Rentschler Forest, Butler County Metropark
September 21, 2003
Pat Meehan, Event Director

59 Folks partook in a rich and rigorous day in Rentschler Forest.  It was cool, Sunny, and Dry!  

This was the first use made of the new map of Rentschler Forest. The park consists predominantly of reclaimed forest.   The land has been in varied use for decades, centuries, and even millennia. Most visible, but not obvious to all are the remains of the Miami Canal, dug here in the 1830's.  On the beaten path but noticed by only the observant eye are many ruins of homes and structures from days gone by, their purpose and history known only to rangers and buffs.  Most of these lie deep in the thick underbrush. In the far reaches of the park reside the most interesting features; An abandoned farming complex, a long lost cemetery, and some ancient Hopewell earthworks.  The cemetery contains markers from 1815 - 1845.  This site is long forgotten and in need of a transcriber and restoration.  The farm consists of seven structures. Once the livelihood of several generations it  is now marked for demolition.  The earthworks, although somewhat underwhelming, are the most magnificent.  Two concentric circles and earthen walls can be detected to ring a ridge.  Once the site of ceremonies or rituals, this site was as important then as our most sacred and powerful structures are today.

Five courses were offered.  Each longer and more challenging than the next.  Many first timers  went out on the White, following the trails of the park to the features that reside along them. The forest around the picnic areas is thick.  Yet those who tested their skills on the Yellow course ventured into that abyss and traversed some "clearings" and water courses dense with Honeysuckle.  The Orange, Green, and Red courses wandered far afield to the furthest east on the map.  Those who ventured to the far east may have caught site of the cemetery and Indian ruins.  

The event was slated to begin at noon.  Yet many arrived to the dismay of us all at 10 and 11.  The press had  published a starting time earlier than planned.  This was copied and perpetuated throughout the public realm.  A few folks had hopes to "O" and move on to other commitments.  But alas , they were deeply disappointed by the miscommunication and unable to participate.  To those who were inconvenienced , I sincerely apologize.

My field notes from the weekend prior were caught in a popup thunder shower.  They and yours truly were saturated.  The notes turned to paper-mâché and I became blinded without dry glasses.  I was confident that I had maintained the integrity of my control codes, yet a few numbers were mixed and this led to understandable frustration on the part of some.  For this I am responsible and humbly ask your forgiveness.  :-)

Overall, there were more positive comments than not.  Many folks tried their skill on multiple courses.  The Kenton High School JROTC traveled half way across the state just to exercise their skills!  (Winning both the White and Yellow courses I might add.)  Many new young people learned and nearly mastered the beginner level courses this day.  Stacey Wendling and Katie Williams both demonstrated a natural mastery of the map.

I thank you all for turning out on this day at this place.  It gives great joy to an Event Director when folks show up and take part.  I give great thanks to my friend Bill Swift who stepped in and took charge of the event registration at the onset of the event..  I had just returned from the woods, having spent three and a half hours setting bags, I was exhausted, incomprehensive, and stinky.  Thank you , Bill!

Best regards to all,


White Course, 1.47 km, 11 controls

   20:20    JROTC    Tommy & Lee           
   21:12    JROTC    Bob & Ben                
   23:27    OCIN     Stacey & Rich Wendling        
   24:29    OCIN     Katie Williams        
   28:10    OCIN     David Williams        
   29:19    -        Kim, Kaitlyn, & Dennis Jennings        
   30:59    OCIN     Mandrell Family        
   32:02    BSA      Danny & Paul Korn    Troop 502        
   34:30    OCIN     Katie Schwegman & Matthew Robbins  
   43:05    JROTC    Bre T. & Kayla K.        
   54:04    -        Mike Creed Family  
   61:00    -        Janice Craft & Marty Weber  
   63:30    -        Floyd & Kayla Hann  
   69:00    -        A.J. & Steve Hayden  
   89:41    -        Becky & Greg Downs 

Yellow Course, 3.05 km, 15 controls

   40:30    JROTC    Bob & Ben            
   43:00    MVOC     Gabe Svobodny                   
   56:14    JROTC    Tommy & Lee 
   76:01    OCIN     Katie & David Williams 
   80:30    -        Scott & Julie Hann 
   89:23    OCIN     Steve, Becky, & Susan Miller           
   96:00    -        David, Kaitlyn, & Alex Click 
  113:20    -        Connie & Steve Hein 

Orange Course, 4.38 km, 18 controls

   89:33    OCIN     Dick Arnett           
   92:27    OCIN     Bob Frey                   
   99:10    -        Brian Thiessen & Mike Minneci  
   DNF      -        Mimi & Laura Ruwe  
   DNF      OCIN     Joyce Whalen        

Green Course, 4.65 km, 14 controls

   67:26    OCIN     Bill Swift  
   78:41    MVOC     Tom Svobodny                
   83:43    OCIN     Vincent Hand 
  106:30    ROKS     Brennan Lawall 
  106:30    -        Mike Lawall 
  108:30    ROKS     David Frederick  
  108:30    IBEW     Daniel Frederick    
  112:59    OCIN     Claire Dell       

Red Course, 6.41 km, 19 controls

  101:02    OCIN     Mike Minium   
  137:05    OCIN     Margie Huseman        


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