Indian Creek, Reily, Ohio
October 29, 2004
Mike Minium, Event Director

    This was a night score course, with some Halloween surprises.  There were 20 controls marked on participant's maps.  1 through 10 made a white level course,(nobody did just those as a white, although that option was offered).  They were worth 10 points each.  11 through 20 were off-trail and more difficult to reach, so they were worth 20 points each.
    There were no "trick" controls this year, at least none where you drew a rubber snake or a mousetrap instead of a punch.  So, you could earn 300 points from visiting all mapped controls.  There was, however, a bonus treat control.  Six controls had clues attached to the punch.  If you correctly interpreted all 6 clues, they formed a sentence:
        The treat is
        a small
        150 meters
        of control 8.
    Visiting this location earned a final control worth an additional 20 points.  Although Matt Robbins correctly interpreted the clues, he didn't have enough time remaining time to go find the control.
    Although there were no "trick" controls, there were some scary surprises.  Pulling a punch string sometimes brought up a large rubber spider or snake, in addition to a punch.  And, a couple of the punches were attached to motion-activated monster heads, that gave off a hideous, maniacal cackle when touched.
    The weather turned out to be great.  Although it had been a gray, drizzly day, the clouds parted and a beautiful, nearly full moon was in evidence.  You couldn't have asked for more, except, perhaps for better attendance; where were all the people who told me they would come?

        Matthew Robbins                                                       280 points (19 controls) in 58:11
        Kyle Hertel, Chris Fairchild & T J Dickenson              160 points (13 controls) in 39:38

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