Miami University Natural Areas, Oxford, Ohio
January 22, 2005
Mike Minium, Event Director

    If you weren't here, you missed a GREAT day of orienteering.  The anticipated ice and snow storm never materialized.  Skies were cloudy and temperatures in the twenties.  There was a  2 to 4 inch cover of powdery snow remaining from the Thursday morning squall, but trails were well-travelled.  Some of them had even been skied, and an ATV (MUNA's maintenance crew) had driven one of the more remote ones.  There was very little ice or mud.  Off-trail, the powdery snow made things a little slower, but visibility was excellent, and Bill Swift tore through the green course in just over an hour.
    Green runners were able to avoid wetting their feet in Harker's Run, crossing on the swinging bridge and returning on the Bonham Road bridge.  White and yellow runners, had there been any, also would have been able to stay dry.  Just wait 'til next time!
    A big THANKS to those who helped: BILL SWIFT, PAT MEEHAN and BILL DONNELLY (picking up controls), and WARREN MANDRELL (picking up signs and bringing back hot burgers for the hungry meet director).  BRENNAN and DAVID briefly watched the finish timing while the Event Director took down the start and a couple controls.  Well heck, that's everybody, so let's just say, THANKS EVERYBODY!  And thanks for coming and running too; I'd have hated to throw a party and have no one come!

White Course, 2.5 km, 40 m climb, 8 controls

    None. Potential participants stayed home in bed listening to the weatherman blithering about freezing rain and 4 to 8 inches of snow. Maybe on your driveway, but not on our meet!

Yellow Course, 3.5 km, 100 m climb, 10 controls

    None. See white course, above.

Green Course, 5.1 km, 200 m climb, 15 controls

1      64:35    Bill Swift (OCIN)
2      84:08    Warren Mandrell (OCIN)
3      87:58    Pat Meehan (ROKS, OCIN)
4      99:50    David Frederick (ROKS)
5    108:51    Brennan Lawall (ROKS)
6    227:06    Bill Donnelly (OCIN)

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