Billy Pig VII, Miami Whitewater Orienteering Photos, January 28, 2006
Stealth Cam Photos from Billy Pig Control #11, Piglet Control #9
Where we weren't 100% sure of photo identification, we guessed the most likely name from the time of the photo. Let me know if there are any mistakes (

left Bill Swift on Friday afternoon, right Eric Buckley

left Gabe Svobodny, right Jon Rauschenbach

left Robert Rice, right Bob Huebner

left Erick Lebreton, right Steve Barnhart

left Todd Henson, right Pat Meehan

left Brad Stork, right Eugene Granovskiy

left Matthew Robbins, right Dick Arnett followed by Bob Frey

left Joe Garland, right Joe Garland and Sara Dallman

left Joe Garland and Sara Dallman, right Laura Boehm

left Zac Wilkins, right Bill Donnelly

"It's a camera, Bill!"

left John Hall, right Gary Lester

left Gary Lester, right Vicki Huseman

Photos from Billy Pig control 20 / Piglet Control 10

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