National Orienteering Day 2002 Results
Mt. Airy Forest, Cincinnati, Ohio

Report by Greg Sack, Event Director:

    The weather was great, the woods alive and still sporting beautiful
wildflowers.  There were spring beauties, which have been reportedly
blooming since late January.  Mt. Airy Forest's dreaded honeysuckle
bushes have been under attack by volunteers and the maturity of the
forest itself, so running was good.
    Starts were near the Arboretum and the White course participants were
treated to some of the most beautiful, open woods in the area on their
way to having their nostrils filled with the scents of headily delicious flowering
trees.  There were a couple of special challenges for the white course in
that this relatively old map did not show a couple of trails that they
used.  Fortunately, these trails were extensions of a paved trail, on map,
and these participants had an enlarged print to use to copy them onto
their map.
    Everyone else had to contend to a lesser or greater extent with flying
discs as they crossed or paralleled the most active Frisbee golf course
in the region (also not on the map).  In fact, most of the few complaints
were with the map.  It was last updated in 1993, just before major storms.
(Damage was so severe that the park was closed for nearly a year).
Most everyone agreed that they were well laid out courses and they had a
great time.
    Some basic numbers: we had 51 participants, 14 of them newcomers.  One
newcomer went so far as to join the club.  We also have met a couple of
adventure race types who did not compete, but were intrigued and promised
to try the next event that they can.  There was a major conflict with the
Flying Pig Marathon that prevented them and others from running.  There
were 12 Boy Scouts from Troop 923 of Ross, Ohio running on orange and
yellow courses.  There were 13 NJROTC members from Hamilton HS that went
out on 5 orange, brown and red teams.  Their captain liked what he saw
enough that he called home and convinced his daughter and her friend to
hop in the car and come down to try a white course.
    After participants came back in, we had a grill going and a cooler full
of food.  There was also pop available.  Chips and cookies were free, but
we asked for a donation for the food and pop to benefit the U.S. Junior team.  It
was a cook it yourself, honor pay system, and I forgot to bring tools,
but it worked.  What made it really good was that it encouraged people to
hang around and talk about their experiences.
    The Maptech software went to Bob Frey, the computer guy.  Brunton compasses
went to newcomer Bill Hoffert, Dick Arnett (who says his scouts always have
someone show up without a compass), a NJROTC member (specially awarded
for bailing his group out), and Rick Fernandez and Brian Towne of Troop
923.  All prizes were drawn except the NJROTC member's and Brian's. Brian
received his in recognition of his perseverance.  He lost his card after
#4 and came in for a new one.  We told him to just punch his map and we
would believe him regarding 1-4.  He repunched the first 4 and went on to
complete the course!

White:        1.1k, 52m climb
Jone Rauschenbach                    28:00
Settlemoir and Mallory               38:36
Bill Hoffert Jr.                            40:20
Kimberly & Donna Heldman     45:30
Scott, Alice & Joe Nutter          48:00
Parker Vaughan                        53:55
Ben & Matt Bond                     57:00

Yellow:        2.3k, 75m climb
StevenYoung, Ryan & Rick Fernandez,
    Ben Starkie, Landen Richey
    (Troop 923)                         51:50
Scott, Alice & Joe Nutter         54:35
Petr & Heidi Vaughan              66:25
Rosa & Vince Hand                 69:10
Stephen Bangs                         72:00
Sharon Bond                            DNF
Bill Hoffert Jr.                           DNF

Orange        3.7k, 175m climb
Dick Heyuk                                              130:30
Martin Dria & Ron Fernandez (T-923)     133:00
Alex Dria & Michael Fischer (T-923)       138:30
Brandon Bunting, James Richardson,
    Eddi Grathwohl (NJROTC)                  142:30
Bryan Towne (T-923)                               145:52
Ben Starkie, Landen Ritchey                      DNF

Brown        3.7k 170m climb
Steve Vaughan                                           48:56
Bob Frey                                                   75:00
Mathew Robbins                                        78:30
Claire Dell                                                  79:44
Leo & Bobbi Sack                                     99:45
Tom Rogers, Matt Tyahur (NJROTC)        DNF
Merida, Rutherford, Elliot, Willis    (NJROTC)    DNF
Martz, Baker (NJROTC)                            DNF

Green        5.05, 250m climb
Dick Arnett                            121:26
David Sims                              DNF

Red             6.1k, 280m climb
Bill Swift                                   83:26
Erick Lebreton                        161:00
Kevin Mitchell                         177:15
Jon Rauschenbach                     DNF (missed #1-time: 103:58)
Hardley, Hancock (NJROTC)   DNF

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