Sharon Woods
January 24, 2004
Matthew Robbins, Event Director
61 starts, 78 orienteers

    Although the temperature never broke above freezing, it was a mostly sunny day, and orienteers turned out in droves for the unveiling of the new edition of Sharon Woods.  One of OCIN's oldest maps, Sharon Woods has been in use for orienteering since the mid 1980's.  The old, pre-OCAD map had undergone a lot of changes including closed trails, new roads, and significant vegetation changes.  Sharon Woods was completely remapped in late fall, 2002 by Vladimir Zherdev, and this was our first use of the new area.  We were a little overwhelmed by the number of participants on such a cold day, and sold out our entire supply of around 70 maps, although I think everyone who wanted to do a course eventually did get a map and got to go out.
    One couple lost a compass on the course, but they went to a nearby store and purchased a replacement.
    Thanks to Bob Frey for assisting with registration and Mike Minium with timing.

White Course, 2.12 km length, 50 m. climb, 9 controls
7 starts, 11 orienteers

26:25    ROKS     Kyle Kellstedt
30:11    ROKS     Andy Shaver
30:45                    Bhiannon & Brad Hoeweler
34:17    OCIN      Jameson & Morgan Vaughan
52:25    BSA        Evan Gallant
58:40    MVOC    Ben and Sharon Bond
found 6                 Liam Neess and Andy Davis

Yellow Course, 3.56 km, 130 m. climb, 15 controls
19 starts, 26 orienteers

50:53    Apollo    Aaron Layson
53:35                  Dave Koch
64:00    OCIN    Kristen Lear
65:37                  Gary Crouch
72:26    OCIN    Cindy Lear
73:40    ROKS   Jenny Meehan
76:40    ROKS   Mark Hagen
78:07    Apollo    Jason Thompson
79:41    OCIN    Parker & Heidi Vaughan
81:40    ROKS   Cristen Chesser
82:37                  Victoria Ruedisheli, Zach Rice
91:00    OCIN    Bill Greenwell
91:30    OCIN    Emily DeYoung
92:38    ROKS   Maria Brock
94:38    ROKS   Ellen Shaver
104:15                Dave Kelly, Lynn Higgins
111:03  OCIN    Laura Ruwe
118:03  OCIN    Steve & Becky Miller
found 5 OCIN    Kyle Hertel, Chris Fairchild, Tyler Hertel, Brandon Beaver

Orange Course, 5.75 km, 190 m climb, 17 controls
9 starts, 11 orienteers

67:41                      Liberty Partridge, Robert Rice
69:36        Apollo    Michael Snyder
74:36                      Gary Collins
81:05        MVOC  Brad Stork
133:00      Apollo    Shanna Lashbrook
151:00      Apollo    Kristen Lewis
missed #6 Apollo    Morgan Sumner
missed #12,13        Jeff & Tina Blakley
found 3    Apollo    Cody Edwards

Brown Course, 4.98 km, 130 m climb, 10 controls
6 starts, 7 orienteers

44:12    ROKS    Brennan Lawall
52:30    ROKS    David Frederick
69:56    OCIN     Brian DeYoung
74:00    MVOC   Tom & Gabe Svobodny
74:58    OCIN    David Williams*
92:12    OCIN    Ellie Kennedy

* msp #8, however, it was a parallel feature within 100 m. and the
control codes 866 and 868 were similar, so credit was given.

Green Course, 5.84 km, 240 m. climb, 15 controls
9 starts, 9 orienteers

60:39      OCIN    Warren Mandrell
60:59      OCIN    Bill Swift
66:05      OCIN    Steve Vaughan
112:33    Apollo    Brent Hatfield
122:15                  Luke Hennel
126:48    Apollo    Ryan Hatfield
144:55    Apollo    Col. Edgar Paul
170:52    Apollo    Craig Bell
200:58*  Apollo    Spenser Girten

* overtime - exceeded 3 hour time limit

Red Course, 7.33 km, 275 m climb, 17 controls
11 starts, 14 orienteers

68:50      OCIN    Mike Minium
76:01      MVOC  Steve Barnhart
88:15                    Tom Souders, Keith Phelps
101:57    ROKS   Pat Meehan
116:18    OCIN    Kevin Mitchell
118:55    OCIN    Dick Arnett
121:30    OCIN    Erick Lebreton
123:03                  Team Xtreme, Mike Minneci
123:20    OCIN    Bob Frey
125:55                  Misfits Team
200:37*  OCIN    Bill Donnelly

* overtime - exceeded 3 hour time limit.
 Club and School Names
 Apollo - Apollo HS, Owensboro, Kentucky
 MVOC - Miami Valley Orienteering Club, Dayton, Ohio
 OCIN - Orienteering Cincinnati
 ROKS - Rams Orienteering Klub, Badin HS, Hamilton, Ohio

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