O' In Schools
by Greg Sack, Chair, USOF Orienteering in Schools Committee

       In 1996 I began working with Mike Minium, a VP in the United States Orienteering Federation (USOF), in bringing Orienteering to a new Montessori Jr. High program.  This program starts off each year with a camping trip to the area around Ft. Ancient in Warren Co, Ohio.  The school attempts to develop a community spirit in the participating seventh and eighth grade students by having them share experiences camping, canoeing or rafting and hiking while doing nature studies and reflective writing.   Then, and since, I have incorporated orienteering into this experience on alternating years.  The experience is culminated with a History O' (see link below) that has the students answering historical questions based on their location in the park.  These events have led me to achieve my M.Ed. and to become a high school teacher.
       As Chair of the USOF O' In Schools Committee of USOF, I advise teachers nationally and locally in orienteering curricular matters and assist them in finding local and regional clubs and individuals.   Additionally the position calls for writing, editing and laying out articles for Orienteering North America (ONA). Below are links to some of these articles and materials.  Most are large pdf files, require significant download time, and Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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  Grant Writing article   Norwood Challenge article
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  Trail O' article   Teacher's Kit   available, free of charge, to any Education Professional, courtesy of USOF.
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page 1 and 2 (animal control markers) by Greg Sack
page 3 from USOF Coaching Manual, by Mary Jo Childs
pages 4-8 event signs, by Olive Kearney
  Integrating O' in the classroom (Feb/Mar 2003)   Our Youth Need Us to Support teh Team (Apr 2003)
  Orienteering and Technology (May/Jun 2003)   Including GPS in O' Instruction (Sept 2003)
  GIS in the classroom (Oct 2003)   GIS supplemental article (Oct 2003)
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