East Fork State Park
Saturday, July 21, 2001
Event Director:  Carl Sack

    Saturday was a hot day.  That just about sums it up.  There was a lot of heat
and humidity.  Worse than that, there were many, many spider webs just waiting
to throw themselves all over a runnerís body and face.  But those few souls who
braved the heat and spiders gained what I hope was a good orienteering experience.
A fairly large portion of those that participated were newcomers or nearly so, which
was a good thing.  Personally, I gained more practice and experience in course-setting.

56:00      Jim Kriz & Kevin Caesar
149:34    Erin Riga

52:12       David Jellison & Darrell Lenkner

121:38     Vincent Hand
122:27     David Jellison & Darrell Lenkner
181:20     Tonya Herron, Jenni Rytel, Joanne Abitabilo, Sherry ?
dnf           Jim & Bob Hight
dnf           Steve Brown
dnf           Ellie Kennedy
dnf           Bobbi Sack
dnf           Leo Sack

86:25       Bill Swift

0:00        Spider
dnf          Fly (eaten by Spider)