Hueston Woods State Park
Saturday, June 9, 2001
Event Director:  Jon Rauschenbach

    Beautiful day for orienteering but the woods are getting a little thick.
    Six competitors from the World Police and Fire Games came down from Indianapolis,
but only two finished the courses.  The Europeans were quite amazed at our undergrowth
and had considerable difficulties.

Heather & Nathan Mandrell             56:05
Bill Swift family                                 66:45
Robert Pulleys                                  67:00
Vaughan Kids                                  72:00
Owen & Scott MacMann                 88:00
Linda Augspurger and Lindsey           DNF

Heidi Vaughan                                      97:00 (missed last control)
Scott Griffith                                       143:35
Jenni and Tonya                                  174:00
David Murray, Indiana, USA**           DNF

Frank Davis & Erin Balitsis                175:10

Matthias Blaschke, Germany **             92:25
Claire Dell                                           143:30
Charles Locke, Calif, USA  **            200:25
Steve Vaughan                                      DNF
Hak-Shun Wong, Hong Kong **          DNF
Ellie Kennedy                                        DNF
Greg Sack                                             DNF
Katerina Wollmerstadt, Germany **       DNF
Susan Kurth, Germany**                       DNF

Carl Sack                                              85:00
Bill Swift                                                88:25

(* indicates World Police and Fire Games competitor)