Governor Bebb Butler County Metropark
April 19, 2003
Mike Minium, Event Director

        Sunny skies and near 80 degree (F) temperatures welcomed orienteers
to Governor Bebb for our annual Easter Egg Orienteering event.

White  (1.8 km, 8 controls)
21:24    Brach Schwegman
26:40    Katie Schwegman & Matthew Robbins
27:39    Wyrick Family
33:33    Vaughan Family
33:56    A. Svobodny
37:00    Mark & Joshua Burton
38:37    Jeremy Duetenberg
49:06    Ethan Duetenberg
59:30    Joe Bowden
61:00    Julie & Kayla Hann
62:07    Kathleen Baoeche
75:35    Kathleen Henry
not recorded    Joyce Whalen

Yellow  (2.7 km, 10 controls)
30:31    Mark & Joshua Burton
31:12    Heidi Vaughan
53:59    Emily DeYoung
75:00    Ethan Duetenberg
92:40    Spencer Pate
95:45    Cranson Family
109:00  Julie & Kayla Hann
123:34  Bill O'Neal
not recorded    Wyrick Family

Orange  (score style, any 16 of 24 controls)
(There were 16 controls to the north and east of Dry Fork Creek, meaning that
orange course participants did not have to cross.  Only the Thorne group
chose to make the crossing.)
84:10      Gabriel Svobodny
103:10    Ross Sorrell
106:40    Tanya & Brianna Kitchen
132:40    Max & Adam Thorne (18 controls)

Green  (score style, approx. 4.7 km, 24 controls)
(Dry Fork Creek was low, but you still had to get your feet wet!  A typical
crossing was ankle to knee deep.)
66:24      Steve Barnhart
68:38      Bill Swift
103:50    Guy Lister
107:23    Bob Frey
118:22    Tom Svobodny
154:15    Dick Arnett

        Thanks to Dick Arnett and Bob Frey for their help in running this event.
        Guy Lister helped pick up controls.

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