Camp Wildwood
November 25, 2000
Event Director:  Greg Sack

    It was a drizzly day with the sun occassionally teasing the hardy. People stayed away from the call of the woods in droves. Those that chose to come out had a beautiful Lodge and warm drinks to cheer them as they propared their maps and to welcome them back after their course. There were plenty of challenges, including how and where to cross the swollen stream. It made for interesting course choices, as did the misplaced flag on Green. These challenges were met with hardy good cheer and camaraderie.

Yellow, 2.38k, 130m climb
  55:48    Steven Bangs
145:30    Sydney and Vegas
      dnf    Bobbi Sack

Orange, 3.68k, 170m climb
107:26    Heike Ruff
110:28    Crane/Campbell
158:40    Cameron and Michael Kennedy
      dnf    Leo Sack

Brown, 4.38k, 250m climb
  89:30    Jon Rauschenbach
121:34    Bob Isburgh
131:45    Frey & Arnett
137:25    Tom & Sue Souders

Green, 5.54k, 350m climb
  54:45    Joel Rauschenbach
  73:41    Carl Sack
  82:38    Mike Minium
  88:17    Bill Swift
136:26    Nicholas True
      dnf    Steve Barnhart

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