Cincinnati Nature Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
November 7, 2004
Greg Sack & Joyce Whalen, Event Directors

    It was beautiful weather for early November, with temperatures reaching 20C (68F), but the steep terrain made for difficult courses and some slow times.  It was a great day to run in the woods.
    Thanks to Vicki Huseman, and Marion Lytle for helping collect controls.

White Course   1.8 K   50m climb   8 controls
57:15   Penny Jarrett,    OCIN
64:20   Jim, Anna, and Kerry Larson
121:20   Allison and Lisa Offenberger
DNF   Alec Offenberger
DNF   Andy Offenberger

Yellow Course   2.8 K   60m climb   8 controls
40:00   Yoshi Shimizu, COO
65:40   Kenta Shimizu, COO
DNF   Josh Castle, Chris Barnett, JROTC
DNF   Kelsey Cooper, Ashley Ruminer, Kayla Prater, JROTC
DNF   Emily DeYoung, OCIN
DNF   Billy Grider, Derrick Albert, JROTC
DNF   Andy Kidd, Bobby Ziegler, JROTC
DNF   Gary Oreglia, Nick Zachariah, JROTC
DNF   Tommy Vires, Clay Biffinia, JROTC
DNF   Zach, Darrell

Orange Course   3.9 K   165m climb   10 controls
72:10   Gary Collins, OCIN
79:40   Kevin Mitchell, OCIN
107:10   Kyle Kollstedt, ROKS
154:51   Bill Greenwell, OCIN
DNF(7 controls)   David Williams, OCIN

Brown Course    4.25 K    160m climb   10 controls
54:35    Chiori Shimizu, COO
73:30    Brian DeYoung, OCIN
106:36    Claire Dell, OCIN
DNF (lost compass)    Alexander Preobrazhensky, COO

Green Course   5.25 K    245m climb   13 controls
74:15   Mike Minium, OCIN
83:30   Pat Meehan, ROKS
84:20   Brennan Lawall, ROKS
101:40   David Frederick, ROKS
164:02   Erick LeBreton, OCIN
173:40   Dick Arnett, OCIN
195:45   Victoria Huseman, OCIN
DNF(12 controls)   Dave and Alex Click, Mike and Alan Waligura
DNF(9 controls)   Bob Frey, OCIN

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