Governor Bebb, Okeana, Ohio
January 1, 2005
Mike Minium, Event Director

Midnight Score Course

    The time limit was 90 minutes.  There were 21 controls worth from 2 to 4 points each, for a total possible value of 60 points.  Returning late cost 2 points per minute.  The temperature was quite warm for January, around 50F (10C).  There was dense fog, and although the heavy snows of the previous week had mostly melted, it was still quite possible to find foot-deep drifts.  The ground was saturated, with puddles of standing water throughout the park.  Interestingly, the control that gave people the most trouble was a powerline pole 75 meters or so into a large, open, mowed field.  It was so foggy that many orienteers were unable to find the pole and actually gave up looking for that particular control!
    Ten orienteers spent the night at the cabin this year.  A roaring wood fire, complete with skewers for roasting hotdogs & s'mores made for a great evening.  Marge Vanderman brought a dutch oven and whipped up a delicious peach cobbler.

score                        name
52    (52 in 88:54)    Steve Barnhart
48    (48 in 86:50)    Team Grendel (Tyler & Casey Merrit, Will DeWitt, Pat O'Steen)
36    (36 in 84:22)    Kenny Fugate, Josh Miller, Billy Reichers, Beckey Schweinfest
29    (29 in 81:54)    Tracy & Kelly Burge, Glen Janus
29    (33 in 91:16)    Todd and Susan Henson
28    (30 in 90:26)    John L. Blocher
24    (32 in 93:59)    Carrie Scarff, Aimee & Brian Noel
21    (21 in 75:22)    Cindy Lear & Marge Vanderman
18    (18 in 85:02)    Kory Apodaca, Ava Williams, Breea Sexton

    Saturday remained foggy, with light mist falling much of the day.  Temperatures stayed mild, and the remaining snow continued to melt away.  Swollen with snow-melt, Dry Fork Creek roared like a locomotive, so it was decided to drop three controls from the red course so that no crossings would be necessary.
    Thanks to Warren Mandrell, Vicky Huseman, Kenny Fugate and Billy Reichers for help collecting the controls.  And thanks to all who pitched in to help clean up the cabin.

White Course, 1.66 km, 9 controls

  20:23    Kevin, Doug, Diane Frederick

Yellow Course, 2.83 km, 11 controls

  56:26    Katie Williams
  68:54    Cindy Lear & Marge Vanderman
  83:56    Sr. Miriam Kaiser group (3)
  87:43    Kory Apodaca, Ava Williams, Breea Sexton

Orange Course, 4.20 km, 16 controls

  92:26    Claire Dell
116:39    Mike DeSantis
122:50    Beckey Schweinfest
137:43    John L. Blocher
156:02    Marion Lytle, Joyce Whalen, Berni Warden

Brown Course, 2.80 km, 10 controls

  89:47    Ellie Kennedy, Kthleen Alsept
  95:09    Steve & Ben Lewer
found 6    Robert Rice
found 5    Bobbi Sack

Green Course, 5.00 km, 15 controls

  50:56    Carl Sack
  54:41    Warren Mandrell
  68:23    David Frederick
  70:00    Shin Shimizu
  80:45    Joe Smindak & Noelle ...
  82:26    Brian DeYoung
  87:30    Kenny Fugate
  90:03    Greg Sack
  90:15    Bob Frey
  95:20    Greg & Steve Sten
  97:29    Dick Arnett
104:54    Victoria Huseman
125:59    Billy Reichers
132:23    Charley Miller
mispunch #4    Josh Miller

Red Course, 6.39 km, 18 controls

    Shortened to green due to high & dangerous water conditions in Dry Fork Creek.

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