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OCIN's Caleb Greene at England-Idlewild, Jan 2013 (photo at right by Mike Minium)

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TROL youth league 2017-18 Season
   TROL season begins Nov. 18 at Camp Butterworth. TROL Training Day Camp Nov. 25 at Miami University.
   TROL 2017-18 Season Pass application - (MS Word document)

Junior Travel Grants

OCIN offers travel assistance for juniors travelling to major national and international events and junior training camps. Contact Mike Minium for more information about OCIN's Joel Rauschenbach Memorial Junior Fund.    Joel Rauschenbach Memorial Grant Application.

Orienteering USA (www.orienteeringusa.org) also may offer travel assistance, but this is generally limited to the US Team travelling to the Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) and JWOC training camp.

Recent Trips

Eastern Canada Trip, July-August, 2017
Priscilla Kelley and Jordan Hertel traveled to Montreal and Ottawa for the Eastern Canadian Orienteering Championships and the Canadian Orienteering Championships
photo: Priscilla and Jordan at Niagara Falls.

Texas Junior Orienteering Camp, June, 2017
Skyler Hertel, Mahlon Page, Priscilla Kelley, and Salinda Miller participated in this intense week-long training camp
Photos from TJOC 2017

USA JWOC Team Trials, Minnesota, May 2017
Addison Bosley, Dylan Poe, and Skyler Hertel raced in the Team Trials races.

U.S. Interscholastic Championships, Texas, March, 2017
OCIN TROL juniors from Union County, Indiana won both HS Varsity and Middle School Team Championships

Georgia Navigator Cup, January 2017
A large group of OCIN juniors attended this annual event.

GOAT Training camp, Georgia, June 2016
Georgia Advanced Orienteering Training Camp was attended by Sophie Ratermann, Priscilla Kelley, Jordan Hertel, Skyler Hertel, and Mahlon Page.
photos from GOAT Camp 20-16

Georgia Navigator Cup, January 2016
A record OCIN junior contingent participated in this year's Georgia Navigator Cup and the "Extreme-O" on Monday, including Priscilla Kelley, Riley Williams (both of whom celebrated birthdays on the trip!), Jordan Hertel, Eric Porter, Mahlon Page, Nate Burress, Luke Bantz, Nathan Bantz, Dylan Poe, Alex Yancey, and Jamie Reeder.

Idaho, 2015
Alex Yancey, Jamie Reeder, Brennan Hertel, Jordan Hertel, and Skyler Hertel took this two week long summer adventure,visiting several national parks and monuments, and racing in three days of national competitions in Idaho.

JWOC 2015
Addison Bosley competed in the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Norway

Texas Junior Orienteering Camp, June 2015
Skyler and Jordan Hertel attended the annual Texas training camp.

Georgia Navigator Cup, January 2015
Participants included Nathan and Luke Bantz, Jordan and Skyler Hertel, Noah Migoski, Eric Porter, and Jamie Reeder.

Wyoming and Colorado, July-August, 2014
Sam Kelsch, Dylan Poe, Brennan Hertel, Jamie Reeder, and Alex Yancey took an epic two week long orienteering and camping trip to the mountain west, accompanied by juniors from SLOC (Ben Langton), MNOC (Thomas Laraia), and the Czech Republic (Ondrej Jezek).
photos from WY/CO trip

JWOC 2014
Addison Bosley traveled to Bulgaria to train with the U.S. Junior Team at this year's Junior World Orienteering Championships.

Texas Junior Orienteering Camp, June, 2014
Brennan Hertel, Alex Yancey, and Holly O'Neal went to this year's edition of the annual Texas training camp.
photos from TJOC 2014

Arizona Junior Training Camp, February, 2014
Addison Bosley attended this winter training camp in the desert southwest
photos from AZ training camp

Georgia Navigator Cup, January, 2014
Dylan Poe, Alex Yancey and Brennan Hertel went to the Georgia Navigator Cup and Extreme O.
photos from GNC 2014

Western Canadian Championships, August, 2013
Brennan Hertel and Jamie Reeder went to Western Canadian Championships in Manitoba. They were joined by Thomas Laraia and family in Minnesota. Besides orienteering, highlights included an adventure at Trollhaugen (high ropes course), visits to the Royal Canadian Mint, the Western Canadian Air Museum, Riding Mountain National Park, the swinging bridge at Souris, the International Peace Garden, and the geographic center of North America at Rugby, ND.
photos from the WCOCs

OUSA European JWOC Tour, July 2013
Addison Bosley joined the month long US Junior Orienteering summer trip to Europe, doing several competitions in Czech Republic, Slovakia, and elsewhere.

Texas Junior Orienteering Camp, June 2013
Brennan Hertel and Aidan Minto joined Ben Langton from St. Louis Orienteering Club for a week of intense training at the Texas Junior Orienteering Camp at Sid Richardson Scout Ranch in Texas. On the way west, we also did a St. Louis Orienteering Club sprint race on the grounds of the Gateway Arch National Monument.
photos from TJOC 2013

2013 US Interscholastic Championships, March 2013
Addison Bosley ran in the High School division. Union County Middle School took 3rd place in Middle School division at the U.S. Interscholastic Championships in Kansas. Dylan Poe was first place individual, and was joined by teammates Brennan Hertel, Caleb Greene, Jamie Reeder, Alex Yancey and Nathan Bantz.
photos from 2013 U.S. Interscholastics

2013 Georgia Navigator Cup, January 2013
Addison Bosley made the trip for this 3 day weekend, earning a second place finish
photos from GNC 2013

North American Championships, October, 2012
Brennan Hertel, Sam Kelsch and Matt Little competed in the North American Championships near Dingman's Ferry, Pennsylvania. As side trips, we visited nearby historic sites in New York and New Jersey
photos from NAOC 2012

Texas Junior Orienteering Camp, June 2012
Addison Bosley, Sam Kelsch, and Brennan Hertel did a week of intense training at the Texas Junior Orienteering Camp. Stopping along the way, they visited the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and participated in a St. Louis Orienteering Club local meet at Forest Park.
Photos from TJOC 2012

U.S. Sprint, Middle, and Long Championships, April 2012
Addison Bosley and Brennan Hertel went to this weekend series in Georgia.
Photos from 2012 Sprint-Middle-Long

Canal Cities Orienteering Festival, August 2011
Sam Kelsch and Addison Bosley enjoyed 5 "A" meet races, junior training camp, and visits to Niagara Falls and more in this week-long adventure in western New York.
photos from Canal Cities trip

Keystone Capers, June 2011
Sam Kelsch, Hunter LaMantia, and Addison Bosley all did well in this two-day "A" meet near Pittsburgh, PA.
photos from Keystone Capers trip

Laramie Daze, September 2010
Adam White traveled to this multiday series of events in Wyoming, with stops to visit Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Badlands, NP, Wind Cave NP and Rocky Mountain NP
photos from Laramie Daze trip

North American Championships, July 2010
Katie Williams flew to Spokane, Washington for the US Sprint, Middle and Long Championships, then travelled with Mike Minium to the North American Championships and "Barebones" events in southern British Columbia, Canada. Included was Canada's Sass Peepre Junior Training Camp. The trip even included races at Whistler, site of the 2010 Winter Olympics.
Photos from North American Championships and Barebones 2010

West Point, NY, April 2009
Doug Frederick, Sam Gordon, Adam White and Katie Williams travelled to the 2009 U.S. Interscholastic Championships near the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY. Sightseeing included Washington Irving's home in Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, and of course the U.S. Military Academy campus.
Event Report (word doc) written by the OCIN juniors which appeared in Orienteering North America. photos from West Point trip

Georgia Navigator Cup, January, 2009

Chicago "Big Blues Ramble", October, 2007

U.S. Interscholastic Championships, 2006
photos from 2006 Interscholastics

Georgia Navigator Cup, January, 2006
photos from 2006 Georgia Navigator Cup

Canadian Championships, July, 2004
Kyle and Tyler Hertel joined Mike Minium for a flight to Anchorage, Alaska and drive to Whitehorse, Yukon for the 2004 Canadian Championships and Sass Peepre Junior Camp.

Junior Links

Attackpoint.org is a collection of training resources, commentary, event schedules, and more. Record your own training and read what other orienters are doing.
        an excellent resource for the serious orienteer who wants to improve.

 News Archive

Team USA selection criteria for Junior World Orienteering Championships 2014
   New for this year, there will be a Team Trials Weekend in the spring of 2014, consisting of Sprint, Middle and Long races. The Team Trials races will produce 3 scores. A fourth score will be obtained from the current national rankings. Of these four scores, the best three will determine JWOC selection. The rankings period will be approximately one year, probably ending with the Flying Pig in April, 2014. JWOC candidates may also apply by petition to team coach Erin Schirm. More details will be added soon.
   JWOC 2014 will be July 4-10 near Borovitz, Bulgaria. JWOC is open to youth age 20 and younger who are selected to their national team.

Team USA selection criteria for Junior World Orienteering Championships 2012
   As in past years, selection of the team to represent the USA at the 2012 Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) will be based upon F-20 (Green) and M-20 (Red) rankings for a 12-month Selection Period. The 2012 Selection Period will include all Orienteering USA-sanctioned A-event races between April 3, 2011 and April 2, 2012.
   As such, the final event races of the 2012 JWOC Selection Period will be those of OCIN's Flying Pig XVI / Eastern States Interscholastic Championships. It will take place March 30 - April 1, 2012, in Northern Kentucky.
   The first event races of the 2012 JWOC Selection Period will be those of BAOC's O' in the Oaks / 2011 US Interscholastic and Intercollegiate Championships. These races were also the final races of the 2011 JWOC Selection Period.
        * It was decided to shift the Selection Period two-weeks earlier in order to provide additional time to select the Team, file the preliminary JWOC registration, and plan and carry out training programs; also because airfares typically increase as Summer approaches.
        * GAOC's 2012 US Individual (S/M/L) Championships, and COC's 2012 US Interscholastic Championships -- one week apart -- are expected to be the first events of the 2013 Selection Period.
        * It is generally undesirable for a single event to be used for the selection of two JWOC Teams. However, with the 2012 Interscholastic Champs not being included in 2012 team selection, there was a need to include an event that had or would have significant attendance by western juniors. For this reason, it was decided that including the 2011 Interscholastic Champs -- again -- was necessary.
        * As of this writing (22 August, 2011), 15 M-20 and 12 F-20 races are now in the books. By the end of the 2012 Selection Period, it is anticipated that as many as 14 additional races will have taken place.
        * Because the final selection event will have four races, it is possible for someone, with no prior rankable races in the 2012 JWOC Selection Period, to meet the minimum qualifications for team selection (75 or more ranking points, based on at least 4 races) over the course of one 3-day weekend.
   Good luck to all aspiring 2012 JWOC Team members!
   Guy Olsen, Chair, Junior Team Executive Steering Committee

The Final Rankings (pdf file) for team selection to the U.S. Team for the 2011 Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC 2011) in Wejherowo, Poland.

The Texas Junior Orienteering Camp (TJOC) is a great opportunity to improve your orienteering skills.

Gabe Svobodny of MVOC was named to the US Team for the 2008 JWOC (Junior World Orienteering Championships) in Goteborg, Sweden.  photo at right, by Mike Minium

2008 U.S. Junior Team Members:

Holly Kuestner - COC      Anna Shafer-Skelton - SLOC      Tori Borish - COC      Kelsey Breseman -COC

Erin Schrim - HVO      Andy Strat - QOC      John Goodwin - WCOC      Hunter Cornish - DVOA      Gabriel Svobodny - MVOC      Jordon Laughlin - USMAOC

Malcolm Wyatt-Mair - BAOC      Nathaniel Lyons - ROC      Michael Norris - USMAOC