees are still quite reasonable, with the next increase on July 7 for mail-in or July 14 for online registration (you can still mail payment after you register online if you don't want to use Pay-Pal).
Looking ahead, there will only be one more relatively close "A" meet to the Cincinnati area this year. On the October 28-30 weekend, St Louis Orienteering Club will host the US Night Course Championships, US Relay Championships, and a Middle Distance "A" Meet. Start thinking ahead to plan OCIN relay team(s)!
You may subscribe, unsubscribe or change e-mail for OCIN News by contacting pat@ocin.org or mikeminium@aol.com

June 29, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering this Saturday, July 2, at Sebald Park near Middletown. Details are in "schedule" below. Note the earlier than normal starts (9 to 11:30) to "beat the heat".
It is one month until the Canal Cities O' Festival and US Championships in western New York. Online entry if open. Entry fees increase significantly after tomorrow (June 30). Follow the link in the "schedule" below.
Results and Route Gadget from last weekend's Keystone Capers "A" meet near P{ittsburgh are now online.
Deer Lakes RouteGadget
Keystone State Park RouteGadget

June 19, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering this Tuesday evening, June 21, on a NEW MAP of Armco Park (Warren County Park) between Middletown and Lebanon. Steve Vaughan is setting courses. See details in the schedule below.
Today, Sunday, June 19 is the last day to enter next weekend's Keystone Capers "A" meet near Pittsburgh. If you want to be a part of the large OCIN contingent, you must register online before midnight tonight! Car-pool slots are still available; contact Mike Minium mikeminium@aol.com or Dave Waller wallerda@muohio.edu.
Route Gadget is up for Miami-Middletown. Draw in your routes and compare to others. Visit http://www.ocin.org/ and click on the "route gadget" link to get started, or link directly from the event results page.
Race Across AMerica (RAAM) Bicycle Race: The lead solo male in the non-stop transcontinental race may pass the north side of Armco Park during our event. Swiss rider Christoph Strasser is now projected to pass the park between 6:30 and 7:30 pm on Tuesday. Second place, Marko Baloh is a few hours behind and is expected to reach Armco sometime after midnight. Of course these projections will change as riders get closer. The solo men left Oceanside, CA on June 15 and are currently (4:30 pm June 19) in eastern Kansas, halfway into the 3000 mile race.
Note: If you are coming to the park from Oxford, you'll probably drive the RAAM route, following OH 73, Oxford-State and Greentree Rds.

June 13, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
OCIN event this Tuesday evening, June 14 at Miami University Middletown Campus. Starts will be open from 6 to 7:30 and 3 courses will be offered. You can do one, two, or all three courses. Come join the fun!
There are still a few days left to register for the Keystone Capers "A" meet on June 25-26 near Pittsburgh, PA. This is a great opportunity to travel to a national event and quite a few OCIN members are going. Contact Mike Minium if you have questions about how to register or want car-pooling info. If you have never been to an "A" meet before, you can save 50% on entry fees for your first A" event; see schedule below for link to coupon.
Having just returned from a week of coaching at the Texas Junior Orienteering Camp, I can tell all OCIN Juniors that you mised a GREAT week of training and fun. If you ever get the opportunity to do this event in the future, don't pass up the chance.
The Race Across AMerica (RAAM) bicycle race will once again be coming through our area, with lead riders expected at: Greensburg IN at 10 pm 6/21, Brookville, IN at midnight, Oxford OH at 1 am 6/22, Trenton OH and Lebanon OH between 2 and 3 am, Blanchester, OH at 4 am 6/22. Other racers in individual and team categories will be spread out over the following 3 days. Visit http://www.raceacrossamerica.org/ for more information and updated arrival forecasts.

June 2, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
OCIN event that was planned for this Saturday, June 4, at Caesar Creek has been cancelled / postponed due to an inability to work out details with another group that is using a portion of the area. Sorry for the late notice but we kept hoping to find a way to make it mutually agreeable.
Volunteer(s) needed... Matthew Robbins will be doing a training program for scout leaders Saturday morning, June 4 at Caesar Creek (Fifty Springs Area) and could use a helper or two. Please contact Matthew cedarcreek@gmail.com
Indianapolis and Columbus will both offer local events next Saturday, June 11.
Next OCIN event will be on a TUESDAY evening, June 14 at Miami University - Middletown Campus. Dave Waller is planning 3 courses.
If you are planning to go to the Keystone Capers "A" event near Pittsburgh on June 25-26, register online before June 11 (the next fee increase). It looks like OCIN will have a good sized group going. This is a great opportunity to do a national level event.

May 17, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
OCIN's Summer FAST-O season kicks off Thursday evening at Miami University in Oxford. Registration will be at Skipper's Pub, just off campus at 121 East High Street. Start and Finish will be about 50 meters away just across Campus Ave. There will be two courses of approx. 2.1 and 2.6 km. You can run one or both for a single fee. Skipper's offers reasonably priced food and drink for post-run refreshment and socializing. Courses will be in a campus setting, so you'll be able to run fast if you like, although you can expect a small patch or two of woods and some challenging route choice decisions. Start anytime from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.
Saturday, Indiana Crossroads (ICO) has an event at Camp Ransburg near Bloomington, IN. This is a large, high quality map, which should offer some interesting orienteering. Sunday, Miami Valley (MVOC) has a meet at Grant Park in Centerville, Ohio, not far from Dayton Mall. Contact me for car-pooling information for these events.
Texas Junior Orienteering Camp is June 5-11. Officially registration is closed, but call me right away if you really want to go & maybe strings can be pulled. I'm going as a coach & taking two teen orienteers and have room for a couple more...
The "Keystone Capers" races near Pittsburgh PA at the end of June are a great opportunity to run in a large, national level event. If you have never done an "A" meet before, this one should be fun, and it is the closest one to Cincinnati this year. Contact me for car-pool info. Registration fees go up on May 28, so be sure to register before then.
Orienteering Louisville's Tuesday evening summer sprint series is under way. Let me know a day or two ahead if you are interested in carpooling to Louisville any Tuesday evening.

May 5, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
The closest orienteering event this weekend will be Orienteering Louisville's series of 3 short sprint style courses Saturday on a NEW MAP at Phil Moore Park, in Bowling Green, KY.
OLOU's summer sprint series starts Tuesday evening at Sawyer state Park on the east side of Louisville.
OCIN's "FAST-O" series of summer events begins on Thursday evening, May 19, with sprint courses on Central Quad at Miami University, Oxford. Plan to join us for some fast and fun summer orienteering!

April 28, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
OCIN Club meeting on Monday evening, May 2, at 6:30 at Olive Garden at the SW corner of I-275 and Colerain. Come have dinner with us and help plan FAST-O schedule and other OCIN business. 3725 Stone Creek Blvd, Cincinnati, OH 45251, (513) 245-1820. If you use google maps or GPS, be sure to enter address carefully and double check that it is guiding you to the SW corner of I-275 and Colerain. Google maps seems to prefer to steer you toward Stone Creek Drive on the far side of town.
Texas Junior Orienteering Camp. June 5-11. If you are between 12 and 18, this week-long training camp is an excellent (and at $125 extremely reasonably priced) opportunity to improve your orienteering. But applications must be sent by April 30 (that is this Saturday!). Mike Minium will be there to help with coaching, and is driving to the camp, so let me know right away if you want to go & need transportation. If you have ever thought about doing TJOC, this is the year! Camp Director Carl Bridges has informed me that one of the camp's major funding sources may go away after this year, possibly meaning a shorter and/or more expensive camp in future years. Link to application and information from http://www.ocin.org/ Schedule page.
Nurse Needed. Texas Junior Orienteering Camp has put out a call for any nurse who would like a week's "vacation" serving as camp nurse. $400 stipend. Contact Col. Jim Methered (972) 882-5254.
"Keystone Capers" Nationally sanctioned "A" meet near Pittsburgh, PA on June 25-26 will be a great opportunity to run (or walk) at a large natinal event and earn Orienteering USA ranking points. Now is the time to get registered and make plans. Link to information from http://www.ocin.org/ Schedule page.
Orienteering USA is the national organization that supports orienteering in the USA. If you are not a member, you should be. You can now join or renew O-USA membership online.
    + Visit www.orienteeringusa.org
    + Click on the "Join Orienteering USA" icon in the big box in the middle of the home page.
    + Fill out the form and send.
The Event Schedule is not showing an OCIN local event until June 14. I expect we will use the club meeting to get some events planned before then. If you have not set courses before, the summer FAST-O season is a great time to learn, since FAST-O events normally have only 2 shorter-length courses in fairly open terrain. Come to the meeting or contact Mike Minium if you'd like to try.
Major national events for the summer are listed in the schedule below. Make your summer travel plans now.
Results and photos from our Easter Egg orientering events are posted at http://www.ocin.org/

April 22, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering is on this Saturday at Governor Bebb. See the schedule below for details.
I've listed several of the major summer orienteering events in the US and Canada below. The http://www.ocin.org/ website also includes many of the larger international events, which I have left off this newsletter.
Results and some photos from Wednesday at Rentschler are posted.

April 19, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering Cincinnati's annual Easter events are upon us. There will be courses for all ages and abilities including our annual Easter egg course. All are welcome.
We'll be setting the schedule for summer events soon, so let me know if you'd like to direct or set courses, and keep an eye on the schedule page for updates.
West Point's annual "A" meet is April 30 and May 1 in West Point, NY. There will be 3 "A" sanctioned races (middle, sprint and long) in 2 days.
Looking ahead, late June will be the closest "A" meet to Cincinnati this season, just northeast of Pittsburgh.

April 13, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
This Saturday, April 16 brings choices between Martinsville, IN (just SW of Indianapolis) and Circleville, OH (south of Columbus). For advanced orienteers, I think the Indiana meet will provide the more interesting area.
In the coming week, OCIN has events on Wednesday evening, April 20 and Saturday, April 23. These will feature our annual Easter egg orienteering for kids, as well as a full range of regular courses.
Details follow.
Complete results and lots of photos from the Flying Pig "A" meet are at http://www.ocin.org/

April 5, 2011
Dear Orienteers
Thanks to all who helped with this year's Flying Pig "A" meet. Results and photos are now posted (with more photos still to come). Check them out at http://www.ocin.org/flying_pig/pigXV/results/results.html
Meanwhile, at the World Ski Orienteering Championships in Sweden, Alison Crocker (Cascade Orienteering Club) acheived the best ever American finish in an International Orienteering Federation (IOF) World Championship event. This article appears on the IOF website: http://orienteering.org/already-the-best-ever-american/ The US Women's Relay Team also finished 8th, while the men's team finished in 15th.
Our next local events will be on Wednesday evening April 20 and Saturday, April 23. Both of these will feature our annual Easter Egg Orienteering courses, so plan to bring the whole family to Rentschler on the 20th or Governor Bebb on the 23rd. Details are at http://www.ocin.org/schedule/schedule.html
Wednesday is also the last day to enter the 2011 US Interscholastic Championships on April 15-17 near San Jose, CA. There is a link from OCIN's schedule page.

March 31, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
OCIN's annual Flying Pig "A" meet is this weekend.
Come run and join in the fun! Recreational courses are priced about the same as a normal local meet. And for a little bit more, you can compete for awards with other orienteers from around the country and several other nations. We now have over 200 registered.
We can also use help with the Pig. We need volunteers for many tasks from small to enormous. Please contact mikeminium@aol.com if you can help.
Flying Pig preparation party will be at my house Thursday evening, 6797 Stillwell Beckett Rd, Oxford, OH 45056
We'll plan to go from about 5:30 pm on.
Among other things:
    preparation of registration packets
    preparation of SportIdent timing equipment
    bagging and sealing of maps
And of courses there will be free food and drink & lively conversation.
All are welcome.

March 22, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
The Flying Pig "A" meet is less than 2 weeks away. Pre-register to run courses, get a great tech t-shirt, and join us for dinner on Saturday night. Information and online registration is at http://www.ocin.org/ There will be orienteers from all over the country, and first class courses at Miami-Oxford and Hueston Woods. You don't have to be an expert to do a course and join in the fun.
The Ski Orienteering World Championships in Norway starts Tuesday morning. You can watch live TV broadcast of the event on the web. But you do have to get up early! Norway is 5 hours ahead of us. What’s coming on Tuesday -- The Sprint. Start times are:
Adrian Owens 10:39 Nikolay Nachev 10:45 Scott Pleban 10:51 Greg Walker 11:11
Cristina Luis 10:03 Alex Jospe 10:26 Alison Crocker 10:28
Times are local. For the east coast, subtract 5 hours (so they are starting about 5 am). Live coverage is at: http://www.skiwoc2011.com/index.php?en&subj=18

March 15, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering this Saturday at Caesar Creek State Park. All welcome! There will be courses for all ages and abilities. This is the final TROL event of the season.
NOTES for TROL members If possible, any TROL members should arrive during the "Junior-O Champs" start window from 8 am to 10 am. MVOC will be giving separate awards for this event only. If you run later, you will still get TROL points, but MVOC may not count you for their Junior Champs results and awards, especially if there is a significant weather difference between the morning and afternoon events. To earn TROL points, you should run your normal TROL course color. If you just want to go for MVOC's Junior O' Champs awards, you have some additional course options. See the MVOC site for details or call me if you have questions.
Although this year's TROL season is coming to an end, there is still plenty of orienteering going on and TROL members are still welcome to participate. Its great practice and great fun. Keep an eye on the event schedule at http://www.ocin.org/
TROL season awards will be presented at the Flying Pig dinner in Oxford, on Saturday, April 2. Please pre-register for the dinner using the Flying Pig online entry system.
Flying Pig XV Our biggest event of the year is April 1 thru 3 at Oxford, Ohio. There will be a full range of "A" class courses each day. All are welcome. So far, there are over 150 people already entered! Entry fees increase tonight (March 15-16) at midnight, so please pre-register on the http://www.ocin.org/ website by midnight tonight!
Lots of helpers will be needed for the Pig. Please contact Mike Minium to volunteer.
Out-of-town events Entry fees increase tonight (Mar 15) for this summer's Canadian Orienteering Championships in Whitehorse, Yukon. Registration closes tonight (Mar 15) for the Northeast Junior Training Camp on the April 8 weekend at Peekskill, NY. Entry fees increase March 19 for the 2011 US Interscholastic Championships near San Jose, CA.

March 11, 2011
Dear Orienteers
If you are going to the OLOU meet on Saturday at German Ridge, please be aware that Indiana Route 66 is closed due to Ohio River flooding between Cannelton and Derby. This affects approximately 20 miles of route 66 and ALL of OLOU's normally published approaches to German Ridge.
OLOU has given alternate directions coming from the north from I-64, which I have included below. For alternate directions from the south from the Ohio River bridge at Cannelton, see the OLOU website.
Contact Col. Edgar Paul edgar.paul@daviess.kyschools.us or Arnie Franklin afranklin1@insightbb.com for more information.
- Take I-64 to Hwy 37 (Exit 79).
- Take Hwy 37 south until you get to Deer Creek Rd (approx. 13.5 miles). If you pass the airport on your right, you have gone too far.
- Turn left onto Deer Creek Rd and proceed until you reach Gerald Rd (approx. 5.2 miles). Turn left on Gerald Rd and proceed until you reach German Ridge Rd (approx. 3.3 miles). Turn right (about a 160 degree turn) onto German Ridge Rd and continue approx. 3.8 miles until you get to the entrance to German Ridge campground, which will be on your right.
Personally, I would turn off Hwy 37 sooner onto Hwy 70 east, then in about 1/2 mile turn right onto CR 21, This eventually takes you to Gerald Rd and German Ridge, but there are a couple turns, so take a Delorme Indiana Atlas or print out some good yahoo or google maps before you go. I've used this route before, but don't have the miles between turns, and many of the road intersections do not have signs or have names that don't match the map. So it will be real orienteering just to get to the meet site.
I'll be going and will have my cell phone if you have a problem, but I won't guarantee cell reception in the German Ridge area. Contact me today (Friday) for carpool info!

March 9, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering this Saturday at German Ridge in southern Indiana. Contact Mike Minium for carpool information. Next weekend (March 19) at Caesar Creek will be the final TROL event of 2010-2011 season.
Plan ahead and register for OCIN's Flying Pig "A" meet on April 1-3. Great courses, cool shirt, competitors from all over, a chance to earn national ranking points, and more. TROL season awards will be given at the Saturday night dinner.
OCIN / TROL Junior trip to US Interscholastic Championship on April 15-17. Contact Mike Minium this week if you are interested. We need to complete travel arrangements and registration.
Fees increase for several major event entries on March 15, so plan ahead and register now. These include OCIN Flying Pig, US Interscholastic Championships, Canal Cities O' fest this summer, and Canadian Championships this summer.
Route Gadget is posted for the Mounds event last Saturday. If you were there, draw your route.

March 3, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering this Saturday at Mounds State Recreation Area, north of Brookville, IN. Starts will be open 11 to 1. Let me know if you need to start earlier or later. Details follow in the schedule below.
This is the 2nd last TROL meet of the season. There is no TROL meet next weekend, but any TROLs who want to travel with me to the OLOU meet in southern Indiana are welcome. This meet is put on by Apollo HS JROTC and there will doubtless be many other students there, so it should be a fun competition. TROL will cover your entry fee (for TROL season pass holders) and you can use your TROL SI Card.
The final TROL event for this season will be March 19 at Ceasar Creek. MVOC will be giving special awards for that event only. TROL season awards will be given at the Flying Pig dinner on Saturday, April 2.

February 21, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Next OCIN event is on SUNDAY, February 27 with starts from 11 am to 2 pm, at Middle Creek Park in northern Kentucky. This week will be fairly wet, so expect some muddy conditions. Thanks to Ben Hart and Stephanie Ross for their first effort as Event Directors and Course Setters. I've reviewed their course plans, and they will be lots of fun!
Route Gadget is finally working for Possum Creek (and also for Mitchell). Sorry that Possum took so long to post. If you haven't used Route Gadget before, it is easy and fun. You can draw in the route you took (or upload a gps track). Then you can play back your route choices and other people's and compare your routes and decisions. It is a great training tool, and fun as well. Go to the http://www.ocin.org/ website and click on the Route Gadget link to get started. Feel free to call me if you have any questions about how to use it (513) 405-1426.
The U.S. Interscholastic Championships is April 15-17 at Pacheco State Park in California. Any TROLS who want to go should contact mikeminium@aol.com We need to make plans NOW to see if we will be able to have any school or club teams. There is a discount for early registration, plus we will need to make reservations for flights, rental van, and motels. Financial aid will be available from the Joel Rauschenbach Memorial Fund for junior orienteers who have participated regularly this TROL season.

February 17, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering this Saturday at Mitchell Memorial Forest near Miamitown. See the event schedule below for details. White and yellow courses are slightly shorter than originally announced due to some temporary trail closures. The mountain bike trails will not be open, due to wet conditions.
The annual Flying Pig orienteering meet will be April 1-3 in Oxford, Ohio. There will be courses for all ages and abilities. Flying Pig 2011 Information Page is now available. Secure online registration at o-signup.com is now open.
TROL season awards will be presented at the Flying Pig Dinner on Saturday, April 2 in Oxford.
The 2011 Northeast Junior Training Camp at Blue Mountain Reservation, in Peekskill, NY, will be held on the second weekend in April. This camp is open to all juniors who can complete a white course independently, and will focus on improving orienteering skills while promoting a fun social atmosphere. Lodging will be in bunkrooms at the Blue Mountain lodge, but space is limited to 15 girls and 15 boys. Food will be prepared by Janet Porter and the training will be organized by senior US Orienteering Team members and junior team coaches. Good times are guaranteed! The cost is $85 which includes 2 nights of lodging, all meals, training, and transportation and entry to an HVO meet on Sunday. Check the Camp page on Attackpoint for further updates; a comprehensive schedule will be posted in March. For more information, email Janet Porter djporter2@verizon.net Samantha Saeger skam17@yahoo.com or Guy Olsen GuyPOlsen@aol.com

February 14, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Happy Valentine's Day, all!
Results and TROL standings from the MVOC Possum Creek event on Sunday are posted on OCIN's website. I hope Route Gadget will be coming soon, but there are a couple complications so please be patient.
Next Saturday, OCIN regular event at Mitchell Memorial Forest. Details are at http://www.ocin.org/
Information for the annual Flying Pig Orienteering meet, April 1-3 is also up at http://www.ocin.org/ Online registration should be working by the end of this week.
The Flying Pig has a problem this year, but it is also an opportunity for OCIN members to really get to meet & interact with our many visitors from out of town, especially those of you who live within about 20 miles of the meet sites in the Oxford area. (eg Hamilton, Oxford, Liberty, Eaton, Fairfield). It seems that due to other events, almost every hotel room in Oxford, and the Hueston Woods Lodge is already booked for that weekend. So, anybody who has a little room available and would like to host visiting orienteers from out-of-town for that weekend, I'll help connect you with those who want to come from out-of-town. Let me know if you have any interest / willingness to help. Please send me a short email and let me know if you would be willing to invite out-of-town orienteers for that weekend (Fri & Sat nights), how many, any age/gender restrictions or preferences (eg no kids, couples only, singles only, whatever), what kind of accomodations you can offer (bed, sleeping bag space, barn with manger), if you have any pets (in case anyone's allergic to cats or dogs), if anyone smokes, etc. Virtually all orienteers who travel to events like the Pig (probably 99%+) are non-smokers. A few years ago, we had a group of 20+ orienteers visiting from Estonia, and placed them all with local families for a night, and everyone involved thought it was a wonderful experience! It would be great if we can offer overnight space to as many of this year's Pig attendees, although most will just be from different states, not overseas.

February 10, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering opportunities this weekend as the temperature starts to move above freezing!
Saturday, Orienteering Louisville is offering a 3-hour score style course, and also a yellow. Contact Mike Minium (mikeminium@aol.com) if you are interested in carpooling to this event.
Our TROL Meet is Sunday in conjunction with MVOC's event at Possum Creek. Everyone is welcome and there will be a full range of courses. Starts are noon to 2 pm. There are 5 TROL regular season events remaining, so there is still plenty of opportunity to move up in the standings!
Looking ahead, Saturday, February 19 will be at Mitchell Memorial Forest. If it is cold enough (temp below 28 F and trails frozen), we will also offer a mountain bike O' course. However, the long term forecast looks like a warming trend, so don't count on that just yet. The following week, our event at Middle Creek has been changed from Saturday the 26th to Sunday the 27th, due to a conflict with a trail running event.
Farther ahead, look for information on OCIN's website (http://www.ocin.org/) about the annual Flying Pig meet, which this year will be April 1-3 near Oxford. This will be a great opportunity for you to participate in a national level event, and of course many helpers will be needed for event-related tasks.
Registration for the 2011 US Interscholastic Championships in California is now open. Mike Minium will be organizing travel for any local TROL's who want to attend. Looking even farther ahead, this summer Mike will be planning travel to the Canadian Championships and Junior Training Camp in Whitehorse, Yukon Terr, Canada. Let me know very soon if you are interested because this will require considerable planning and advance reservations. Ask Katie Williams, Adam White or Jeremy Franklin how much fun these trips can be!
    Job opportunity for a High School or College student in Oxford area: Miami Natural Areas employs two trail maintainers, and both positions will soon be open. This is an excellent opportunity for a young person who loves the outdoors, and these positions do not open up very often. The previous students have held them for 2 and 6 years respectively. This link explains all the details and shows how to apply: https://www.miamistudentjobs.com/applicants/jsp/shared/position/JobDetails_css.jsp?postingId=137782
    This is the final year of the 6 year Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas project. If you have any interest in birds, you can report sightings directly to the Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas II Web Site or contact Mike Minium for more information. We especially need owl reports, and this time of year, both great horned owls and barred owls are quite vocal, often even during daytime.

February 4, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering this Saturday at Sharon Woods. Starts are 11 am - 1pm. (Sorry, the start times were omitted from the email earlier this week). Paths and open areas may have some snow and icy spots, but Matthew reports that the woods are generally pretty nice running. In places, there are some burrs that will cling to most fabrics, so a smooth nylon outer layer is a good idea for keeping them off.
Course lengths are now available: white 3.8 km, yellow 4.2 km, orange 4.5 km, brown 3.6 km, green 5.7 km, red 7.4 km.
White course is a bit longer than usual and crosses the main park road. We recommend that an adult "shadow" any young orienteers doing this course.
The map is 1:10,000 for all courses. We've used a lot of 1:5000 and 1:7500 maps recently, so be aware that the same distance on the map paper is a lot longer on the ground!
All courses start and finish near the golf course clubhouse. Most of the golf course is out-of-bounds, but there are corridors where we are allowed to cross. These are clearly shown on your map. Please be careful to respect the out-of-bounds and especially not to cross tees, greens, or sand traps as these can easily be damaged.
The lake is frozen, but is not considered safe to cross. Stay off it! Most courses go along the lake at some point. Don't be tempted to try a shortcut across it.
Note that the park will have food and drink for sale. TROL season pass holders will get a free hotdog, chips and drink.

February 2, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Happy Groundhog Day!
Orienteering this Saturday at Sharon Woods Hamilton County Park. See details in the event schedule below.
The event center will be at the Sharon Woods Golf Course Banquet Center. Food and drink will be available. TROL season pass holders will get a coupon for free hot dog, chips and drink.
News: Orienteering USA has two young ski orienteers representing the US at the Junior World Ski Orienteering Championships in Lillehamer, Norway starting on Monday, January 31. They are Will Freilinghaus (EMPO) and Kestrel Owens (GMOC). You can follow their progress at http://www.skio2011.com/

January 28, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
There is orienteering this Saturday at Iroquois Park in Louisville. The next OCIN / TROL event is on SUNDAY this week at Governor Bebb. Note that this event has later than usual start times. We can't get into the cabin which will be used for registration until after noon.
If you are interested in going to Lousiville on Saturday, contact Mike Minium (mikeminium@aol.com) for carpool info.
Event schedule follows.
You may subscribe, unsubscribe, or change email address for OCIN News by contacting pat@ocin.org or mikeminium@aol.com

January 20, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering this Saturday, starts 11 am - 1 pm, at Harbin Park in Fairfield, OH. Pat Meehan has been up to his usual devious tricks planning courses, so prepare your brain and your legs.
The park also has mountain bike trails, disc golf course, and a great sledding hill, so bring your other winter toys and a couple changes of clothes for fun in the snow!

January 4, 2011
Dear Orienteers,
Orienteering this Saturday at Stanbery Park in Cincinnati.
Last chance to join the large OCIN group going to the Georgia Navigator Cup. Contact mikeminium@aol.com
You may subscribe, unsubscribe or change email for OCIN News by contacting pat@ocin.org or mikeminium@aol.com

December 31, 2010
Dear Orienteers,
Happy New Year!
Come join us to celebrate the New Year - tonight or tomorrow or both.
There will be plenty of maps, plenty of food, and plenty of bunk space if you want to stay overnight.
Tonight's course is score style (go in any order). There is a short version (1 hour time limit, less than 2 km, yellow level) and a long version (90 minute time limit, 5 km+, with some tough controls). You may start anytime after 6 pm, although traditionalists will join a mass-start exactly at midnight.
New Year's Day event has regular courses: white, yellow, orange, green, red.
As always, events are held rain or shine. The latest forecast has rain holding off until well after midnight and ending before noon, so if you time it right, you might be able to stay dry for both events. And 60 degrees on New Year's Eve! You can't beat that.
And don't forget the food and games. Rumor has it that Mike Minium's "kitchen sink chili" (it contains everything but) will make an appearance, and that it is even his Vegan version this year. Then there is a veggie tray, hot dogs for the carnivores, cake, sparkling fruit juice, maybe even a few shrimp....
These are events not to be missed! Full info at http://www.ocin.org/
All events are based at the Camp Timberhill section of Rentschler Forest. The entrance is on the northwest side of Ohio route 4, north of Bypass 4, immediately next to Innovative Labelling Solutions. It is a narrow paved driveway, a little hard to see at night. Call Mike at the event center at 513-405-1426 if you are having any trouble getting to the site.

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