Sunday, September 16, 2001
Event Director:  Greg Sack

The day was about as perfect as possible from a weather standpoint: crystal clear skies, around 70 degrees, light breeze. The birds and other abundant wildlife were active. Deer were curious and owls were calling. There was a church group in the Stone Lodge noisily finishing their affairs, including a quick game of touch football near the maintenance areas. There were almost no humans in the woods.

We had 12 groups or individuals go out to Orienteer. There were no white or yellow participants. I am hoping that this was due to the political situation. There were 6 people or groups on the orange course. The fastest time was turned in by Ron Ireland and Andrew Kantor. Vincent Hand was a mere 36 seconds behind them. Fran and Chip Lawler are new to town, but not to Orienteering. They brought their two kids, Jake, 2 1/2, and Owen, 9 months, along on the orange. They are also our newest members. Welcome!

The 3 brown runners were led by Bob Frey, unofficially. He arrived back at the finish announcing that he DNF'd because he missed number 7. I did not record his time, unfortunately. It turned out that the control he missed had been removed by persons unknown. It is estimated that his time was about 100 minutes. Kantor and Ireland had such a great time that they decided to try the brown. On their way to control 8 they spotted the wayward one, which they set upright. It had managed to get lost in a dark green area 2 hillocks to the north. Kudoos!

Terry Peters was the lone green. He ran out of time due to a personal commitment. Red was a re-combination of brown and green involving a double crossover. Bill Swift did it in 102:08. He said it was like running in an A meet. Alexei Redkozubov rode his bike the 35 K from Clifton. This was his first meet in the US. There was a lot of adjusting for him, especially the undergrowth.

Those that did come out thought the courses were fun and challenging. Their comments went a long way to help disipate the disappointment of the low turnout.


Ron Ireland & Andrew Kantor                   65:15
Vincent Hand                                  65:51
Jim Hight                                     76:15
David Allen                                   80:00
Fran & Chip Lawler (with kids)                97:54
Al Muelhoeter                                100:44


Bob Frey                                     100:00
(roughly, meet director's lesson)
Dick Arnett                                  133:25
Ron Ireland & Andrew Kantor                  138:20
Bobbi Sack                                      DNF


Terry Peters                                    DNF


Bill Swift                                   102:08
Alexei Redozibov                             124:24

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