Governor Bebb
March 30, 2002

        Following overnight rains, a beautiful spring day emerged with
sunshine and pleasant temperatures.  We had a good turnout,
including 19 students from Hamilton High School JROTC.
        Over 20 runners on brown course got to try out electronic punching,
many for the first time.
        Bob Frey and Dick Arnett hid a few transmitters in the woods, and a
few folks took their try at running through the woods with receivers,
trying to home in on the signals.
        Meanwhile, many kids and families went looking for the baskets of
plastic eggs hidden at the white course controls.  A grand time was had
by all.


Course Setter:         Mike Minium
E-Punch Team:        Bob Frey
                                    Dick Arnett
                                    Pat Meehan
                                    Vince Hand
Control Pick-Up:    Dick Arnett (7)
                              Bob Frey (6)
                              Matthew Robbins & Brach Scwegman (4)
                              Mike Minium (3)

Easter Egg Orienteering
White Course, 2.0 km, 60 m, 10 controls

Most times were not kept.
People went out and found baskets of plastic eggs.
They brought them back and exchanged them for candy.
Munch, munch.
It was fun.  'nuff said.

50:47       Vaughan Family
58:13       Vickie Meehan & Lauren
62:02       Debbie Watson group
63:49       Karen Mitchell, F-12
finished    Bill Schildknecht group (troop 114)
finished    Vinny English, Dan, Chris, Bob (troop 114)
finished    Jack Vance group
finished    Jacox family
finished    Chelsea Rice, Megan Eastman
found 7    Sharon and Ben Bond

Yellow Course, 3.1 km, 100 m, 10 controls

Most folks just ran yellow.
Those who did the "red" course had two loops.
Their first loop was the brown course; their second loop was yellow.
Their yellow leg times are included in the list below.

28:52        Matt Bond (leg 2 of red)
29:01        Larry Berna (leg 2 of red)
48:19        Tom Svobodny
57:23        Johnson Family
59:24        Jenny Meehan, Cristen Chesser
62:29        Petr Vaughan, M-10
69:58        Brach Schwegman, M-10
69:58        Kevin & Megan Mitchell
74:51        Gabriel Svobodny, M-14
76:47        Ross Sorrell
finished     Bill Schildknecht group (troop 114)

Brown Course, 3.4 km, 150 m, 10 controls
Brown Course Split Times

Place     Name                       Time 
    1     Bond, Matt                 32:07 
    2     Vaughan, Steve             34:27 
    3     Mandrell, Warren           38:21 
    4     Berna, Larry               42:33 
    5     Vincent Hand               44:00 
    6     Arnett, Dick               50:30 
    7     Robbins, Matthew           55:39 
    8     Bath, Allen                59:46 
    9     Frey, Bob                  62:35 
   10     DeYoung, Brian             63:43 
   11     Kitchen, Tanya             64:52 
   12     Hancock Group, Adam        76:24 
      (Adam Hancock, Scott Handley, Jason Huff, Jon Meyer)
   13     Lawler, Chip & Fran        80:57 
   14     English, Vincent           81:57 
   15     Livermore, Bob             91:20 
   16     Crane, Dave                91:37 
   17     Overall, Allen             91:38 
   18     Dawson Group               109:55 
      (Matt Dawson, Jeremy Smith, Matt Tyahur)
   19     Merida Group              110:34 
      (Dusty Merida, Slone Hoges, Tom Rogers)
   20     Baker Group, Katie         114:01 
      (Katie Baker, Chris Moon, Tonya Powell, Billy Lawson, Andi Elliott)
          Bunting Group, Bunting     found 7 
      (Brandon Bunting, Kristina Martz, Vito Palmeri, James Richardson)
          Svovodny, Tom              dsq, punched out of sequence
Brown Course Split Times

Red course, 6.5 km, 250 m, 20 controls

Because of high water due to recent heavy rains, we did not cross Dry Fork Creek.
Red consisted of 2 loops: brown with e-punch followed by yellow with paper punch.

1     60:59     Matt Bond
2     71:34     Larry Berna

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