Flying Pig XI Results and Photos

Thanks to all the volunteers who made Pig 2007 possible!
Special Thanks to Hamilton County Parks, Cincinnati City Parks, and the City of Amberly Village!

    Kathleen Alsept
        Registration on Sunday
    Dick Arnett
        SportIdent Results
    Claire and Dan Dell
        Packet Prep
    Bob Frey
        SportIdent Results
        Preparation of Sport Ident Stations
    Vladimir Gusiatnikov
        Route Gadget
        Control pickup on Sunday
    Jim Hall
        Control & flagging tape pickup at French Park
    Vicki Huseman
        Control pickup on Sunday
    Liz Kotowski
        Individual Intercollegiate Champion plaques
    Mike Kearns
        Registration on Friday
    Ellie Kennedy
        Registration on Sunday
    Brennan Lawall
        Control pickup on Friday
    Leslie Lytle
        Registration on Saturday
    Pat Meehan
        Packet Prep
    Mike Minium
        Event Director
        Course Setter for Friday and Burnet Woods
    Robert Rice
        Registration on Saturday
    Matthew Robbins
        Course Setter for Sunday
        Control Pickup on Sunday
    Greg Sack
        T-shirt design and printing
        Event Photography
    Gabe and Tom Svobodny
        Starts at Burnet
        Control Pickup at Burnet
    Bill Swift
        Directional and warning signs
        Water supply for finish
        Vetter for Friday
    Heidi Vaughan
        Control placement and pickup at French Park
    Stevan Vaughan
        Course Setter for French Park Sprints
        Control Pickup at French Park
    Adam and Chuck White
    David Williams
        Truck Rental
        Intercollegiate Trophies
        Vetter for French and Burnet
    Gerald Yip
        Course Vetter for Sunday
        Control Pickup on Friday and Sunday
        Packet Prep

If I left anyone out, please let me know!


    Intercollegiate Championships
        Intercollegiate team and Individual Results

    Friday Middle Distance Courses
        Friday Results
        Friday Splits
        Friday Win Splits (leaving OCIN site)
        Route Gadget (leaving OCIN site)

    Saturday Sprints at French Park and Burnet Woods
        Sprint Results by class (combined)
        Sprint Results by Course and Sprint Series points
        Sprint Splits (French)
        Sprint Splits (Burnet)
        French Park Win Splits (leaving OCIN site)
        Burnet Woods Win Splits (leaving OCIN site)
        Route Gadget (leaving OCIN site)

    Sunday Classic Distance Courses
        Sunday Results
        Sunday Splits
        Sunday Win Splits (leaving OCIN site)
        Route Gadget (leaving OCIN site)


        Stealth Cam Photos from Sunday

        Julie Keim's photos

        Sergey Velichko's photos (leaving OCIN site)

        Greg Sack's Photos (French Park on Saturday)
        Greg Sack's Photos (Burnet Woods on Saturday)
        Greg Sack's Photos (Sunday at Miami Whitewater)
            OCIN member Greg Sack is a professional graphic artist and photographer.  Photos on his site will be available for purchase.  A donation will be made to U.S. junior orienteering programs for each photo purchased.


    Discussion on (leaving OCIN site)
    Sprint Series Standings at

Left Behind: The Clothing

    List of clothing left at the Pig:  Contact Mike Minium NOW to claim.  Remaining items will soon be donated to charity!

    None yet inventoried or reported.  As of 3/21, I'm beginning to think there wasn't anything left this year.


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