Billy Pig VII, Miami Whitewater Orienteering Photos, January 28, 2006
Stealth Cam Photos from Billy Pig Control #20, Piglet Control #10
Where we weren't 100% sure of photo identification, we guessed the most likely name from the time of the photo. Let me know if there are any mistakes (

left Robert Rice, right Mike DeSantis

left Stevan Vaughan, right Brad Stork

left Eric Buckley, right Eugene Granovskiy

left Dick Arnett, right Bob Frey

left Alan Edmonds, right Matt Wiegand

left Gerald Yip (Mark Fochesato leaving frame), right Joe Garland

left Tom Svobodny, right Dave Kauffman or Kevin Baldauf?

left Steve Barnhart, right Bob Huebner

left Pat Meehan, right Claire Dell

left Matthew Robbins, right Rick Stratman, Chuck Sunderhaus, Matt Hubbard, Kevin Click

left ?, right ?

left John Hall, right Terry Peters

Photos from Billy Pig control 11 / Piglet Control 9

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