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Welcome to Hike-a-Thon 2020 - Virtual Orienteering Challenge

October 2020 - Miami University Natural Areas

        In cooperation with Miami University's Hike-a-Thon Virtual Challenge 2020, OCIN is offering orienteering courses in the Miami Natural Areas.         Use a detailed map of portions of the Miami University Natural Areas to find a series of checkpoints. You'll discover the hidden gems that you never knew were here!

       Important! By printing a map or participating in the Orienteering Challenge, you are agreeing to the terms of our standard liability waiver. If you do not agree to these terms, do not attempt the Orienteering Challenge.
             1. Print the map on your own (or view it on your mobile device).
             2. Go to the park at a time of your own choosing, avoiding contact with others, and you can complete the course(s) on your own. At each point you will find a numbered post and the name of an animal that makes its home in the Natural Areas. You may visit the posts in any order.
             3. Upload your results. Self-report times and experiences to Hike-a-thon. Upload comments and a selfie to the OCIN Facebook page.

       Your safety is important:
             Tell others where you are going and when you expect to return. Leave a map.
             Take a cell phone and whistle.

The first Maps and Courses are now available!

              The Discover Course (easiest) is available for printing here
              The Discover Course gives an introduction to some of the sights along and near the newest segment of Oxford Area Trails paved multi-use path along Four Mile Creek and Collins Run, from the Dewitt Cabin parking area off Route 73 to Peffer Park off Route 27. The points on the Discover Course are off the paved trail - you'll use the map to venture onto the dirt trails of the Miami University Natural Areas, discovering new places to visit, relax, and watch the native wildlife.
                   62 Discover a bench at the confluence of Four Mile Creek and Collins Run, a great place to watch wildlife!
                   69 Discover a bench at a quiet spot overlooking Four Mile Creek!
                   76 Discover environmental research projects that take place in the Miami Natural Areas!
                   77 Discover a bench atop the bluffs offering a great view out over the Four Mile Valley!
                   78 Discover a forested disc golf course and a bridge leading to more trails and Campus!
                   79 Discover the Peffer Park Trails, more trails to hike, and the future Oxford Area Trail!

              The Explore Course (intermediate) is coming soon
              The Explore Course will take you off the trails to interesting places in the Western Woods.

              The Adventure Course (hardest) is available for printing here
              The Adventure Course takes you to some of the most remote and difficult to access places in the Miami Natural Areas. This is a course for the experienced adventurer looking for a rugged off-trail expedition.

Maps and courses will be available throughout October, 2020. Each location is marked with a numbered post, along with the name of an animal that makes the Miami Natural Areas its home. How many animals can you find?

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The Fine Print
       Orienteering Cincinnati maintains copyright, ownership, and all reproduction rights for all maps made available through this site. Individuals may print single copies for personal use.

       When doing any of these courses, please respect and avoid any private property areas or cultivated fields marked on the map. Please also avoid any obvious private property, construction areas, cultivation or gardens even if not indicated on the map. Please respect any park rules and road or trail closures, and visit only during hours when the park is open to the public.

       By printing a map or participating in an orienteering course, you are agreeing to the terms of our standard liability waiver. If you do not agree to these terms, do not attempt the course.

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