Caldwell Park
September 14, 2003
Greg Sack, Event Director

      The day dawned beautifully on Sunday morning. Conditions were perfect for orienteering. The air was clear, cool and not too humid. But as we arrived at Caldwell, the clouds began to arrive as well. As we finished setting out controls, the first light rain misted down on the leaf canopy.
      We did not have time to worry whether this would keep people away, though. Katie and David Williams were waiting to go. They arrived early and completed all three courses. This was their second time to an orienteering event, and Katie, age 9, completed all three courses: white, yellow, and the trail-o by herself. Then she asked about A events.
      What struck us as special about the orienteers who showed up at Caldwell on Sunday was that they were predominately experienced beginners. The level of enthusiasm was quite high. Michele Diemler is a newcomer who had been to a Sierra Club backpacking training event at Caldwell the evening before, at which our event was announced. She did the white and yellow and left beaming, saying she will see us again at the next event.
      It is difficult to cite the numbers, since so many people went in groups, or did more than one course. Families with very young children, couples with one person shadowing the other and individuals wanting to improve their orienteering skills made up the bulk of the participants at this co-sponsored event. There were 44 people, who ran 11 white courses, 15 yellow courses and 4 Trail-O's. And the co-sponsor, Cincinnati Parks, could not have been happier. The head of Cincinnati Parks himself, sent a congratulatory note to Bobbi on a job well done!

    13:05    Gabe Svobodny
    18:29    Michele Diemler
    18:40    Joe Burgasser
    23:50    David Williams
    24:07    Dorothy Barker/Jason Cote
    25:08    Katie Williams (age 9)
    30:32    Cady/Nestor families
    55:35    Sasha Skadberg
    55:35    Mark Bass
    dnf      Diane Sutherland-Luczaj, and sons
    dnf      Tom and Ethan Glassman

    28:32    Tom Svobodny
    35:24    Steven & Craig Young
    35:30    Michele Diemler (did a good deed)
    35:43    Matthew Robbins
    41:20    Katie Williams (still 9)
    43:05    David Williams
    45:20    Steven & Craig Young (2nd time, in reverse)
    48:08    Connie Hein
    49:30    Bill Hoffert Jr
    51:20    Scott, Alice & Joe Nutter
    51:22    Joe Burgasser
    55:00    Sarah, Sharon & Jim Ryan w/Ernie Mowell
    90:08    Steve, Susan & Becky Miller
   105:12    Jim Harding
   109:50    Chris & Cany Lewis

    missed #4    Matthew Robbins
    missed #2    Tom & Gabe Svobodny
    missed #2    David Williams
    most right   Katie Williams

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