Governor Bebb Vampire Orienteering, Okeana Ohio
October 29, 2005
Mike Minium, Event Director

Vampire Orienteering photos

    Thanks to all who helped out, especially Bob Frey (provided the generator, instructed beginners, and picked up 4 controls), Matthew Robbins (picked up 10 controls and several signs), T J Dickenson and James Rowe (picked up 2 controls) and Kyle Hertel (picked up 1 control).  With all the help cleaning up, we were out of the park with all equipment collected just an hour after the last finisher came in!  It sure was nice not to have to go back the next day to finish picking up controls!

Vampire Course, 90 minute score format, 18 controls

    Controls 1 and 18 were "treat" controls, worth 20 points each.  There were no trick controls.  Paticipants claimed that the various spiders, snakes, and motion sensitive noise-makers at many of the controls weren't scary enough, but the unexpected bright flash from the Stealth Cam (motion sensitive camera) at control #8 caused some moments of terror.  Many were also reluctant to approach the red flashing light near control 13, thinking that it might be the laser of a lurking vampire.  A light turnout of only eight teams, plus the availability of three artifacts of protection, made it a tough night to be a vampire.

200 points possible

1.    180 points, 17 controls    71:00    Jon Rauschenbach    (carrying the Holy Water)
2.    170 points, 16 controls    70:42    Kyle Hertel, T J Dickenson, James Rowe
3.    170 points, 16 controls    72:40    Bob Frey    (carrying the Garlic Chain)
4.    150 points, 14 controls    72:54    Dick Arnett
5.    110 points, 10 controls    86:39    Tyler Hertel & Brandon Beaver
6.    100 points, 11 controls    92:00    Dan and Andrew Brock    (carrying the Cross)
7.    70 points, 6 controls        70:00    Barb and Dwight Culbertson
8.    0 points, 0 controls    Vampires    Josh Miller and Josh Baker

    Dan and Andrew Brock were the first vampires of the evening.  They quickly located Tyler Hertel and Brandon Beaver, taking away 20 hard earned points.  After that, it looked like Tyler and Brandon might be stuck with the curse.  First, they went after Jon Rauschenbach, but were repelled by the Holy Water.  Then they tried to catch Bob Frey, but as they approached, he rattled the garlic chain menacingly, and they were again forced to search elsewhere for fresh blood.  Next in their sights was Dick Arnett, but he managed a successful evasion and escape, concealing himself in the bushes.  Finally, they managed to corner Josh Miller and Josh Baker, depriving them of a nice collection of points.
    Josh and Josh returned to lurk by the finish, but alas it was too late.  Only two groups remained out: Brandon and Tyler, who they could not tag back, and the evening's first vampires, Dan and Andrew, who had since found the Cross and protected themselves from the dreaded bite.

Vampire Orienteering Rules, Saturday, October 29, 2005, Governor Bebb

This is a "score" format event.  That means you may visit the controls in any order.  But, be sure to punch your punch card in the correct box:  the one that matches the control number.  Numbers, codes and descriptions are printed on the map.

You get 10 points for each correct punch on the control card you bring to the finish.

There is a 90 minute time limit to return to the finish.  If you take over 90 minutes, you lose 5 points for each minute or part of a minute overtime.  We will sound the horn when time expires, and again at 5-10 minute intervals while runners remain out.  Please be back promptly... we are supposed to be out of the park by 10:00.   Vampires may continue to lurk outside the "safe zone" while runners remain out.

Trick Controls:  One or more controls may be tricks.  A trick control has no punch.  It is worth zero points.

Treat Controls:  One or more controls will be worth double points (20 instead of 10).  You will not know which one(s) until you finish.

Maps will be available 30 minutes before the mass start.  Everyone gets a map.

Start Procedures:  Everyone will line up on the start line and hold one hand behind his/her back.  The meet director will place a punch card in your hand.  When he says "GO", look at your card.  If it is a standard punch card, you may begin orienteering immediately.  If it says "Vampire" on it, wait at the line.  The meet director will then issue you your special vampire laser.  Vampires will be allowed to leave the start exactly 5 minutes after the mass start.

Vampires try to tag orienteers with the red beam from their laser.  Be fair and honest in claiming and admitting to tags.  If there is doubt, vampire calls it.  A good tag should be no more than 30 meters (100 feet).  The laser actually has much greater range than this.  Aim Low.  Do not aim at the face.  These are not powerful lasers, but aiming at eyes could cause injury.  When tagged, the vampire takes the victim's control card and gives victim the vampire laser.  The victim is now the new vampire; the former vampire is now an ordinary orienteer.  The new vampire may not tag the person who just made him/her a vampire.  Former vampire should show new vampire how to operate the laser before leaving him/her.

Safety:  There are some very steep areas and high cliffs.  On the trail system, wooden bridges are very slippery, especially if wet or leaf-covered.  There are old wire fences throughout the mapped area.

Out of Bounds:   AVOID the area marked with purple lines on the map (private residence).

Safe zone around the start/finish is marked with traffic cones and glowing decorations.  Vampires may not enter (or shine their light into) this zone.

Protection from Vampires:
If any of the following items are found in the woods, they may be carried as protection from vampires.  Vampires may not tag a person carrying a valid protection.  If a vampire finds an untended protection, he/she may not touch or move it.  All of these protections have some small red reflectors and a tag that says “orienteering marker”.  Solo orienteers may set their protection on the ground while punching, but must remain within 10 feet to be protected.  The protection may not be stolen while the orienteer is punching.  If you are orienteering in a group, one group member must hold the protection at all times and all group members must stay within 20 feet to be protected.  If you decide to discard a protection that you have been carrying, please leave it at a control.

 The Cross:    made of 1" x 3" lumber, 5 feet tall.
 Holy Water:   sealed 2.5 gallon jug of water.  void if opened or punctured.
 Garlic Chain: a metal chain about 20 feet long.

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