Caldwell Park, Cincinnati City Park
March 16, 2003
Bobbi Sack, Event Director

        87 people took part in the Introduction to Orienteering at Caldwell
Nature Preserve on Sunday, March 16.  The event was sponsored jointly by
Cincinnati Parks and OCIN.  We were fortunate to have one of the first
beautiful, warm spring days, which contributed to a good time being had
by all.  Almost all participants were new to orienteering.  After they had
completed a course many expressed an interest in attending future orienteering

        This was primarily a family-oriented learning event.  Veteran OCIN
members gave instruction as people arrived.  There were games for kids
designed to teach map-reading skills, white and yellow courses, and a
wheelchair-accessible Trail-O.  Due to its character as a nature
preserve, the event was a "Nature-O", with notes on the points of
interest that were chosen as control sites.

29:02   Arnett/Bosley
31:44   Amos Hopkins
39:20   David Westover/Cynthia Greene
43:31   Doug and Wendy Roughton
43:25   Mort Meier
50:40   Leanne Caruso
51:40   O'Neal
54:15   Daniel Holder, Lee Stanton, Edie Holder
58:22   Buford family
63:03   Mark Ruhe and Steve Ruhe
68:00   Jim and Gabriel Iverson
71:03   Cathy, Paul, Matt, Chris, Brian Nichols

29:07   Bob Frey
39:25   Claire Dell
42:55   Emily DeYoung
42:55   Brian DeYoung
47:52   Ottley
48:40   Frank Glandorf
52:39   Blake Dewey
54:40   Mike Brannon
58:00   Arnett/Borley
59:00   Carole Price
60:58   Matthew and Suzanne Crable
62:03   Bill Hoffert
62:40   Margaret, Michael, and Gabriel Schear
64:45   Jon Crable and Tom Crable
73:26   Natalie Fields
73:26   Sharon Spitz
75:30   Allen, Kelsey, and Colin
81:03   Nancy Johnson and David Gordon-Johnson
85:09   Jessica Schoen
93:00   Stephanie, Marea, Claudia, Ana
DNF    Caroline Michaelson, Mick Michaelson, Cathy Zimmerly

        Sorry, I do not yet have names of trail-O participants.

        Thanks to Greg Sack, Dick Arnett, Bob Frey, Claire Dell, and Mike Minium
for their help in running this event.

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