Race Details


Information is still subject to change.



            All maps will be 1:10,000 scale.  All maps have 5 meter contours.



            All standard USA courses and classes will be offered.  Interscholastic courses will be offered on Saturday.


Practice Area

            Practice area maps will be available at registration.


Control Descriptions

            Control descriptions are printed on your map.  Loose description sheets may be picked up when you enter the call-up area 2-3 minutes before your start.   Descriptions for white and yellow courses are in English only.  Descriptions for orange course and above are in IOF symbols only (ISCD2004).


Control Markers

            Control markers will be IOF standard orange and white flag.  Control markers will have a blue stripe, either diagonal or vertical.


Start Procedures

            Clear and check your SI card when you arrive in the start area.

            You will be called up 3 minutes before your scheduled start.

            2 minutes before your start, you will move forward and may pick up loose control descriptions.

            1 minute before your start, you will move forward to the map line.  You may mark your name / number on the back of the map.  Do not look at your map.  You may ask the starter to check that it is the correct course.

            When the beeper sounds, you punch “start” and pick up your map.

            There may be a short streamered run to the start triangle shown on your map (to be determined).  You must run to the triangle.  There is a flag but no punch at this point.  At this point you may begin navigating to your first control.


Course / Length Table (subject to change)


Friday - Waller

Saturday - Ernst

Sunday - Jolly

1 White




2 Yellow




3 Orange




4 Brown




5 Green




6 Red




7 Blue




8 IS – JV




9 IS - Varsity





Drinking Water on Courses

            There will be at least one control with drinking water on all courses of orange length and above.  Please use the cups provided and dispose of them in the bag or bin provided.


Time Limits

            Time limit will be 2 hours for the all courses.



            Although it has been chilly, I found several small ticks last week while checking controls for OINK!  Please assume that ticks may still be active and take appropriate precautions.


Friday, Dec. 1 – Waller-Stephenson Mill Park

            Scale 1:10,000, Contours 5 meters.

            This narrow park encompasses wooded hillsides and valleys alongside I-71, and is easily reached from exit 72 on KY highway 14.  Nearby are the homes of jockey Steve Cauthen (Triple Crown winner, riding Affirmed, in 1978) and actor Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games).  In addition to woods, the park also includes an athletic complex owned by the Walton-Verona School District.  The start will be roughly 500 meter walk, with 25 m climb, from the Event Center and Finish.  Portable toilets will be available at the event center.  Course Setting by Mike Minium

            Notes: Green vegetation is often somewhat thorny.  Minor trails are somewhat overgrown and covered with dead leaves.  A couple of the minor trails have been very sparingly enhanced with pink flagging tape, where they are used by white course.   There are several large fields which were mowed a year or two ago, and a number of large round hay bales have been left scattered throughout the fields.  The hay bales are not mapped.   The Walton-Verona Sports Complex has several high fences.  The high fences mapped as uncrossable MUST not be crossed.   The baseball fields, football stadium, and maintenance areas are all enclosed by fences and marked olive green, which is out of bound and may not be crossed.  Additionally, there is a high fence between the Sports complex and the parking lot which MUST not be climbed.

            Toilets: There will be 2 portable toilets adjacent to parking.  There are also two gas stations (Shell and Marathon) and two discount stores (Family Dollar and Dollar General) immediately outside the park on KY 14.


Saturday, Dec. 2 – YMCA Camp Ernst

            Scale: 1:10,000, Contours 5 meters.

            This camp combines typical camp terrain of cabins and other structures and numerous cultural features with wooded hills and valleys, and a few pasture areas.  The camp is bisected by Gunpowder Creek, which will be a wet-foot crossing for red and blue courses.  Gunpowder Creek will not be crossed by any courses other than red and blue.  In the event of heavy rain in the 24 hours before the event, it may be necessary to shorten red and blue courses.  While Gunpowder Creek is mapped as crossable throughout, there are deep spots.  Look before you leap.

            The start will be a 700-800 meter road walk from the Event Center and Finish.

            Notes: The camp has many ruined barbed wire fences.  Be alert.

            Course Setting by Ben Hart

            Toilets: Indoor toilets are available at the event center.


Sunday, Dec. 3 – A J Jolly Campbell County Park

            Scale 1:10,000, Contours 5 meters.

            This park surrounds the man-made Campbell County Lake.  Wooded hills and valleys surround the lake and include mountain bike trails, horse trails, and wooded campsites (closed for season).  The park is also known for its golf course and fishing.  A disc golf course meanders through open areas near the parking areas, but is off limits until after you have completed your course.  The start will be roughly 1000 meter road walk from Parking.  The Event Center and Finish is a 400-500 meter walk in the opposite direction.  Portable toilets will be available in the vicinity of the parking area.

            Notes: Be VERY careful checking your control codes.  There are MANY controls VERY CLOSE together.  Controls can be as close together as 30 meters.  Controls on similar features should be at least 60 meters apart, but be aware that the course setters have used a very narrow definition of similar.

            Course Setting by Stephanie Ross and Jim Benton

            Toilets: There will be portable toilets near parking and finish.  There is ONE additional portable toilet at the start.



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