Hueston Woods Events
Director: Kevin Mitchell

Night-O, Sept. 14, 2002

Bill Swift                   140 points
Bob Frey                    90 points
Dick Arnett                 90 points
Vincent Hand              70 points
Larry/Nicole Berna     60 points
Jeff Troth                    20 points

        Having used the permanent course before, pre-race favorite Bill Swift visited (6)15 point controls (including three added for this event) and (3) 10 point controls. He also brought back and correctly answered one of the five 20 point bonus questions.
        Bob and Dick  visited the same controls with Bob using the extra light from Dick’s 12 volt BRIGHT headlamp to bring back a bonus question that he was unable to answer correctly (I thought everyone knew that Matthew Hueston served under General “Mad” Anthony Wayne).
        Vince was a slightly late arrival but given the same 60 minutes to compete. He was by his own admission handicapped by the use of his pen light.
        Lights were not a problem for the Berna duo as the father/daughter combo carried seven different lights. From past experience, if you are ever in a nighttime rogaine or night-o you want Larry on your team. He comes prepared. Nicole was given the plaque for the best finish by a registered camper. Larry and Nicole also get a big thank you for picking up my three additional night-o controls.
        Jeff Troth saw our sign while leaving the park from a day of mountain biking and was eager to give this event a try. He borrowed my daughter’s headlamp and headed off into the dark as a true orienteering rookie. He managed to find two controls and was in the deepest (and darkest) park of the woods when the batteries died. He managed to find his way back 13 minutes beyond the time limit, but I don’t have the heart to penalized him for being over due. He promised to come back the next day to try our bike event.

Mountain Bike-O, Sept. 15, 2002

Kristen Mitchell      4 out of 5 attempted

Jeff Troth                  63:39
Norm Troth              63:39
Larry/Nicole Bern   120:00 estimated

Jeremy Neal              36:53
Warren Mandrell       44:22
Bill Swift                   51:00 estimated (picked up last control)
Matt Bond                65:42

        Early morning thunderstorms kept me from getting 1/2 of the planned controls out on the course. With Warren Mandrell’s help we were able to design an advanced course that we would hope would be an enjoyable challenge. Jeremy Neal is a regular to these trails and made quick work of the approximately 4.5 mile course.
        Since I did not use the courses I designed (I will take credit for ending the drought), I would like to offer this event in the future if there is more of an interest. We could possibly do it in conjunction with a foot-o. I did learn that our standard iron rod controls should not be used here. Controls can be set up and taken down in a fraction of the time if you can take bags w/punches out in a daypack with your bike.

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