Camp Freidlander / Camp Craig, Loveland, Ohio
March 11, 2006
Mike Minium, Event Director

   Thanks to Bob Frey, Joyce Whalen, John Boehm, Kenny Fugate, Beckey Schweinfest and David Elkin for helping with registration, start and finish.  Kenny Fugate also helped pick up controls and Bill Swift collected the road signs.

    A rainy day greeted orienteers arriving at the scout camps for our first time using the Lower Camp Craig / Cub World as an event center.  Temperatures started in the mid 40's but gradually rose into the mid 50's.  Light to moderate rain fell most of the day, with a few heavier downpours, punctiuated by an occasional flash of lightning and crackle he thunder.  The steep hills of Friedlander quickly turned to muddy otter slides, and those without spiked shoes were at a serious disadvantage.  Longer, flatter route choices definitely paid dividends over steep, direct routes.

    Congratulations to the High School JROTC "Raider" competitors:
        1st place     53 points    Live Oaks - Team 1
        2nd place    55 points    Colonel White HS
        3rd place     67 points    Kenton HS
        4th place     87 points    Live Oaks - Team 2

Yellow "A" Course        4.25 km, 12 controls

place (JROTC raiders only), time, school, name

  1      58:37    CWHS    Fred Nolan
  2      61:37    CWHS    Anthony Brookshire
          81:50                   Kessica Marting
  3      93:30    LiveO1    Jarred Piekoski
  4      99:10    LiveO2    Zachary Hudson
  5    114:53    CWHS    James D'Arco
  6    117:53    CWHS    Johnny Lane
  7    120:17    LiveO1    Anthony Badagliacco
  8    124:17    LiveO1    Mike Arszman
  9    124:32    Kenton    Ashley Ruminer
10    126:42    Kenton    Brad Schmidt
11    130:25    Kenton    Drew Vent
        131:20                   William, Sam, Chase, Meishelle Cuzick
12    132:30    LiveO1    Lucas Ober
13    135:00    Kenton    Lucas Sons
        137:20                   Kory Schueler, BradCarrier (Live Oaks)
14    156:50    LiveO2    Tyler Hooper
mispunch        CWHS    Tracey Mays
mispunch        LiveO2    Daniel Reale
mispunch                        Levi Bannigan (Live Oaks)
did not finish   LiveO2    Tom Kincer

Yellow "B" Course        4.23 km, 12 controls

place (JROTC raiders only), time, school, name

  1      61:49    LiveO1    Vincent Gardner
  2      69:20    LiveO2    Ryan Schum
          80:30                   David Elkin & Kenny Fugate (Hamilton HS NJROTC)
          82:45                   Ron Reynolds (OCIN)
          88:30                   Justin Stafford (Hamilton HS NJROTC)
  3      90:41    LiveO1    Tyler Scott
  4      93:48    Kenton    Bobby Ziegler
  5      96:50    Kenton    Cory Johnson
  6    110:30    CWHS    Candler Ryan
  7    116:30    CWHS    Chris Scheittin
  8    119:14    Kenton    Nate Pierce
  9    120:16    LiveO1    Jason Sales
10    127:10    LiveO1    Corey Cargin
11    134:30    Kenton    Connie Lemster
12    153:50    LiveO2    Chris Dudley
13    166:00    LiveO2    Kaitlyn Feldhaus
mispunch        LiveO2    Aaron Leonard
mispunch        CWHS    Austin Love
mispunch        CWHS    Darryl Hollenshed
lost card         CWHS    Jessica Boyd

Orange Course            4.43  km, 13 controls

  95:50       OCIN    David Williams
176:57                     Allen & Taylor
mispunch    OCIN    Vickie Ruedisuelli

Red Course            5.57 km, 13 controls

  60:29    OCIN / HHS    Kenny Fugate
  69:40    OCIN              Robert Rice
  77:14    OCIN              Liberty Partridge
  79:50    MVOC            Gabe Svobodny
  88:34    OCIN              Erick Lebreton
  95:40    OCIN              Dick Arnett
100:34    OCIN              Bob Frey
103:00    MVOC            Tom McCloy
did not finish    OCIN      Bill Swift
did not finish    MVOC    Tom Svobodny
did not finish    OCIN      Joyce Whalen

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