Gladys Russell Wildlife Refuge, Sunman, Indiana
June 3, 2006
Adam White, Event Director
Mike Minium, Event Consultant

    Thanks to Tom Svobodny, Gabe Svobodny and Chuck White for helping pick up controls and signs.
    Temperatures climbed to the mid 70's under mostly sunny skies.  This is one of OCIN's flatter maps, with a 3 meter contour interval, and only 6 contours of total relief (from lowest point to highest point).  There is a moderately dense network of trails and a couple prairie areas.  A long, narrow lake bisects the map, and forced some interesting route choices on orange and green.  Most orienteers managed to find thickets of multiflora rose and patches of poison ivy.
    Bob Frey got the fright of his life while running across a rough open field, when a large wild turkey suddenly took off from right at his feet.  Several deer were seen.
    If you ran green and thought it seemed a bit longer than the announced 4.5 km, you were right.  It turned out to be 5.3 km.

White Course (1.6 km, 13 controls)

31:04    Elizabeth, Anna, Lydia White

Yellow Course (2.6 km, 16 controls)

54:16    Steve & Naomi Friebert

Orange Course (3.9 km, 15 controls)

59:10    Adam White (course setter)
69:15    Willard Vaughan
70:25    Emily DeYoung
80:06    Katie Williams
97:23    Bill Greenwell

Green Course (5.3 km, 17 controls)

  52:30    Mike Minium (mapper)
  58:16    Tom Svobodny
  66:27    Gabe Svobodny
  73:01    Brian DeYoung
  81:54    Dick Arnett
  87:20    Bob Frey
133:20    Ellie Kennedy

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