Miami Whitewater Orienteering Photos, December 12, 2004
       If you can identify anybody, e-mail Mike Minium, which photo number and name!

       above: Alan Kallmeyer                  above right: Brian DeYoung

       above: Liberty Partridge                      (photo 02)

       above: Dave Kauffman, ICO                      above right: Sean Morey

       above: Mike Minium                      above right: Vicki Huseman

       (photo 11)                      above right: Shayna Chinn, Chris Poff

       above: David Williams                      above right: Gary Collins

       above: Gayle Pille                            above right: Doug Mulle

       above: Chris Poff                           above right: Jahmar Belle

       above: Brennan Lawall, Pat Meehan in background                (photo 07)

       above: Kenny Fugate                        above right: Margie Huseman

       above: Frank Baukert (ICO)                     above right: Kory Apodaka

      above: Dick Arnett,              above right: Erick Lebreton

       (photo 08) "The End"

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