New Year's Day 2002, Governor Bebb Metropark

Midnight Orienteering

        A 15-control score course was set.  The night was clear and cold,
with temperatures around 20 degrees at race time.  A nearly full moon
provided excellent visibility.  You could easily navigate without lights
and with a little squinting, could even read the map by moonlight.
All competitors returned well within the 1 hour time limit.
        Participants enjoyed roasting hot dogs and marshmallows in
the fireplace, and feasted on shrimp, cake and a hearty beef stew,
along with various snacks.

    13    Matthew Robbins
    12    Max Thorne
    12    Tanya Kitchen
      5    Kyle Hertel (age 12)
      3    Brach Schwegman (age 10)

New Year's Day Event

    New Year's Day was mostly clear, but temperatures never made it
above the freezing mark.  Courses were designed by Kyle Hertel.

White Course, 1.53 km, 50 m., 9 controls

23:48    Gabriel Svobodny
28:07    Katie Schwegman & Matthew Robbins
35:44    Karen Mitchell
38:55    Sharon & Ben Bond
43:22    Brach Schwegman

Yellow Course, 2.57 km., 60 m., 11 controls

47:10       Carl & Greg Sack
found 5    Jordan Sheffer, Chris Netherland (CHS)

Orange Course, 3.25 km., 120 m., 10 controls

44:29      Tom Svobodny
62:15      Max Thorne (SLOC)
81:25      Bobbi Sack
81:38      Tanya Kitchen
83:55      Victoria Huseman
110:46    Megan Angle, Kathy Vogt (CHS)

Green Course, 4.51 km., 175 m., 14 controls

48:25      Jon Rauschenbach
52:04      Matt Bond
55:30      Bill Swift
64:59      Warren Mandrell
83:37      Vincent Hand
109:20    Dick Arnett
120:39    Brian Cooper (CHS)
194:30    Adam Lake, Greg Garland (CHS)

        CHS = Colerain High School NJROTC
        SLOC = St. Louis Orienteering Club

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