Miami Whitewater, Harrison, Ohio
January 28, 2006
Mike Minium, Event Director

Event Staff:
    Mike Minium, Course Setter, Billy Pig & Piglet;  Adam White, Course Setter, Yellow & White;  Matthew Robbins, Sport Ident Programming & Results; Joyce Whalen & Leslie Lytle, Billy Pig Snack & Aid Station, Bob Frey & Dick Arnett Sport Ident assistance; Gerald Yip, Steven Noller, Erick Lebreton, Chuck White, Robert Rice, Eric Buckley, Control & Sign Pick-up

    Is it really January?  The temperature reached the upper 50's and it was warm enough that bees (yes, no kidding, bees in January) tried to get their share of the bananas and cookies spread out at the finish for hungry orienteers.  Miami Whitewater is one of the most open and runnable parks we have, and it was a glorious day for racing through the woods, or just enjoying a leisurely stroll.

Stealth-Cam Photos from Billy Pig control 11 / Piglet Control 9 and Billy Pig control 20 / Piglet Control 10

    Split Times for Billy Pig and Piglet

Eric Buckley's report / story about Billy Pig VII,

White Course,  1.7 km, 75 m. climb, 9 controls

16:05    Parker Vaughan, OCIN
26:40    Alyssa Malpede, ROKS
30:11    Morgan Vaughan, OCIN
35:28    Megan Mitchell, OCIN

Yellow Course,  2.7 km, 175 m. climb, 10 controls

    Apologies for the mis-placement of control #4, which caused delays for early starters (Karen Mitchell & Laura Ruwe).

  35:01    Heidi Vaughan, OCIN
  44:01    Petr Vaughan, OCIN
  85:08    Wayne Abney
112:20    Laura Ruwe, OCIN
113:57    Leslie Lytle & Joyce Whalen, OCIN
131:34    Karen Mitchell, OCIN

The Piglet    7.5 km, 10 controls

Robert Rice                    M-21+    OCIN      1:11:16
Bill Swift                        M55+       OCIN      1:13:55   (pre-ran course on Friday)
Mike DeSantis                M35+                      1:22:09
Stevan Vaughan              M40+      OCIN      1:31:00
Brad Stork                      M40+      MVOC    1:35:19
Eugene Granovskiy          M65+      COO       1:45:02
Dick Arnett                      M60+      OCIN      1:47:28
Robert Frey                     M55+      OCIN      1:49:29
Alan Edmonds                 M45+      COO        1:52:14
Matt Wiegand                 M-18       ROKS      2:00:03
Nick Heath                     M-18       ROKS      2:00:19
Laura Boehm                  F-16        ROKS      2:00:28
Zac Wilkins                    M-18        ROKS      2:04:07
Sara Dallman                  F35+         OCIN      2:05:36
Joe Garland                    M50+                        2:05:37
Victoria Huseman           F50+          OCIN      2:22:31
Claire Dell                      F60+         OCIN      2:55:39
Rick Stratman                 M-16        ROKS      3:37:31
Matt Hubbard                 M-18        ROKS      3:37:28
Chuck Sunderhaus          M-16        ROKS      3:37:33
Kevin Click                    M-16        ROKS      3:37:38
Andy Shaver                  M-18        ROKS      3:38:24
Adam & Chuck White    male team  OCIN      4:06:27
Anthony Hessling            M-18         ROKS      did not finish

The Billy Pig    12. 9 km, 20 controls

Eric Buckley                     M40+      SLOC      1:40:28
Steve Noller                     M40+      ICO          1:53:52  (started at 1:13 pm)
Gerald Yip                       M-21+      OCIN      2:01:42
Mark Fochesato               M35+      SMOC      2:01:51
Gabe Svobodny                M-16      MVOC      2:02:55
Richard Boehm                 M-18       ROKS       2:03:57
Tom Svobodny                 M45+      MVOC      2:09:35
Michael Sapper                 M40+     ICO           2:10:52
Dave Kauffman & Kevin Baldauf      male open team     ICO      2:10:52
Steven Barnhart                M40+      MVOC      2:13:17
Todd Henson                    M40+      OCIN       2:13:55
Jon Rauschenbach             M50+      OCIN      2:21:54
Bob Huebner                    M55+      COO       2:22:53
Pat Meehan                      M50+      OCIN      2:31:01
Erick Lebreton                 M50+      OCIN      2:48:50
Matthew Robbins             M40+      OCIN      3:17:16
Stephen Anderson &Tom McClory    male master team      BSA 320      3:19:06
Sean Anderson & Thomas Clinch       male junior team        BSA 320      3:42:54
Bill Donnelly                    M55+      OCIN      3:43:07
John Hall                         M45+      COO        3:44:38
Gary Lester                     M50+      Unk          3:54:47
Terry Peters                    M45+      OCIN       3:54:50
Susan Henson                 F35+        OCIN       4:31:23
Thomas Hewer & Jonathan Taylor     male junior team      BSA 320      4:34:40
Gayle Pille                       F50+        OCIN      4:45:01 (16 controls)
Neil Perera                      M35+        Unk        5:12:57 (overtime)

Orienteering Clubs and Groups

COO = Central Ohio Orienteers, Columbus
HHS = Hamilton High School JROTC
ICO = Indiana Crossroads Orienteering, Indianapolis
MVOC = Miami Valley Orienteering Club, Dayton
OCIN = Orienteering Cincinnati
ROKS = Rams Orienteering Klub (Badin HS)
SLOC = St. Louis Orienteering Club
SMOC = Southern Michigan Orienteering Club

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