Mt. Airy Forest
June 28, 2003
Greg Sack, Event Director

    It was GORGEOUS in the woods today!  The birds sang, the breeze was
light, the sun was bright, the air was clear and humidity low while the
cicadas auditioned for summer. Mt Airy is maturing and I see little to
no poison ivy or stickers. So where was everybody?

    Comments were largely positive regarding placement of controls. Mike and
Bill reported that the Red course presented interesting challenges and
accurately placed, if occassionally a bit hidden. Brown runners reported
that I can't read my own writing. The clue sheet sheet say it was number
708, but the control was marked 768. Sorry guys, I was in the woods and
a bit shakey when I wrote it on my master map. White had some controls
moved from their intended location due to things like weddings in the
park and missing trees. Nobody seemed to have any problem with that,
though. A couple of people DNFd because they were adventurous enough to
try moving up a level. It shows heart and I applaud them.

    Special thanks to Mike Minium for setting up the start/finish area for
me. Thanks to Bill Swift for setting out signs. And thanks to Bobbi for
handling registration set up, registering the first wave of the masses,
and for generally putting up with and even encouraging my mania.

White Course

Karen Mitchell                    29:30
Petr/Parker Vaughan            29:50
Jameson/Morgan Vaughan    32:50
Bryan/Kelly Bellerjean        37:40    (I hope the baby enjoyed the ride.)

Yellow Course

Heidi Vaughan                   46:15
Elizabeth & John Grover    DNF    (Missed #5)

Orange Course

Alexander Preobrazhensky    104:16
Ross Sorrell                        119:30
Brach Schwegman                DNF    (First try alone on Orange)

Brown Course

Matthew Robbins               80:37
Alan Bath                           101:23
Serge Preobrazhensky         107:42
Bobbi Sack                        143:00 (Got more for her money)

Green Course

no entries

Red Course

Mike Minium                       83:03
Bill Swift                              94:18
Steve Vaughan                    117:00
Ray Schneidler                    169:37
Mimi Ruwe                        169:40 (Mimi reports that Ray waited gallantly for her.)

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