Mitchell Memorial Forest, Hamilton County Park
February 22, 2003

Kevin Mitchell, Event Director
Control Pickup Assistance: Vince Hand and Greg Sack

      Dense fog, light rain, and temperatures in the mid thirties greeted early arrivals
to Mitchell Memorial Forest for this event. As the day went on, rain increased,
and there actually were a few rumbles of thunder, although the temperature never
rose above 36 degrees F (2 C). The ground was covered with several inches of
crusty, melting snow, and trails were sheets of ice covered with melt water.
The few streams that had to be crossed were bank-full and frigid. In short,
it was a perfect day for Survival Orienteering!

White Course, 1.83 km, 6 controls

43:30     Guy, Sydney & Clare Lister

Green Course, 4.68 km, 11 controls

61:53     Bill Swift
65:50     Steve Barnhart
66:53     Mike Minium
108:07    Dick Arnett
DNF        Ellie Kennedy
DNF        Kathy & Greg Alsept

GPS Course, 4.2 km

D. Liming and Crew
D. Murphy / C. Brown
Kevin Beiderbeck Family

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