Ault Park, Cincinnati, Ohio
March 20, 2005
Greg and Bobbi Sack, Event Directors

    It started out chilly, with a light breeze under overcast skies. This was much better than last yearís event. That one included blowing snow and tooth-chattering gusts. We had only 30 participants compared to last yearís 50, but that was due to the overlapping orienteering events and purposefully minimized publicity. This was due to personal health concerns for the meet director in the period leading up to the event. In spite of these influences, Bobbi has continued to deepen Cincinnati Parks Education Divisionís involvement in orienteering by involving additional parks personnel. They left enthused and looking forward to the Pig, where they plan to run recreational.
    Also enthused and looking forward to the Pig were several young families.  Most of the participants were comprised of family or father/son cub scout teams. One young family did the orange as a group, then raced each other as father/daughter vs mother/daughter teams on yellow. All groups came back smiling and warm. Upon completion of any course, each child was shown on their map where a treasure chest was hidden. They raced off to find their well earned lollipop, after eating a cookie or two.
    Assisting with set up, take down, registration and starts and finishes: Michael George and Matthew Kesler. Greg Sack represented OCIN by assisting Bobbi in designing her first ever brown, consulting and setting.  Special thanks to Mike Minium for making controls and punches available.  Report filed by Greg Sack.

Results: (with our sincerest apologies for missing information and misspellings. The registration sheet went home with the wrong person.)

White Course

Delviti Cal                  40:50
David Cook               40:50
Ellen                           40:50
Jim & Iain Applebee   49:45
Garrett Steele             50:10
Robert                       50:10
G. Antonio A.            50:30
Clifford                      69:35

Yellow Course

Audrey & Dennis Jennings                    30:48
Kim & Kaitlin Jennings                         33:20
Dianna Schweitzer & Quinn Mullaney   50:55
M. Haddix                                           54:00
B. Edwards                                          54:00
Elizabeth & John Grover                       55:00
Michael & Lauren Brissie                      66:00
Rod Housley                                        69:40
Taylor T.                                              74:30
Emily DeYoung                                    75:15

Orange Course

Jennings Family (see Yellow)  76:45

Brown Course

Brian DeYoung     60:45
Ellie Kennedy       90:50

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