The Flying Pig X
March 31 - April 2, 2006
including the 2006 U. S. Sprint Championships
and the 2006 U. S. Relay Championships

Results, Photos, Maps, Discussion

The USOF Board of Directors has made the following resolution:
"It has been brought to the board's attention that the process for announcing the point structure and team composition is unclear and request OCIN to revert to the point system used last year."

OCIN will honor the board's request.

General Information

    The Flying Pig is an annual, class "A" series of orienteering competitions hosted by Orienteering Cincinnati in late March or early April.  There are courses for all ages and abilities, and anyone is welcome to attend.  The terrain is described in the Mapper's and Course Setter's Notes.  Control Descriptions: ISCD 2004 will be used.  Also, safety whistles and weather appropriate attire are required.  Event Director: Mike Minium.  All events will be at East Fork State Park, 20 miles east of Cincinnati, Ohio.   Site Locator Map

    The Short Pig, Friday, March 31
        IOF Middle Distance "A" meet at East Fork State Park, south side, off OH 125 east of Amelia, Ohio.  Late afternoon start times (2 - 4 pm).  Shorter than standard courses, Middle distance has 30 minute estimated winning times.  Site Locator Map

    2006 U.S. Sprint Course Championships
        The first ever USOF sanctioned U.S. Sprint Championships.  1:5000 map, 5 meter contours.  Three courses will be offered: white/yellow, orange/brown/green, red/blue.  The Sprint is also part of Peter Gagarin's U. S. Team Sprint Series (leaving OCIN website).  The championship event is open to anyone, however, you must be a USOF member and meet citizenship and residency requirements in order to win championship awards.  See USOF rules (section 5) for more details.  East Fork State Park north side, off Ohio 32 east of Batavia, Ohio.   Site Locator Map  LUNCH items will be available for purchase between the Sprint and the Relay.

    2006 U.S. Relay Championships
       1:10,000 map, 5 m. contours.  The championship event is open to anyone, however, you must be a USOF member and meet citizenship, residency and club membership requirements in order to win championship awards.  See USOF rules (section 5) for more details.  Relay point system is similar to that used in recent years (and identical to 2005).  Each team must turn in a team entry form.   Team members must be finalized and forms turned in before the first start of the Sprint on Saturday morning.Course setter: Matthew Robbins.  East Fork State Park north side, off Ohio 32 east of Batavia, Ohio. Site Locator Map

    The Classic Pig, Sunday, April 2
        Classic distance "A" meet. 1:10,000 map, 5 m. contours.  Red and blue may use a 1:15,000 map.  Course Setter: Steve Vaughan.  East Fork State Park north side, off Ohio 32 east of Batavia, Ohio.   Site Locator Map

  date time
    Last Day to register without late fee March 13 11:59 pm
    Last Day to receive registration March 26 11:59 pm
    Check-In open at EFSP - Park Office March 31 12:30 - 6:00 pm
    Starts for The Short Pig
    East Fork State Park
March 31 2 - 4 pm
    Check-In open at EFSP - Campground April 1 8 am - 1 pm
    Starts for The U.S. Sprint Champs
    East Fork State Park
April 1 9 - 11 am
    LUNCH - various items available for purchase
    benefit for Badin HS Orienteering Team
April 1 ~ 11 am - 2 pm
    Starts for The U.S. Relay Champs
    East Fork State Park
April 1 mass start
1 pm
    Dinner for benefit of U.S. 
   Junior O'
April 1 6:30 pm
Williamsburg HS
    Daylight savings time begins April 1 2 am ==>3 am
    Check-In open at EFSP North - Horseman's Lot April 2 8:30 am - 10:30 am
    Starts for The Classic Pig
    East Fork State Park
April 2 9:00 am - 11:00 am
    Awards April 2 tba


    Friday, East Fork South
        Exit I-275 at Ohio Route 125, on the east side of Cincinnati.  Go east about 9 miles. Turn left on Bantam Rd, left again into park and follow "orienteering" signs.  Site Locator Map

    Saturday & Sunday, East Fork North
        Exit I-275 at Ohio Route 32, on the east side of Cincinnati.  Go east about 10 miles. Exit right on Half Acre Rd. and follow "orienteering" signs. Site Locator Map

Courses and Classes

        All standard USOF competitive courses and classes will be offered. (See entry form)
        All competitive entrants should pre-register.

        Recreational Courses will be offered on white, yellow and orange for $5 for individuals, $10 for groups.
        Advanced courses may be done "recreational" with permission of Event Director only.
        Recreational entrants should register on site on the day of the event, at least 1 hour before the last start time.


    The Sport-Ident electronic punching system will be used for all courses.  If you own an SI card, be sure to put your SI number on the registration form. Rental cards are available if you do not own one.  If you are unfamiliar with SportIdent, see: How to Use Electronic Punching
    SI-5 or SI-6 cards will work with all controls.
    Recreational courses will use traditional manual punching.


    Sprint map scale will be 1:5000 with 5 m. contours.
    Middle, Relay and Classic maps will be 1:10,000 with 5 m. contours.
    Maps will be custom printed for this event.  More information can be found at Mapper's and Course Setter's Notes.


    There will be first place awards in all classes.  Separate awards each day.  In the Sprint Championships, U.S. Champion medals will be given to the top 3 eligible finishers in each age group category. In the Relay Championships, the top 3 teams in each point class will get U.S. Champion medals

Preview Maps

    Existing maps of the areas used for Flying Pig 2005 will be available for $4 each.  East Fork: Bantam Highlands (BH) (1:10,000, 2005),  East Fork: Turkey Ridge (TR) (1:10,000, 2005).  Turkey Ridge is open for training.  Bantam Highlands will be used for Friday's event and is embargoed for training prior to the Friday event.


    Short-sleeve T-shirts with Flying Pig X theme.
Pig X T-shirt design


    Dinner proceeds will benefit U.S. Junior Team.  We are planning a dinner for Saturday night.
        Boneless chicken breast in a Marsala sauce
        brown rice
        garden salad & rolls
        Raviloi and sauce for vegetarians
        Fruit salad & baked items
    If you require a vegetarian entree, you must write that on your entry form.
    Thanks, Janet Porter, for organizing the dinners.


    Camping is available at East Fork State Park.  The Sprint and Relay events will use the campground area.
        Campground: From I-275, take Ohio 32 east past Batavia.
            Exit at Half Acre Road.  Turn right (south) on Half Acre.
            Go about 1 mile, cross railroad to stop sign.  Turn left at stop sign.
            Take first right turn into the park. Go 1/4 mile and turn left to campground.  Please camp in Loop C.
    Many motels are nearby.  Make reservations early.
    Click here for Lodging Information

Child Sitting

    Child Sitting WILL NOT be offered UNLESS we receive request by March 13.  We will make every effort to accommodate parents with split start times, if requested.

Entry Fees

    If you are not entering all 4 events, please clearly specify which events you are entering.  Please clearly print all information, especially your e-mail address.  Double check your USOF and SI numbers for accuracy!
    Entrants from outside the USA may e-mail entry information and then pay on arrival.  However, if you have previously registered for an OCIN "A" meet and then "no-showed" without giving us advance notice, then you must pay before your entry will be accepted.
    Entries must be received no later than March 26.  Late fee of $5 per event is required on entries postmarked after March 13.
competitive entry fees
(postmark before March 13)
entering any 1 event entering any 2 events entering any 3 events entering all 4 events
adult age 21+
$23 $46 $64 $82
adult age 21+
member of USOF, COF or IOF
$20 $40 $55 $70
junior age -20
$15 $30 $41 $52
junior age -20
member of USOF, COF, or IOF
$12 $24 $32 $40
competitive group $15 per person $25 per person $35 per person $45 per person

    Recreational: $5 per individual, $10 per group, entry on day of event only.  (Recreational entrants are not eligible for awards and times are not recorded or posted).
    Sport-Ident e-card rental
            $6 for entire weekend.  Must sign agreement (at event check-in) to pay $35 for lost or damaged card.
    Pig X commemorative t-shirt
            $16 each (Be sure to specify size: S, M, L, XL, XXL)
    Preview Maps
            $4 each.  Specify Bantam Highlands (BH) or Turkey Ridge (TR)
            $15 for age 21+, $10 for age 13-20, $7 for age 6-12, free for age -5.
    Printable entry form.


Entry Form (printable version).

Location Maps

East Fork State Park web site (leaving OCIN site)

Lodging Information

Course and Map Notes

Relay point system

Relay Team Entry Form

Start List / List of Entrants

Pig X T-shirt design

USOF Membership Form

How to Use Electronic Punching

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