The Flying Pig XI
March 16-18, 2007
including the 2007 U. S. Intercollegiate Orienteering Championships

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    Feb 14 - updated driving directions for all events
    Mar 6 - dinner and lodging information, links to course notes and registration list
    Mar 10 - Souvenir Mugs info.  Course notes page updated.  Registration list updated.

Souvenir Mugs:

Colorful insulated travel mugs will be sold throughout the weekend for $8 each (2 for $15) to benefit USOF's College Development Fund.  The mugs depict a forest scene with a control.  Please buy one or more to show your support for college orienteering and the World University Orienteering Championships Team.  Many thanks to Stephanie Martineau and the USOF Board for making this fundraiser possible.   Liz Kotowski will be selling the mugs each day and would welcome volunteers to help at the table.


Saturday evening dinner, 7 pm at Perkins Restaurant, southwest corner of I-74 exit #1 (New Haven Rd). They have a wide variety of food at reasonable prices, including breakfast anytime, sandwiches, seafood and much more. We will have a party room and will be showing the dvd from 2006 Swiss Orienteering Week with almost 2 hours of exciting competition in breath-taking scenery at the foot of the Materhorn. There is a rumor that the Clare Ditch Project dvd might also make an appearance.

General Information

    The Flying Pig is an annual, class "A" series of orienteering competitions hosted by Orienteering Cincinnati in late March or early April.  There are courses for all ages and abilities, and anyone is welcome to attend.  The terrain is described in the Mapper's and Course Setter's Notes.  Control Descriptions: ISCD 2004 will be used.  Also, safety whistles and weather appropriate attire are required.  Event Director: Mike Minium.  Friday and Sunday events will be at Miami Whitewater Forest, 20 miles west of Cincinnati, Ohio, immediately off I-74 at exit #3.  Saturday sprints will be at Cincinnati City Parks.   Site Locator Map

U. S. Intercollegiate Championships
    Individual awards in Middle (Friday), Sprint and Classic.  School team awards will be based on sum of Saturday and Sunday times but will not include the Friday event.

    The Short Pig, Friday, March 16
        IOF Middle Distance "A" meet at Miami Whitewater Forest, Harrison, Ohio.  Late afternoon start times (2 - 4 pm).  Shorter than standard courses, Middle distance has 30 minute estimated winning times.

    The Pig Sprints, Saturday, March 17
        1:4000 or 1:5000 maps, 3 meter contours.  French Park and Burnet Woods, Cincinnati, Ohio.  For each sprint, three courses will be offered: white/yellow, orange/brown/green, red/blue.  The Sprints are also part of Peter Gagarin's U. S. Team Sprint Series (leaving OCIN website).  The sprints will each count separately for US Rankings and Sprint Series points, but Pig awards will be based on 2-sprint total time.

    The Classic Pig, Sunday, March 18
        Classic distance "A" meet. 1:10,000 map, 5 m. contours.  Red and blue may use a 1:15,000 map.  Miami Whitewater Forest, Harrison, Ohio.

  date time
    Last Day to register without late fee March 1 11:59 pm
    Last Day to receive registration March 10 11:59 pm
    Check-In open at Miami Whitewater March 16 1 - 5 pm
    Starts for The Short Pig
    Miami Whitewater
March 16 2 - 4 pm
    Check-In open at Sprint #1 March 17 9 am - 11 am
    Starts for Sprint #1, French Park March 17 9:30 am - Noon
    Check-in open at Sprint #2 March 17 2 pm - 3 pm
    Starts for Sprint #2, Burnet Woods March 17 2 pm - 4:30 pm
    Check-In open at Miami Whitewater March 18 9 am - 10:30 am
    Starts for The Classic Pig
    Miami Whitewater
March 18 10 am - Noon
    Awards March 18 tba (2 pm target)


    Friday, Miami Whitewater North
        I-74, exit #3.  Go north on Dry Fork Rd. for about 2 miles.  Turn right on New Haven Rd. and immediately right again on Mt. Hope Rd.  Go about 1 mile & follow directions to parking (overflow lot or Harbor Point, tba).  Park fee will be collected on arrival ($2 per car daily, $5 per car annual).

        French Park
            Directions: From Harrison, take I 74 east for about 7 miles, to I-275 north for 3 miles, to Ronald Reagan Hwy (OH 126) east.  Take 126 east about 9 miles to the Ridge Rd. exit.  Turn right (south) on Ridge Rd.  In about 2 miles, look for Amberly Village Municipal Building on your right.  Just past the Municipal Building is the Amberly Village Baseball Park.  Park at either the Municipal Building or the Baseball Park.  Please fill the Baseball Park lot first (it holds about 40 cars).
        Burnet Woods
            From the Amberly Village parking areas at French Park, go left (north) on Ridge to Reagan Hwy.  Take Reagan Hwy west to I-75 south.  Follow I-75 to exit #3 (Hopple Street).  Turn left (east) on Hopple.  At Central Parkway, Hopple becomes Martin Luther King.  Go about 1 mile on M L King and turn left (north) on Clifton Ave.  As soon as you turn on Clifton, park in any legal space on the right, and walk north to the Upper Picnic Shelter shown on the locator map.  If street parking is full, take the first right into the park and park in legal areas on the loop around the bandstand.  In the unlikely event that all these areas are full, circumnavigating the park should locate a space.  Otherwise, try the residential area northwest of the park (north of Dixmyth and south of Ludlow).  Please do not drive through the park, for runner safety as well as for preventing unfair advantage.  Be sure to read signs and park legally.  This area is known for zealous tow truck drivers who will derive great pleasure from making you miserable at considerable personal expense.  Lock your car and put valuables out of sight.

    Sunday, Miami Whitewater
        I-74, exit #3.  Go north on Dry Fork Rd. for about 2 miles.  Turn right on New Haven Rd. and immediately right again on Mt. Hope Rd.  Go about 1 mile & follow directions to parking.  (overflow lot or Harbor Point).    Park fee will be collected on arrival ($2 per car daily, $5 per car annual).

Courses and Classes

        All standard USOF competitive courses and classes will be offered. (See entry form)
        All competitive entrants should pre-register.

        Recreational Courses will be offered on white, yellow and orange for $5 for individuals, $10 for groups.
        Advanced courses may be done "recreational" with permission of Event Director only.
        Recreational entrants should register on site on the day of the event, at least 1 hour before the last start time.


    The Sport-Ident electronic punching system will be used for all courses.  If you own an SI card, be sure to put your SI number on the registration form. Rental cards are available if you do not own one.  If you are unfamiliar with SportIdent, see: How to Use Electronic Punching
    SI-5 or SI-6 cards will work with all controls.
    Recreational courses will use traditional manual punching.


    Sprint map scales will be 1:5000 or 1:4000
    Middle and Classic maps will be 1:10,000 with 5 m. contours.  Red and blue may use a 1:15,000 map for Classic Distance.
    Maps will be custom printed for this event.  More information can be found at Mapper's and Course Setter's Notes.
    Embargoed Areas: If you are competing in Flying Pig XI, you may not enter Miami Whitewater Forest, French Park or Burnet Woods for orienteering training or gathering information about the terrain prior to the events.  You may drive on public roads adjacent to and through the parks, but may not use trails or enter the terrain.


    There will be first place awards in all classes.  Separate awards each day.  Saturday Sprint awards will be based on combined time for both sprints.

Preview Maps

    Existing maps of the areas previously used will be available for purchasefor $4 each:  Miami Whitewater, 1:15,000 (MWW) and Burnet Woods, 1:5000 (BW)


    Short-sleeve T-shirts with Flying Pig XI theme.
Pig XI T-shirt design


    We are sorry that we will not be able to offer a dinner as a junior fundraiser this year.  We were unable to find an available hall at a reasonable price, and we also had a shortage of volunteers willing to plan, cook and clean up.  We may still be able to arrange a get-together at a restaurant for Sat. evening.


    Campground at Miami Whitewater opens on March 1.  Limited facilities.  Info (513) 521-PARK.
    Click here for Lodging Information

Child Sitting

    Child Sitting WILL NOT be offered since we received NO requests by March 1.  We will make every effort to accommodate parents with split start times, if requested.

Entry Fees

    If you are not entering all 4 events, please clearly specify which events you are entering.  Please clearly print all information, especially your e-mail address.  Double check your USOF and SI numbers for accuracy!
    Entrants from outside the USA may e-mail entry information and then pay on arrival.  However, if you have previously registered for an OCIN "A" meet and then "no-showed" without giving us advance notice, then you must pay before your entry will be accepted.
    Entries must be received no later than March 10.  Late fee of $5 per event is required on entries postmarked after March 1.
competitive entry fees
(postmark before March 1)
entering any 1 event entering any 2 events entering any 3 events entering all 4 events
adult age 21+
$23 $46 $62 $77
adult age 21+
member of USOF, COF or IOF
$20 $40 $53 $65
junior age -20
$14 $26 $36 $46
junior age -20
member of USOF, COF, or IOF
$12 $22 $30 $38
competitive group $15 per adult
$10 per junior
$25 per adult
$20 per junior
$35 per adult
$30 per junior
$45 per adult
$35 per junior

    Recreational: $5 per individual, $10 per group, entry on day of event only.  (Recreational entrants are not eligible for awards and times are not recorded or posted).
    Sport-Ident e-card rental
            $6 for entire weekend.  Must sign agreement (at event check-in) to pay $35 for lost or damaged card.
    Pig XI commemorative t-shirt
            $16 each (Be sure to specify size: S, M, L, XL, XXL)
    Preview Maps
            $4 each.  Specify Miami Whitewater 1:15,000 (MWW) or Burnet Woods 1:5000 (BW)
           not offered this year, sorry.

    Printable entry form.


Entry Form (printable version).

Location Maps

Lodging Information

Course and Map Notes

Start List / List of Entrants

Pig XI T-shirt design

USOF Membership Form

How to Use Electronic Punching

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