Orienteering Cincinnati
Membership Information

Members of Orienteering Cincinnati receive  e-mail updates about
coming events and orienteering news.  Members get a discount on
entry fees at most local events.  Most other orienteering clubs in the
USA offer reciprocal discounts.

To join, complete the form below and mail to:
            Shane Dawalt
            7073 Fallen Oak Trace
            Centerville, Ohio  45459

To contact Shane, please send e-mail shaned173@gmail.com

Individual $12 / year x ___ years       Family $16 / year x ___ years

New Member ___        Renewal ___

If renewing, is there any change to name, address, email, family status, etc.? yes___        no___

Name_____________________________   Year Born_______

Street Address_______________________________________


City_____________________ State______ Zip______-______

Phone (______)_______-__________


Are you a member of Orienteering USA?  __yes      __no

If family membership, list names and year born below:





updated 2017_09_28