East Fork State Park
Saturday, July 27, 2002
Event Director:  Greg Sack

Sat. July 27 dawned warm and muggy with a threat of summer thunderstorms in the air. Due to overbooking on my part, there was also a strong feeling of panic at 5:30 as I raced to finish the clue sheets. As I finished the last print-out Leo finished packing the Jeep.We raced up to Staples only to find that the store doesn't open until 9 on Saturdays. Everyone would need to copy their own clues.

Once we got out to East Fork Leo took over setting up for registration and set four close controls. One of the people that came to the Orienteering Seminar held at Benchmark last Tuesday met us as we arrived. Bill Swift came early also and helped set a couple of controls for the Yellow and White courses, plus he helped Leo with starts for a while. Meanwhile I set the last of the on-trail controls and found a mix-up on the Yellow course. By the time that I got to setting out White #6 I was quite late and flumoxed which led me to setting it in the wrong dry ditch, but on the correct trail. This led to some confusion, but not to any DNF. My sincerest apologies.

So very special thanks to Leo and Bill for bailing me out and thanks to Kevin Mitchell for helping Leo and I with control pick-up.

So here are the results:

Two Hour Score:
Bill Rillo and Steve Sten:	530 pts	118:52 min.	total:	530 pts

One Hour Score:
Matt Bond			390 pts	 68:39 min.	total:	310 pts
Bill Swift			260 pts	 62:00 min.	total:	240 pts

K. Mitchell                                            100:15

Tanya Kitchen                                           91:45
Eric Clajus (new to orienteering, came to Benchmark)      DNF

Dave Pollauf (new, instructor JROTC Western Hills High) 40:00
Andrew, Kelly,Kaitlin                                   54:20
Hart Family						92:40
McConnell                                              111:45
Nedderman                                                 DNF (Will try again)
Sharon and Ben                                             MD (Melt Down)

Note on the courses: The O,Y and W courses were the same ones that Carl had set last year. They were just recycled due to that event's poor attendance. The remainder of the controls were from the Green and Red courses from last year and all controls together made up the score controls with the white, yellow and easier orange controls worth 10 points, the rest being worth 20, 30 and 40 points weighted for distance and difficulty. All three score teams reported looking for control #21 without success, so I can only conclude that the fault was mine. Again, my apologies.

Last item of news: the past week's orienteering events have included a very successful orienteering learning experience at California Woods Nature Skills Daycamp led by Bobbi Sack. Congradulations! The Blue Ash Benchmark's seminar attracted 5 participants (although 9 had signed up), one of whom came to East Fork. Orienteering activities led off a Father/Daughter weekend at Camp Joy, culminating in the teams finding a treasure chest with a mirror in it. The clue had them looking for the greatest treasure of all, and they were to see each other in the mirror. It was quite successful with one of the dad's requesting that we visit his farm of over 600 acres near Paris, Ky to see if it would be a good site for mapping and holding events. More on that as events unfold.

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