Governor Bebb, Okeana, Ohio
August 17, 2005
Mike Minium, Event Director.

    Thanks to those who helped pick up controls: Tom and Gabe Svobodny, and Kenny Fugate.  Pat Meehan, Chris Chesser, Bob Frey,and Kyle and Tyler Hertel helped with registration and timing.  Bill Swift picked up road signs.

Stealth-Cam photos

White Course,  2.45 km, 9 controls

  22:56    Badin HS        Justin Fiehrer and Chuck Sunderhaus
  42:22    Badin HS        Alli Smith, Cati Bigler, Nicole Trimble

Long White Course,  4.1 km, 12 controls

  31:03    Badin HS        Andrew Pauly & Adam Ingram
  31:13    Badin HS        Travis Buffler & Nic Fain
  32:53    Badin HS        Ryan Miller & Robby Hansen
  36:03    Badin HS        Kate Ceronie & Laura Boehm
  36:29    Badin HS        Josh Redden & David Giuliani
  38:18    Badin HS        Anthony Hessling & Matt Hubbard
  39:22    Badin HS        Kurt Hubbard & Kelly Hampton
  40:52    Badin HS        Rick Graf & Brad Gloyeske
  42:48    Badin HS        T.J.Sanders & Ryan Gleason
  45:15    BHS parent     Chris Hansen
  45:29    Badin HS        Laura Walsh & Lisa Calvert
  46:58    Badin HS        Matt Wiegand & Mike Spinelli
  51:40    Badin HS        Adam Gloyeske & Nick Heath
  56:50    Badin HS        Matt Flum & Andrew Hoerst
33:16, mp #8   Badin     Zac Wilkins
34:52, mp#11  Badin     Trevor Buffler & Ryan Hummer
48:50, no 8-11 Badin     Carrie Phillips & Caitlin Brinkman

Yellow Course,  2.98 km, 10 controls

  75:20    Hamilton HS    Beckey Schweinfest

Green Course,  3.8 km, 10 controls

  35:54    Badin HS        Richard Boehm
  38:47    OCIN             Pat Meehan
  39:36    OCIN             Bill Swift
  42:58    OCIN             Warren Mandrell
  47:10    MVOC           Tom Svobodny
  47:43    Hamilton HS    Kenny Fugate
  54:16    MVOC           Gabe Svobodny
  58:51    OCIN             Matthew Robbins
  62:23    OCIN             Bob Frey

Due to a substantial supply of left-over pre-printed maps, the white and yellow were the same courses used on March 20, 2005.  See results of previous event at Governor Bebb on March 20, 2005

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