Ault Park, Cincinnati, Ohio
March 21, 2004
Bobbi Sack, Event Director

    Seventy people attended the Introduction to Orienteering event at Ault Park despite cold and windy weather. Almost all were totally new to orienteering. Participants’ ages ranged from 4 to 56, and included a troop of 10 Cub Scouts and many family groups. Everyone seemed to have one thing in common. After finishing, they all seemed very excited about orienteering. Many asked about upcoming events, and I hope we’ll see some of them at the April 3 Easter Egg Hunt.
    This was the first O-event at Ault Park. It was sponsored jointly by the Cincinnati Park Board and OCIN. It received publicity through the Park Board’s event calendars and the Cincinnati Enquirer, as well as the OCIN website and newsletter. It was featured in a sidebar in the Sunday Enquirer on the day of the event.
    Instruction was made available to all, starting every 5 or 10 minutes as people arrived. As a special treat, children could hunt for a treasure chest—which held candy treats for all—after completing their course.
    In addition to the white, yellow, and orange courses, a Trail-O course through Ault Park’s gardens had also been set. This was not used due to the bitter weather conditions. But look for it at the next Ault Park event!
    Special thanks to Claire Dell for help with start and finish timing and picking up many of the controls.  This event would not have been possible without her tireless assistance.

White Course

10:53       Tom Possert
25:--        Elizabeth Grover
27:--        Nathaniel Simon & Phil Diehl
28:--        Alene Kennedy
32:--        Natalie Fields
34:--        John, Lucy, and Jack Shroder
42:--        Stacey, Jacob, Hannah, &Titus Sexton
42:--        Keith, Mary-Jo, Nick, Jacob, & Jonah
42:--        Brad & Brad Franks
45:--        Mark, Karen, & Paul Linser
49:--        Gregg DiGialo
50:--        Jenni Knipp
51:--        Anna Larson
51:--        Patty Morgan
54:--        Martha Treag
54:--        Bill & Kathy Hosking
55:--        Rae Ryan
56:--        Bob & Michael Edelson
58:--        Abby Shipp

Yellow Course

47:--        Jillian Williams, Natalie Fetter, Justin Armintrout, Chet Linebaugh, & Josh Bluck
51:--        Natalie Fields
94:--        John Hoff & Jenny Hamerstadt
94:--        Suzanne Parker

Orange Course

  30:--        Tom Possert
  64:--        Charley Miller
  91:--        Rob Martina
120:--        Elise M. Breen

Trail-O Course

no entrants

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