Bear Creek BSA Camp
August 30, 2003
Mike Minium, Event Director

    This event was organized jointly by OCIN and ICO on  a scout-owned map of Bear Creek
Scout Camp, between Brookville and Connersville, Indiana.  The new map is 1:5000, with
20 foot (6 meter) contours, and covers around 300 rugged, wooded acres.
    Although there was rain overnight, dry conditions prevailed for the event.  Humidity hovered
near 100%, but temperatures stayed tolerable, in the seventies.  We had participants from 4
states: Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Wisconsin.
    Thanks to Greg Arnold and Matthew Robbins for help collecting controls.
    Thanks to Camp Ranger, Pat Smith, for his assistance with this event.

White Course, 2.3 km, 13 controls

   39:25    BSA       Kevin Coffman, Darria Petruzzi (age 11)
   56:30    OCIN    Harry, Nancy & Daniel Turner
   58:25    BSA       Zeb Smith (11)
   62:40    ICO       John & Eileen Joyce Family

Yellow Course, 2.8 km, 11 controls

   88:20    ICO       Sandra & Ernie Mowell
   92:00    BSA       Kevin Coffman, Darria Petruzzi (11)
 104:30    OCIN     Paul Landers Family
 112:20    OCIN     Bill Greenwell
 193:45    OCIN     Bill Hoffert
found 6     ICO       Ingrid Cummings
found 5     OCIN    Brach & Jerry Schwegman

Orange Course, 2.6 km, 11 controls

   49:55    ICO        Eric Tullis
   88:50    ICO        Scott Belmar
 107:55    OCIN     Dan Dell

Brown Course, 3.3 km, 8 controls

   88:52    COO       Sergei Preobrazhensky (14)
   90:20    OCIN      Claire Dell
 101:45    COO       Alexander Preobrazhensky
 134:00    ICO         M.K. Skirvin & Jim Dill
 206:56    ICO        Gary Hite
found 6    OCIN     Bob Frey
found 5    ICO        Matt & Jen Hite, Daniel Warmon
found 2    OCIN     Kevin Mitchell

Red Course, 5.3 km

   90:15    ICO        Wayne Jones & Linda Pfohl
 101:45    OLOU    Dan Mattingly (lost control card)
 122:19    OCIN     Matthew Robbins
 139:30    OCIN     Dick Arnett
 168:47    ICO        Russ & Carol Goodman
 218:45    ICO        Ron Stevens
found 7    OCIN     Bill Swift
found 3                   Rich Jerrard (Wisconsin)

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