Orienteering Cincinnati

Board of Directors






Matthew Robbins photo by Mike Minium

Matthew Robbins
term ends June 30, 2018






Pat Meehan photo provided by orunner.net

Vice President
Pat Meehan
term ends June 30, 2019






Joyce Whalen photo by Mike Minium

Joyce Whalen
term ends June 30, 2018






2009 Georgia Navigator Cup photo by Mike Minium

Stevan Vaughan
term ends June 30, 2019






photo by Mike Minium

Board Member at Large
Ben Hart
term ends June 30, 2019


Other Club Officials

Mike Minium (schedule, results, and e-newsletter)
Pat Meehan (email list management & technical advisor, TROL pages and Route Gadget)

Membership Secretary
Shane Dawalt

Publicity and Promotion
Stephanie Ross
Thurston and Bonnie Miller

Volunteer Coordinator

Youth and Junior Development
Mike Minium

Technology Coordinator
Matthew Robbins

Joel Rauschenbach Memorial Junior Grant Fund Selection Committee
Mike Minium, Guy Olsen (HVO), Janet Porter (DVOA)

Orienteering USA Board Member
Pat Meehan (OCIN)