Sebald Park Vampire Orienteering
October 25, 2003
Mike Minium, Event Director

    There were plenty of scary surprises in store for those who braved the cloudy, moonless night.  Showers briefly wet the ground before the event, but stopped before the start and, although a distant flash or two of lightning threatened, the rain did not resume in earnest until after everyone had safely returned.  Spiders, snakes, rats and motion-activated spooks were among the surprises waiting for the unwary orienteers.
    Scoring: 10 points per control, -5 points pre minute (or portion) overtime (60 minute limit).
    There were 17 controls marked on the map.  Two were"trick" controls and worth zero points.
    Two were "treat" controls and were worth 20 points.
    Three additional unmapped controls were also worth 10 points each if found.
    Thanks to Matt Robbins, Mary Brown and UCMS students for help picking up controls and props.
    Thanks to Bob Frey for help with registration and preparation.
    Thanks to Mrs. Brown, (UCMS) and Mrs. Moray (HHS) for transporting students to this event.

place    score            time        club        names
1       130 (130-0)      58:57    OCIN     Tom Possert & Susan Smith (started out as a vampire)
2       110 (110-0)      47:21    OCIN     Bob Frey
3       110 (110-0)      55:30    UCMS    Kyle Hertel & TJ Dickenson (found the cross)
4         90 (100-10)    61:37    OCIN     Matt Robbins (started out as a vampire)
5         70 (70-0)        49:20    OCIN     Bobby, Ryan & Lauren Kinsey
6         60 (70-10)      61:07    UCMS    Tyler Hertel & Brandon Beaver
7         45 (60-15)      62:45    HHS        Jeremy Smith
8         45 (60-15)      62:55    HHS        Dustin Gray
9         45 (60-15)      62:59    HHS        Josh Wickers (found the garlic chain)
10       40 (40-0)        49:30    HHS        Nick Leverenz
11       40 (60-20)      63:50    HHS        Sean Moray
12       15 (30-15)      62:50    HHS        Billy Richards
Vampire                                 OCIN      Kevin & Megan Mitchell
Vampire                                 UCMS    Chris Fairchild, Gary Clemmons

    HHS = Hamilton High School, UCMS = Union County Middle School

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